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BehindBlueEyes 17th Jun 2020 19:58

Doesn't look like it so far...

737lpa 17th Jun 2020 20:06

In the case of Spanish crews, this is to be decided in court probably at the end of the summer. Having said that, a favorable sentence of "direct employment" as you called it, would only mean that norwegian is liable for the expenses associated to redundancy packages and not necessarily that they're going to keep the crew. It's just that it won't be for free.

What's important right now is that norwegian remains alive and that it's able to ramp up slowly but surely. For this small increase in the summer, only crews from Norway will be brought back to work, which is a little start.

Ned Kelly 17th Jun 2020 22:14

It is amusing reading here sometimes.

So many people who all believe they know how Norwegian should have been run in the past or going forward.

Not enough misery at your own airlines to worry about?

Why all the speculation that Norwegian will need plenty of B737 and B787 pilots to start up again and that there are not enough
aspiring pilots or experienced pilots from the middle east to make that happen.

Are you all oblivious to the fact that many if not all of their current pilots and recently laid off pilots (many of whom are still current with LPC and OPC)
are available to fly again. Especially since they have not gone elsewhere in the current climate.

Why would they be struggling to find people and typerate them or do difference courses for other pilots when they have a ready supply.

Are you suggesting that they should not re hire their old staff, and why should´t they? Because some guys are prepared perhaps to snatch up
the jobs by undercutting salaries? If you are prepared to go down that road, then at least you already know what kind of airline you have joined.

Seeing how many pilots will be available in the market after corona I would not be surprised if many of the guys who have blamed Norwegian
for everything that is wrong with the industry are prepared to join ahead of laid off pilots just to save their own ass.

Reading some of the comments makes it sound as if Norwegian are trying to start a long haul operation from scratch.

Meester proach 18th Jun 2020 10:20

300 pilots back, 2700 to go !

vikingivesterled 17th Jul 2020 10:29

Norwegian splits with its staffing partner OSM Aviation and pays the outstanding debt in shares according to this stock announcement:

Press in Norway reporting it as Norwegian taking in 3000 employees in US, UK and Spain as directly employed,. But no return to work before traffic rebounds.
Natural that New Norwegian takes over the full and whole responsibility for the companies that employs our staff says Schram.
In norwegian: https://e24.no/naeringsliv/i/3JW9pv/...emanningsbyraa
Press release: https://media.no.norwegian.com/press...ngland-3022209

DutchExpat 17th Jul 2020 15:55

3000 staff now back into the family!


Kirks gusset 17th Jul 2020 22:54

Pretty much in line with the announcement in May about the bail out of shares and restructure, the " new Norwegian" will take crews on "flexible" contracts and PBH for the airframes, makes sense when cash is tight.
If the pilots at least get LPCs and keep current, even if they earn next to nothing, at least they will be well placed when/if things pick up. "the email" to crews to follow.

SteinarN 21st Jul 2020 10:43

According to Leeham News and Analysis, Norwegian have filed a claim against Boeing for more than US$1B.
The claim involves cancellation of all the 110 Max' ordered, including the 18 already delivered. Norwegian claims fraud, breach of contract and gross negligence by Boeing. They also claimes Boeing produced an airplane that was unsafe, covered up design issues and claimed the MAX is virtually identical to the 737 NG, requiring no unusual transition training would be needed.

Returning airplanes
NAS also wants to return its 18 737-8s that were delivered but which have been grounded since March 2019 in the wake of two fatal MAX accidents with Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines.
Norwegian filed claims for “in excess of $1bn.” It seeks court authority to rescind contracts for 110 MAX aircraft (including ones already delivered) and an unspecified number of 787s, including some already delivered.
Norwegian claims fraud, breach of contract and gross negligence by Boeing. It claims BCASE is charging for maintenance services not delivered.
The claims are common to others that MAX customers made: Boeing produced an airplane that was unsafe, covered up design issues and claimed the MAX is virtually identical to the 737 NG, requiring no unusual transition training would be needed.

Kirks gusset 21st Jul 2020 13:15

https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/30/b...ers/index.html Looks like Boeing think the 97 Aircraft were cancelled due to financial problems at NAS. The deposits may or may not be returned, but could be off-set against future expenditure.
The compensation for the 787 is another issue. Its all rather grey area, but infact 3 separate legal issues as far s the Courts will be concerned.
NAS may be successful in the 787 engine issue and associated costs, unlikely in the 97 Airframes and little chance of returning the 18 737-800 just because they don't need them or cant afford them. Lease values have fallen 22% and CMR values down about 6M per airframe, Not attractive to have them sitting around either with NAS or with Boeing


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