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Longtimer 5th May 2015 00:57

Freighter on Fire in Yemen
Real as in now or ????

CTV Calgary | Video - Breaking News Videos and Reports from Calgary Alberta

Airbubba 5th May 2015 01:10

I think the Il-76 was just one of the casualties of Saudi led airstrikes in recent days in Yemen.

A burned out RJ is in the background in one of the shots in the video.

Dubaian 5th May 2015 05:45

Same shots as in OP also on Sky News TV (International edition) in the past few hours so I think it's pretty current.

UN are requesting the KSA-led coalition to stop bombing Sanaa Airport so that humanitarian aid can be flown into Yemen. Reports that the entire country no longer has any usable airstrips.

Lonewolf_50 5th May 2015 14:18

/Puts on cynical hat:
Perhaps the Saudis, based on their dealings with the Palestinian and Israel thing over the years, are aware that humanitarian aid provided by foreigners can include stuff to use in fighting a conflict.
/Takes off cynical hat
To be fair and consistent over the years, and consistent with UNSCR's, the request made by the UN is a reasonable on.

On topic: sad to see that plane burn. :uhoh:

h3dxb 9th May 2015 14:45

Looks like this is one of the 3 the Airforce IL76. Expensive maintained in SHJ. Civil registered to get this done.

It is a pity and a shame for Yemen to go through this. This country deserves better.

Hope will never stop, but after the oil field discovered in the north it was only a question of time.

good luck Yemen

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