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Up up and away 28th Jun 2014 08:41

Ryanair incident at Stansted?
Apologies if this is old news but my Twitter feed has come up with a post suggesting a Ryanair aircraft has lost its wingtip/winglet after a 'coming together' this morning....

TShan1 28th Jun 2014 08:46

I don't know if you've seen the photo, but here it is... https://twitter.com/imhoturenot/stat...63191353896960

susier 28th Jun 2014 08:49

How is the other plane?

D-ABAA 28th Jun 2014 08:56

The other aircraft also was a FR which was being pushed back by Swissport ground crew looks to have stabiliser damage.

TOWTEAMBASE 28th Jun 2014 10:29

Ryanair incident at Stanstead?
We're they both pushing back at same time ? What stands were they on

TOWTEAMBASE 28th Jun 2014 11:04

Ryanair incident at Stanstead?
There aren't any wing walkers , only a tail man stopping traffic, and a headset man who ......really should have seen it coming

D-ABAA 28th Jun 2014 12:21

The aircraft with winglet damage was inbound traffic. The aircraft with rudder and stabiliser damage was on pushback.

jeehaa 28th Jun 2014 12:27

inbound was HHN-STN EI-ENL
outbound was STN-WMI EI-DAN

stator vane 28th Jun 2014 12:40

Wing walker-tail man
Perhaps the terminology might vary, but the purpose should be the same. One tail man could have trouble watching all the aircraft bits and with the sun could be difficult to see and be seen.

7574ever 28th Jun 2014 12:41

What does Ryanair have to do with anything? I seem to remember plenty of ground collision incidents from other airlines in the recent past (AA/IB, WN/Jet Blue, BA, etc). These things happen all the time.

TOWTEAMBASE 28th Jun 2014 13:15

Ryanair incident at Stanstead?
The tail man just watches the road until the tail goes over the double whites, then he walks off, he/she doesn't stay there for the duration of the pushback. The person on the headset is called the crew chief for a reason !!!!

And it's about Ryanair because it was 2 Ryanair's that had the accident !!

Capot 28th Jun 2014 14:27

Looking down the various expert opinions on Twatter I came across this gem...

John C ‏@johnthestatto 6h
@imhoturenot @Ryanair even without the winglet the aircraft probably flyable but it'd be a bumpy ride and v fuel inefficient.

TOWTEAMBASE 28th Jun 2014 14:52

Ryanair incident at Stanstead?
Prob a Ryanair engineer :-D. Still......at least he didn't say the same for the one with the horizontal stab with the winglet stuck in it

Ant T 28th Jun 2014 15:44

Looking down the various expert opinions on Twatter I came across this gem...

John C ‏@johnthestatto 6h
@imhoturenot @Ryanair even without the winglet the aircraft probably flyable but it'd be a bumpy ride and v fuel inefficient.
Doesn't sound so unreasonable-

There was a HiFly A330 that jammed its winglet under the wing of another aircraft at Ascension Island in January 13, they took the damaged winglet off and continued on to the Falklands a few hours later with one winglet on and one missing. Not hearsay - I watched it taxi in as I was meeting a passenger off it.

Capt. Inop 28th Jun 2014 16:41

One missing winglet would be 10 day MEL.
No big problem imho.

Zippy Monster 28th Jun 2014 16:47

At the risk of sounding like a pedant, would this not be CDL rather than MEL?

Nightstop 28th Jun 2014 16:59

These are Sharklets not Winglets, totally different kettle of fish w.r.t. the CDL.

Island Jockey 28th Jun 2014 17:21

Blended winglets -Boeing

scr1 28th Jun 2014 17:31

Now on the BBC

BBC News - Ryanair jets damaged in Stansted Airport collision

Hope the wife does not see it. we go holiday next week and she hates flying

fireflybob 28th Jun 2014 17:35

Essex Police said it had conducted "routine breath tests" on both pilots after the incident, but there was no evidence of alcohol consumption.
I presume breath tests were conducted on all other personnel involved in the incident including push back crew, ATC etc?

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