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Level bust 21st Feb 2016 18:50

Eric 'Winkle' Brown
Sad news, Eric 'Winkle' Brown has sadly passed away at the age of 97.

Eric 'Winkle' Brown: Celebrated British pilot dies, aged 97 - BBC News

Don't sink 21st Feb 2016 18:59

Sad news indeed, having just watched the BBC 6pm news even sadder that he wasn't even mentioned!! Despite many online petitions he never got the Knighthood he so deserves.

Level bust 21st Feb 2016 19:01

Totally agree.

HEATHROW DIRECTOR 21st Feb 2016 19:05

Very sad news. RIP Captain Brown.

ImageGear 21st Feb 2016 19:19

Quite a nice little piece on Sky news at 6.00 - pity the national broadcaster could not get it together.



Donkey497 21st Feb 2016 19:32

From what I have seen of the man, a man of near infinite patience, inquiring mind and the rare ability to explain to the wholly uninitiated the most complicated and abstruse aspects of flight & flying.

Coupled with his sometimes mesmeric tone when relating tales of his experience in an often self-deprecating and easy nature. He could easily be described as a National Treasure if only from the experiences he had had and could impart to others.

A man well worthy of his place in Valhalla.

papazulu 21st Feb 2016 19:51

Sad news, Eric 'Winkle' Brown has sadly passed away at the age of 97.

97 and you think it's sad? I mean...what else? Nothing left to achieve, I guess. Farewell, yes. Sad, most definitely...NO!

PZ :ok:

4Greens 21st Feb 2016 19:56

Met him recently at a FAA reunion. Always with it and good with visitors (admirers).

Disgusting that he was never knighted.

Coffin Dodger 21st Feb 2016 20:01

Disgusting that he was never knighted.
I agree with that sentiment exactly. The UK 'honors' system nowadays is a disgrace.

semmern 21st Feb 2016 20:06

A lot of numpties get their knighthood, but "Winkle" didn't. A travesty!

I am honoured to have met him and to have his signature in my logbook.

captplaystation 21st Feb 2016 20:11

In an era where seemingly almost everyone is a "legend" , this man assuredly was one, RIP.


Notthemainline 21st Feb 2016 20:15

Had the pleasure of meeting him and hearing him address small audiences in the last few years. A treat when someone asked him 'Why did the Luftwaffe not build four-engine heavy bombers as the RAF did?'. His reply began 'ah yes, I asked Goering that...'.

Amazing to have such ready access to such meaningful history. While I share, personally, the concern that he may not have been offered a K, I am aware that he may have been, and may have turned it down.

Either way, his achievements transcend any letters which might have been placed behind his name.

PAXboy 21st Feb 2016 20:19

I'm afraid that the meedja are going to be feasting on the Euro thing for a few years with not much else getting a look in (apart from the US election which is always over reported) BUT the BBC web article linked in the fist post of this thread does contain facts and ends:

In 2014 , the war veteran was picked as the subject for the 3,000th edition of Desert Island Discs, during which he was described by presenter Kirsty Young as a "real life hero" and a "remarkable, dare-devil".

"When you read through his life story, it makes James Bond seem like a bit of a slacker," she said.

MrBernoulli 21st Feb 2016 20:33

That is sad. But what an innings! Having seen and listened to interviews with him he seemed to have a pin-sharp mind right up to his passing - perhaps a product of his wish to always know more, and keeping very active.

If you a haven't done so, read his book, . My only problem with the book was that it wasn't long enough - I wanted to read so much more about all his adventures!

Blue skies, Eric!

Herod 21st Feb 2016 20:40

I was given "Wings on my Sleeve" for Christmas. What a fascinating read. I agree with MrBenoulli that it wasn't long enough. May you always have clear skies, Sir.

Bill Macgillivray 21st Feb 2016 20:42

I honestly wish that I was able to say "Sir Eric"! However, I do know that was not in your "flight plan" but, nonetheless, it would have been more than deserved from your country !

However, those of us who knew and/or worked with you over the years, know that it is immaterial! WE know the real truth !!

I was going to say "Happy landings" - a totally pointless comment !!!

Sir, dark blue, light blue or khaki - we will remember you !


Mach Jump 21st Feb 2016 20:47

Very sad to hear this today.

Whatever the 'right stuff' is, Capt. Eric 'Winkle' Brown had it in bucketloads.

A life well lived, and a world immeasurably diminished by his departure from it.


Ps. Although I agree, he should have been knighted years ago, I've no doubt that he would have declared it 'a lot of fuss over nothing'.


rjtjrt 21st Feb 2016 20:54

A remarkable man, a remarkable life well lived.

Greenlights 21st Feb 2016 21:00

why sad ? 97 y/o, at least he's lived a long life rich in experience.

But great man indeed and pilot, nothing to see with cadets nowadays. :rolleyes:

we will never see this kind of pilot again in the futur. THIS is sad to me.

RIP Captain Brown.

Suzeman 21st Feb 2016 21:53

He came to speak at our little provincial aviation society many years ago when Jimmy Orrell was our President. I was then chairman and was privileged to take them both for a meal beforehand and take him back to the hotel afterwards.

What a fantastic evening; he was so down to earth and friendly to everyone and had tales to tell that would make your hair stand on end! That's the sort of evening you will never forget

RIP Eric

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