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Infieldg 13th Jul 2017 05:11

Tourist dies after jet blast fall at St Maarten's Princess Juliana airport
Sorry if this is the wrong forum... a fellow kiwi, sounds like she was blown off balance by a 737 taking off and was unfortunate enough to whack her head on something hard :( (EDIT - having just watched the 2012 video in the article below... just, holy cr4p).

Still hope it doesn't escalate into "jet kills woman, something must be done" tho, looks like fun if you don't let go ;

Jet Blast At Caribbean Airport Tosses Tourist To Her Death - cetusnews

ironbutt57 13th Jul 2017 05:13

well there are warning signs...

TWT 13th Jul 2017 05:28

There's an aptly named forum on PPRuNe for these types of incidents.It's called 'Jet Blast'.

atakacs 13th Jul 2017 07:29

Originally Posted by TWT (Post 9829116)
There's an aptly named forum on PPRuNe for these types of incidents.It's called 'Jet Blast'.

You made my day :O

pattern_is_full 13th Jul 2017 07:53

Very sad and unfortunate; not aware of any actual deaths there before. Statistically, probably about like a death on an amusement-park ride.

Been there - didn't do that (only traffic while I was on the beach were the WinAir Twin Otters and one Lear 45).

Globally Challenged 13th Jul 2017 08:03

People in general are idiots - its difficult to regulate for the lowest common denominator.

We had several people running under our final approach path and I watched several darwin-award contestants trying to hold on to the fence with KLM 747's preparing for performance / static takeoff.

JEM60 13th Jul 2017 08:09

Well, I guess it had to happen. I have to confess that I stood under the approach path for an AF 340 there. It's something you feel that you have to do there. Only did it once, am aware of the danger of course [exPPL], but there is no way that I would stand behind the take-off. Sand blowing, stones, very dangerous and very difficult to keep on your feet. Lovely place, but undershoot areas are for aircraft, not people and possibly getting blown into a concrete block can spoil your entire day.

M.Mouse 13th Jul 2017 09:03

...looks like fun if you don't let go...
And there, ladies and gentleman, is why people will continue to participate in this dangerous, and now fatal, pastime.

Unbelievable stupidity.

Shytehawk 13th Jul 2017 09:15

I am just surprised that it has taken so long. She must be a lead contender for this year's Darwin Award.

Parson 13th Jul 2017 09:33

Very sad and sounds like a freak accident.

I remember standing fairly close behind a Vulcan under take off power many years ago....I didn't do that again.

Less Hair 13th Jul 2017 10:26

Deflectors should be required if people can be harmed on public land outside the fence. Signs or not.

noflynomore 13th Jul 2017 10:46

Ol' man Darwin's at it again!

GrahamO 13th Jul 2017 10:51

Maybe my memory fails me but I could have sworn that video is years and years old.

Old video reposted with a new date ?

colebertos 13th Jul 2017 11:11

Been there and done it. Would I do it again? probably not. Some may say I'm a contender for the Darwin Award, but life is there to be lived, not spent being too worried about the what if's and never taking a risk in your life.

Dont Hang Up 13th Jul 2017 11:21

Time for one of these?

Deflectors /diffusers are generally not sufficiently frangible to be placed there.
If they are tough enough to stand up to take-off thrust they are probably too tough to be hit during an under or over shoot.

ACMS 13th Jul 2017 11:22

Or they'll be too high and require a displaced threshold, probably not ideal there.

Hotel Tango 13th Jul 2017 11:56

Never felt the need to join the idiots doing this. At least if you stand on the beach and get blown over it's only sand and water. If, like some - and possibly the victim, you stand at the fence and get blown over, there are large concrete dividers in the street to strike one's head on. Really surprised it took this long for a fatality.

Airclues 13th Jul 2017 12:06

Maybe my memory fails me but I could have sworn that video is years and years old.
The article states (just above the video) that it was posted on youtube in 2012. (The video is not of the recent incident as is stated in the article).

KelvinD 13th Jul 2017 12:09

Reminds me of an earlier life looking after navaids in Saudi Araba. We had an intermittent problem with the localiser array and were constantly struggling to find which aerial was duff. One day, I was sat on top of the array when a flight of 4 F5s were leaving. Although the localiser array was a fair distance from the end of the runway, I was blown off my perch when they put the pedal to the metal.
On other occasions, I found myself at the other end of the runway taking localiser measurements, centre line width etc. While I was stand there with my wireless on a stick a Saudia Tristar came into land. I looked around to see this monster rapidly approaching and thought I would stay put. No problems as it went overhead at a decent height but I was amazed at how it can appear from my view point at the very end of the runway as though the plane was aiming straight at me!

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