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flysmiless 17th Apr 2019 04:18

Can Embraer directly compite with Airbus and Boeing?
As Embraer has received its type certificate for the second and biggest aircraft in its E2 series,,, Also Brazil, US and Europe granted approval.
So it could be cost effective for commuter flights isn't it?

Sailvi767 17th Apr 2019 05:54

Doubtful in the US since it exceeds the weight limits in most pilot scope clauses. Should sell well in other areas but it’s still a rehash of a older airframe unlike the A220 being a clean sheet design.

bunk exceeder 17th Apr 2019 09:22

The CS300 (and undoubtedly now the 500) is the only real competition. Wide enough fuselage to compete. You donít need to duck if youíre tall, or deal with pretend overhead storage, trans Atlantic range if you want.... Itís the real deal. Compare fuselage widths, which seems to matter, and Bombardier wins hands down.

5711N0205W 17th Apr 2019 11:57

Isn't Embraer now owned by Boeing?

The Ancient Geek 17th Apr 2019 12:48

No, the partnership is still busy jumping the regulatory hurdles.

VH DSJ 17th Apr 2019 15:56

I don't think the E2 was ever designed to be in direct competition with the 737 or A320. Embarer has always said its focus is on the regional market. It will probably replace and compete with older regional jets, like the Avro RJ / BAe146, B717, CRJs and possibly some medium capacity turboprops (Dash 8's, ATRs).

Smythe 18th Apr 2019 00:15

Isn't Embraer now owned by Boeing?
Perhaps by end of 2019...



Maninthebar 18th Apr 2019 08:56

Originally Posted by Smythe (Post 10450025)

I imagine Boeing's board are now reviewing the cost/benefit for the organisation owing to the impact of 'other events' on free cash, reserves, forecasts and budgets. Of course there is also the potential for added benefit in this circumstance to be gained from association with airframes and projects untarnished by current events.

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