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RAT 5 11th May 2018 12:27

I found a distinct lack of education in initial line training of the numerous cadets about turbulence. There is so much data available on modern a/c. Some useful parameters are the winds and TAT/SAT when in cruise. See one or the other jumping all over the place gives some hints. See both of them dancing around and it's odds on you're going to hit homer lumpy stuff.
I noted this in reading a report about an overspeed in descent that led to an incident and cabin crew injury. The clue was in the quickly increasing headwind during the descent. Then came the overspeed, then came the 'incident'. All the time VNAV remained on profile and the lateral & vertical magenta lines were front & centre. It's missing education. When you have captains at 3000hours and 4 years experience and LTC's at only 1-2 years more, it might be construed that the knowledge data base of some is not as full as it was in days of yore; therefore there is less to pass on.

migg48 16th May 2018 19:03

Ride Reports....

Originally Posted by cactusbusdrvr (Post 10140856)
Are you guys totally stupid? Ride reports occur because we need to know what the duration of the turbulence will be so our cabin crew can do their service without fear of being tossed up to the ceiling.

We have had crew members seriously injured when caught out by turbulence while doing service. If I can get a heads up on what the ride will be ahead I can pass that information back to the part of the aircraft that pays the bills. Plus it’s so difficult to eat my ice cream sundae when it’s bumpy. And hard to read my BBC news app.

Having bent the engine pylons, broken a Flight Attendant’s neck, lost 6,000’ of altitude in ”turbulence”, I have no problem asking for or passing on ride reports. You macho men are just made of sterner stuff.

BEagle 16th May 2018 20:37

Why would anyone NOT provide 'ride reports'? Helpful to other aviators, as were the PIREPs we used to send to PMSV.

"Center, JetAir 101, checkin' in at 350 lookin' for ride reports" is hardly demanding on others?

Whereas babble on the North Atlantic regarding sports scores....

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