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Pistonprop 1st Jun 2021 08:47

Oops! AAL B738 hits light pole at DFW
Sorry, for some reason the link isn't showing. Trying to work on it.

Edit: Unable to link the video. Incident occurred May 28th. Maybe someone else (more savvy than myself) can submit a link.

sleeper 1st Jun 2021 09:55

Pistonprop 1st Jun 2021 10:32

Thank you sleeper.

Avenger 1st Jun 2021 11:49

"Cowboys" or red-necks! either way just follow the taxi lines, mind you BA did it in a 74 at Joberg, hit a building I recall

Dave Gittins 1st Jun 2021 11:52

So where were the taxiway markings he should have been following ?

CHfour 1st Jun 2021 12:41

In fairness I think the BA 74 took a wrong turn onto a taxiway not intended for jumbos and it was dark. In this episode it was daylight, nothing on the right to prevent giving the lamp post a safer margin, the obstruction was on the captain's side and it wasn't a case of just clipping it either. Inexcusable!

The Ancient Geek 1st Jun 2021 15:21

The BA Joburg pilot had no real chance of avoiding the incident, He was given an unfamiliar taxiway which had faulty lights. The taxiway took a left turn but the centre lights at the turn were out so he just went straight on towards a maintenance facility with limited clearance.
The SACAA gave the airport ground maintenance system a very severe hard time for their failings.

The accident report made interesting reading. The pilot got some nice biscuits with his coffee at the subsequent meeting <B-).

Hueymeister 1st Jun 2021 16:07

So is this the beginning of a rise in incidents/occurrences post COVID slowdown?

Ollie Onion 2nd Jun 2021 01:44

Not even close to missing it, this was a big misjudgement. Still I wouldn't bet my house that I couldn't do something similar :-/ I can't see any obvious taxiway markings there?

Denti 2nd Jun 2021 05:50

Will that open up a CPT slot on the seniority list?

fox niner 2nd Jun 2021 05:55

Pilot taxiing must have recently transferred from the Starfighter. :E

TWT 2nd Jun 2021 06:11



blind pew 2nd Jun 2021 06:58

See my observations were deleted. Only two 747s have taken that wrong taxiway in Joburg. The previous one just happened to be BA as well. Would that just happen to be a coincidence? IIRC the BA airport chart had a warning on it.

DaveReidUK 2nd Jun 2021 07:01

Ollie Onion

"Not even close to missing it, this was a big misjudgement. Still I wouldn't bet my house that I couldn't do something similar :-/ I can't see any obvious taxiway markings there?"


Span of a wingletted B738 is 117 ft 5 in.

Lookleft 2nd Jun 2021 07:18

Always stay with your wingman
Never cut the corner on the ramp!

TukwillaFlyboy 2nd Jun 2021 07:44

There is nothing more humiliating than bending an aircraft while taxiing.
Cold tea and bickies and a very unhappy Chief Pilot.

Less Hair 2nd Jun 2021 07:58

Why is this confusing line needed at all?

Deepinsider 2nd Jun 2021 09:26

All aviators will be so sad watching this clip.
It's just lazy dumb ass complacency driving around like that.
Definitely change of seats at a minimum

Avman 2nd Jun 2021 10:02

I can see what caused the confusion. Yes there is a colour difference with the lines but not much. With them being faded and possible cockpit distractions the possibility to err is there. I would like to know from which gate they were pushed back and the exact position they were pushed back to.

MPN11 2nd Jun 2021 10:33

Likewise. I'm looking on Google Earth and agree the taxiway lines at DFW aren't exactly pristine. Furthermore, there's a plethora of other lines around the place ... DaveReidUK's image upthread seems to me to show a track plot where the Captain picked up an Edge marking instead of a Centreline. And what, please, is that dashed black/yellow line that lies across the intended path of the aircraft? Another visual distraction?

Edit: FR24 shows the location. A 2-aircraft remote stand opposite A-29 at Terminal A.

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