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Fluke 24th Sep 2014 05:24

Pilot refuses boarding of terrorist suspects and authorities simply re route them !
Three suspected French jihadists avoid police airport trap

High confusion surrounded the fate of three men suspected of joining militants in Syria, after a plan to detain them on their return to France collapsed because security forces waited for them at the wrong airport.

Lawyers for the men, who include the brother-in-law of a gunman who killed seven people in France in 2012, said they were in France and still free.

The interior ministry issued a statement saying they had originally been scheduled to be put on a flight to Paris by Turkish authorities, who had detained them over problems with their visas.

But after the pilot refused to take the men on his plane, Turkish authorities instead put them on a flight to Marseille, hundreds of kilometres away in southern France.

"French (intelligence) services were info...

Read the full story
French authorities lose three suspected jihadists after waiting at the wrong airport - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Heathrow Harry 24th Sep 2014 09:55

Did the French bother to stay in touch with the Turks? or the airline

And what happened when they swiped their passports through the machine at Marseilles Immigration? No watch list???

Sounds very shoddy

Shadoko 24th Sep 2014 11:48

"No watch list???"
Journos wrote the Authorities said the system was down... :E

captplaystation 24th Sep 2014 13:50

Allo Allo ! ;) Clouseau would be proud :D

blind pew 24th Sep 2014 14:35

The midilibre carried the story that they went home and later on presented themselves at a Gendarmarie in the Herault....
No surprise as were probably working for the Frogs...not unlike Abu Hamza and a host of others working for the Brits.
Pourquoi les 3 jihadistes présumés n'ont pas été arrêtés à Marseille ?

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