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TShan1 9th Jul 2014 10:07

TAP668 pressure lost and engine fire
Shocked this hasn't made it onto here already...

TAP668 from Lisbon to Amsterdam diverted to Orly. Engine fire and pressure lost. -8000fpm descent. A320.

Picture: https://twitter.com/Planesonearth/st...727680/photo/1

ExitRow 9th Jul 2014 11:17

Google giving me nothing.
I searched for it in English, French, German, Portuguese and Dutch and got nothing on Google news.

Do you have some independent confirmation?

C212-100 9th Jul 2014 11:21

The diversion to ORY and the "quick descent" are true. Not sure about the reasons though...

ExitRow 9th Jul 2014 11:24

TAP twitter account confirms diversion.
They're denying there was an engine fire.

@FlightCrisis There was no engine fire on TP668. TP668 had an emergency landing in Paris due to a technical failure. (1/2)

@FlightCrisis All passengers are already in Amsterdam. (2/2)

TShan1 9th Jul 2014 12:34

To be honest I am only passing on what I saw on twitter. By no means is that any sort of source, except for the photo on board.

As for causes and the like, I have no idea.

I posted it on here while searching on here for information, as usually this is the best place. Nothing on Avhearald so far either, strangely.

ExitRow 9th Jul 2014 12:42

On the ball
No worries, just wanted to check. Obvious from the Twitter photo the air masks are deployed, so there was something worth looking into.

Just odd that Google News didn't have something. Definitely newsworthy and you were right to draw attention to it here.

captplaystation 9th Jul 2014 12:52

Masks deployed would suggest pressurisation problems ( as would rapid descent) more than engine fire.

onyxcrowle 9th Jul 2014 13:07

FR24 gave its usual Alert.
I watched it.cpme down.
Did so swiftly

INeedTheFull90 9th Jul 2014 13:14

Only reports of an engine fire are from a passenger so it's safe to say we can disregard that. Passengers are notorious at providing non-facts and now in the day of compensation culture they are often mistruths.

edward england 9th Jul 2014 20:54

Heard the "Mayday" call last night whilst over Northern France, the guys were clearly masked up and only mentioned an emergency descent, not to say they had no other problems. Glad they got got it down safely :ok:

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