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Dr747 24th Jun 2014 19:27

PIA flight PK756( AP-BGN) from Riyadh to Peshawar has been hit by gun fire on landing approach. According to news channels, one female passenger has died whilst one flight steward is in critical state. Flights to Peshawar are on divert at the moment.

More from BBC
BBC News - Shots fired at plane landing in Peshawar, Pakistan

Gunmen have opened fire on a passenger plane arriving at Peshawar airport in Pakistan, media and police say.

The plane was said to be carrying more than 170 people on a flight from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

At least two people have been wounded. One report said a woman had died but this has not been confirmed.

A deadly attack by the Pakistani Taliban on Karachi airport this month sparked an army offensive against militants in North Waziristan

Lonewolf_50 24th Jun 2014 20:14

This is not good news.

Something to ponder while awaiting further news/details.

If this plane was hit by small arms while the aircraft was still in the air, rather than on the ground, somebody on board got hit with the veritable "golden bullet" (or Golden BB) in this case.

My point of reference is the almost daily reports of small arms fire at aircraft coming into BIAP back about ten years ago, with nary a fatality save one unlucky Aussie who caught one (on a C-130 IIRC). :uhoh:

crewmeal 24th Jun 2014 21:41

That's indeed bad news. What will the Gulf carriers do now? The airport is in a built up area so anyone could take a potshot at any aircraft landing or taking off parallel the main road. In this case runway 35.


Passenger 389 24th Jun 2014 22:18

( from the Associated Press, with the caveat --for any non-pilot guests-- that breaking news reports on aviation-related matters may be incorrect )

[T]he Senior Superintendent of Police, Najeeb ur Rehman Bhagvi, said when he and other authorities later inspected the plane they found at least ten bullet holes.

The plane was about 300 feet (90 meters) off the ground when someone opened fire on it from below with a sub-machine gun or an AK-47, Bhagvi said.

MATELO 24th Jun 2014 23:12

Sky News reporting a fatality from the gun shots.

Passenger Dies As Gunman Hits Landing Plane

DADDY-OH! 25th Jun 2014 00:26

I seem to remember Jepp' plates for Peshawar stating that aircraft may be shot at if routing over the Tribal Areas.

11Fan 25th Jun 2014 00:39

Start routing periodic Spooky flights into Peshawar. May slow down the activity a little bit.

500N 25th Jun 2014 01:17

Reports one killed and 3 injured and the Captain narrowly missed.

Photo of one of the flight crew who was hit / injured.

hifly787 25th Jun 2014 07:30

This could happen anywhere in Iraq or Iran etc what with the easy availability of AK 47s , Kalashnikovs nowadays.

500N 25th Jun 2014 07:41

I think it would be more like a 12.7 mil (a 50 Cal) from single barrel Dushka Machine Gun.

5 bullets hit plane, 1 dead, 3 injured had to be large caliber.

Not good.

Lonewolf_50 25th Jun 2014 12:48

If the Captain was narrowly missed, I will venture a guess that the small arms engagement was from the forward quarter. (about 10:00 to 2:00)

550, I am not sure that it is necessarily a 12.7mm or .50 cal class weapon just because of high hit rate. I don't think it "had to be a large caliber." (Might have been, though, as a bipod or tripod MG might be easier to aim at a moving target ... )

Jacketed AK-47 rounds (similar to M-14 rounds in terms of 7.62/.308ish caliber) would have little trouble penetrating an aluminum skinned airliner.

lomapaseo 25th Jun 2014 16:14

I think that the weapon is the critical item here.

I have experience with ballistic testing of airframes and there is not enough info published in these reports to assess cause-effect.

The airframe is not just a simple alum. thickness and the risk has been very low to passenger jets for crew or passengers being disabled.

cockney steve 25th Jun 2014 22:16

Surely the answer is for Pilots to internationally agree to embargo any country or part thereof ,where the authorities have a distinct inability to ensure flight safety.

I'm sure that the inabilty to airfreight goods and pax in and out would concentrate their minds.

Imminent economic collapse has a wonderful ability to prioritise allocation of resources!

Any non-military pilot flying where

I seem to remember Jepp' plates for Peshawar stating that aircraft may be shot at if routing over the Tribal Areas.
25th Jun 2014 00:12
must want their bumps feeling.

to put it another way, - They're :mad: mad!

leave the savages to thin out each other!

LeadSled 26th Jun 2014 08:49

I seem to remember Jepp' plates for Peshawar stating that aircraft may be shot at if routing over the Tribal Areas.
That brings back old memories, our Airad plates warned not to get too far west in the circuit. There were similar warnings for Quetta.
The warning was well found, during the time I was a contract pilot, flying G- registered B707 for PIA, we had one aircraft hit. I took my hat off the F/E who even noticed the damage, very minor, on a pre-flight at Peshawar, right out on the wing tip, and it certainly wasn't there when we left Karachi.

It looked/measured about .303, nothing a bit of 500mph tape (something we always had on board) couldn't fix.

Indeed, at one time it was alleged our call sign should have been "Speedtape".

barit1 8th Jul 2014 14:45

Hardly the first time in that neighborhood. Wasn't an F-27 or the like downed by celebratory gunfire at a wedding party, maybe 40 years ago?

Lovely people. :*

STN Ramp Rat 31st Aug 2014 19:53

Shooting at aircraft again
Seems like they are shooting at aircraft again

Cargo plane comes under fire near Peshawar airport ? The Express Tribune

PESHAWAR: A Russian cargo plane was attacked in the outskirt of Peshawar before it landed at the Bacha Khan International Airport late on Sunday.
According to details, around 9pm on Sunday the aircraft was attacked with an AK-47 rifle in the Sheikh Muhammadi area of Peshawar. The plane was hit by a single bullet in tail.
CCPO Ijaz Khan confirmed the report and said that there was no report of loss in the attack and the aircraft managed to land safely. He added that it was cargo plane rather than a passenger one.
Earlier on June 26, 2014, gunmen fired on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-756, carrying 178 passengers and crew members, as it was landing at the Bacha Khan International Airport Tuesday night, killing a woman and injuring two others, including a crew member.

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