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Analyser 7th Aug 2020 15:06

Air India Runway Excursion
Air India runway excursion at Calicut..VOCL...details are sketchy but aircraft badly damaged

niksmathew24 7th Aug 2020 15:24

Air India Express IX-1344 Boeing 737 from DXB crashes off the table top rwy at VOCL in Kerala, a southern state of India. Pilot feared to be dead. Total number of casualties to be much higher.

macdo 7th Aug 2020 15:27

looking bad

Airbubba 7th Aug 2020 15:39


Airbubba 7th Aug 2020 15:42

Airbubba 7th Aug 2020 15:49

From social media:

#UPDATE There were total 184 passengers, including 10 infants and 6 crew members, including two pilots, onboard Dubai-Kozhikode Air India flight (IX-1344) that skidded during landing at Karipur Airport today: Air India Express
DGCA statement:

AXB1344, B737 Dubai to #Calicut, person on board 191, visibility 2000 meter, heavy rain, after landing Runway 10, continue running to end of runway and fall down in the valley and broke down in two pieces.

B737Capt 7th Aug 2020 15:51

From FR24, VT-AXH performed 1 (not 2 as previous mentioned) approach to RWY28 followed by the approach to RWY10

METAR VOCL 071430Z 24011KT 2000 -RA SCT003 SCT012 FEW025CB OVC080 24/23 Q1009 TEMPO 1500 -RA BR=
METAR VOCL 071400Z 26012KT 2000 -RA SCT003 SCT012 FEW025CB OVC080 24/23 Q1008 TEMPO 1500 -RA BR=
METAR VOCL 071330Z 27013KT 1500 -TSRA SCT003 SCT012 FEW025CB OVC080 24/23 Q1008 NOSIG=

Final landing happened at 1409UTC

RWY10/28 is 2860m, with landing dist available around 2400m

Ground speed on approaches to RWY28 around 149kts and 176kts to RYW10 ;-(

Airbubba 7th Aug 2020 15:53




Airbubba 7th Aug 2020 15:55

Airbubba 7th Aug 2020 15:59

DawnChorus 7th Aug 2020 16:03

Pilot Died

Originally Posted by Analyser (Post 10855436)
Air India runway excursion at Calicut..VOCL...details are sketchy but aircraft badly damaged

Yeah Iím guessing itís due to the crazy amount of rain thatís been going on, a lot of my family who live in India, Kerel have had to relocate, this happened as well two years ago when I went there (I live in England) and there was an unprecedented amount of rain and many dams broke, the whole of our airport was flooded for the first floor, Itís happening again this year, many have died on todayís news after couple of landslides due to the rain. I think the crash is due to a combination of weather and visability

TheEdge 7th Aug 2020 16:09

looks one approach to 28, then 10 ?

WHBM 7th Aug 2020 16:26

The fact is that the 737-800 has a spike of serious runway overruns, measured against other comparable types, with presumably operation of these by comparable crews. As with the MD-11 overturning on landing accidents, you can't get away from one type having significant issues at a specific point in operations compared to its peers.

olster 7th Aug 2020 16:37

Two things for speculators and non professional air crew. It is a legal requirement to be satisfied that you have landing performance assured, that should take into account runway contamination. Secondly and with many hours on the B737-800 (I am sorry to have to state that but with all the prune ‘expertise’ I need to prevent incoming) I can say that assuming the first part is assured then you land it within the touchdown zone and within Vapp speed parameters and hopefully near the centreline then the aircraft will perform as advertised. What I will add and should be taken into account is that runways in monsoon conditions common on the sub Continent are not just ‘wet’ as would normally be the case in Europe but are actually flooded therefore contaminated.This should be familiar territory for an Indian crew. Anyway, sorry for the lost lives, not good.

nutboi 7th Aug 2020 16:45

apparantly air india express twitter says its VT-GHK, which landed earlier at 408pm.
cant post links since my account is too slow. too many runway excursions with air india's 737-800s. P-I-C confirmed dead.

Airbubba 7th Aug 2020 16:54

Reports in Indian media that the deceased captain of IX1344 was a retired Indian Air Force Wing Commander and an 'experimental test pilot'.

Brookmans Park 7th Aug 2020 16:59

Over Run
Long time since I flew the 738 but I believe that a Vapp of 176 would activate the LRS and prevent it flap 40 landing

surajr56 7th Aug 2020 17:08

Local media reports:
14 deaths including both the pilots.
All passengers accounted for and evacuated.
Luckily there was no major fire after the crash.
Casualities mostly from the front of the aircraft which broke into two.

The runway is a 'tabletop' one, had been closed off for large aicrafts due to maintenance until recently. The weather had been quite bad in kerala today, with landslides reported.

BA_Baracas 7th Aug 2020 17:20

Never been to Kerala.

any particular reason they chose 10 instead of 28 with that wind though?

rohitkapoor181 7th Aug 2020 17:26

There's a lot of noise and unfortunately finger pointing in the initial moments of any such tragedy.
Couple of questions though:
1. No fire - possible fuel exhaustion or did the rain have something to do with it?
2. Juxtaposing the pictures on social media with Google maps of the 28 end of the runway, seems ac came to a halt within the airport boundary - drop of 30-40 ft as reported but horizontal distance of 50-60m from end of runway excursion area. Any probabilities here?

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