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mike734 22nd Feb 2021 04:56

Mexican Air Force Lear crash
Anybody know more details?

DaveReidUK 22nd Feb 2021 07:31

Six fatalities (all on board).


fdr 22nd Feb 2021 12:29

That is a sad day for the Mexican airforce.

T/R's are stowed, no braking marks leading top the impact point of the grass verge. Stab trim is reasonable.

If they took the west taxiway to enter 26, that is just under 4300' to the broken lip around the turning circle. The 90 taxiway from the hangers and the helipad have just under 5000' to run, A backtrack to the east end turning bay, before the displaced threshold would give 5670' to the edge. ~3000' elevation.

ATC Watcher 22nd Feb 2021 19:14

From the video it would seems they had speed, (although difficult to judge) and no obstacle , even a dip, at the end.. How is the control locks mechanisms on the Lear ?

Jwscud 22nd Feb 2021 20:28

Just a tag in the cockpit on the yoke. Impossible to miss, nothing fancy at all in that respect.

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