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SaturnV 9th Aug 2014 20:25

FAA closes airspace at all altitudes over Iraq to US airlines
FAA Bars U.S. Airlines From Flying Over Iraq - Bloomberg

Obama said today the air campaign could go on for months, and the FAA said it will it will re-assess the ban by December 31.

caiman27 9th Aug 2014 21:10

Does this actually affect any? I can't think of any obvious passenger routes. FEDEX will presumably have to join the general move south or north.

sidman 9th Aug 2014 21:19

Delta and United..

Jetjock330 10th Aug 2014 10:24

Now the UAE prohibits A6 registered aicraft flying into Iraq
All A6 registered aircraft and aircraft operated by UAE civil operators
09th August 2014, 15:30 UTC
This Directive is issued to arrest the potential aircraft operational threats due to armed conflict in the north western region of the Republic of Iraq.
The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority is hereby, and until further notice, prohibiting all UAE registered aircraft and aircraft operated by UAE operators from flying into Baghdad Flight Information Region (ORBB). The prohibition, however, does not apply to flight, to and from Baghdad (ORBI), Najaf (ORNI), Sulaimaniyah (ORSU) and Basra (ORMM) airports.
The operations involving Baghdad, Najaf, Sulaimaniyah and Basra airports are contingent upon UAE operators providing continuous monitoring and assessment on the developments, as they take place, in order to ensure continued safe operations.
In an emergency that requires immediate decision and action for the safety of the flight, the pilot in command of an aircraft may deviate from this directive to the extent required by that emergency.
The prohibition on operations described above will be re-evaluated when necessary.

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