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Aslak 3rd Aug 2016 10:10

Emirates B777 gear collapse @ DXB?
Just received a message from a friend at Dubai airport that the Emirates 777 had landed with the gear collapsing and would have caught fire? Any info anyone?

BuzzBox 3rd Aug 2016 10:14

No details yet, but:

Emirates flight from Trivandrum to Dubai crash-lands - Khaleej Times

log0008 3rd Aug 2016 10:16

This is being posted on twitter


log0008 3rd Aug 2016 10:22

Reports it was a total gear up landing, not a failure

More photos total invovled


log0008 3rd Aug 2016 10:25

It appears to be
Boeing 777-31H

BillS 3rd Aug 2016 10:26

Cabin appears to be breached:

ACMS 3rd Aug 2016 10:26

Flight radar 24 showing pandemonium around DXB now, flights diverting all over the shop.

flt001 3rd Aug 2016 10:29

Flight Radar data: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/f.../ek521#a8c7c5e

The Flight didn't hold before landing.

susier 3rd Aug 2016 10:39


Twitter seems to think everyone got out alright. Let's hope so.

There appears not to have been a 7700 squawk.

littco 3rd Aug 2016 10:39


OldLurker 3rd Aug 2016 10:43

Aviation Herald: Emirates B773 at Dubai on Aug 3rd 2016, gear collapse on landing, aircraft on fire

littco 3rd Aug 2016 10:46

Windshear looks to have been reported, whether that had any influence.

log0008 3rd Aug 2016 10:51

mommus 3rd Aug 2016 10:57

From the video it looks like the plane held together pretty well.

I just hope everyone made it out before the fire took hold.

mickjoebill 3rd Aug 2016 11:06

Up close Video from an emergency(?) vehicle.


This brief video taken from a distance sppears to show a fuel explosion.

giggitygiggity 3rd Aug 2016 11:08

OMDB 030900Z 11021KT 3000 BLDU NSC 49/07 Q0993 WS ALL RWY TEMPO 35015KT 1500

110/21 then 350/15 tempo with WS. Surely this has something to do with it, if they had a tech issue, probably time to divert.

red_october 3rd Aug 2016 11:09

Originally Posted by mickjoebill (Post 9460386)

The emergency vehicle video seems to show the left wing inverted, ie the engine at the top of the wing? Hope everyone got out OK. A lot of slides deployed.

mommus 3rd Aug 2016 11:11

the wing is still the right way up, and attached it seems, but the engine has detached and is sitting on the runway facing the wrong way.

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