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Super VC-10 27th Aug 2014 10:27

Work starts early on runway maintenance, a/c hits equipment!
Work started early on a runway at Chonquin, China on 26 August. Contractors set up their equipment, but the runway was still in use! :} A China Express CRJ9 aborted a take-off, but collided with equipment and was damaged.

Accident: China Express CRJ9 at Chongqing on Aug 26th 2014, rejected takeoff on runway under maintenance

Left Luggage 27th Aug 2014 10:58

The next Chinese revolution is upon us
"causing a passenger revolt"

DaveReidUK 27th Aug 2014 11:18

but the runway was still in use
The HXA flight in question appears to have been running at least 2 hours late, which may have been a factor in the apparent lack of coordination between ATC and the contractors.

CISTRS 29th Aug 2014 03:57

It seems that ATC had cleared the flight for takeoff, and then instructed an immediate stop on the runway during the takeoff run.
It is fortunate that only property and "face" was damaged.

It will be good to see the accident investigation report in due course.

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