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HS125 25th Apr 2014 07:22

Virgin Hijack Apr 25th 14
Just flashed up on my Sky News App:


Virgin Plane Heading to Bali Hijacked

A Virgin passenger plane has been hijacked on the way to Bali, according to Indonesian TV sources.

More Follows.....

UAV689 25th Apr 2014 07:23

local news saying a virgin blue flight

TopBunk 25th Apr 2014 07:27

FR24 has VOZ65 tracking towards Bali thn turning eastwards, possibly towards Darwin?

barberwi 25th Apr 2014 07:35

I see VA65 has turned around, news.com.au saying another one from brisbane has landed in bali.. double hijack?

GroundScot 25th Apr 2014 07:36

local source has it sitting on the end of the runway at Denpassar

Eclectic 25th Apr 2014 07:43

VA41 on the ground at Bali.

Picture: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BmDPbP6CYAEi_N4.jpg

chopper2004 25th Apr 2014 07:43

Flightradar24.com - Live flight tracker!

and man has been nicked trying to get into cockpit


lurker999 25th Apr 2014 07:43

News here saying pissed pax attempted to get into cockpit.

Has been arrested on the ground at dps

Biket 25th Apr 2014 07:48

AD Closed for the moment, for one another hour.

A0832/14 NOTAMN [ Closed Aerodrome ]
A)WADD B)1404250649 C)1404250840

HS125 25th Apr 2014 07:52

Looks like a drunk SLF inspired security alert

Virgin Passenger Arrested Amid Hijack Fear

Still doesn't explain the VOZ65 movements on Flightradar24

HotDog 25th Apr 2014 09:03

Another journalistic gem stone on a lack of news day! A drunken pax banging on the cockpit door " forcing the flight down in Bali", its scheduled destination. A boon for plane spotters! :ugh:

OBie101 25th Apr 2014 09:32

Drunk SLF
And it begs the question: if he was drunk, how "drunk" was he on boarding, and how much was he served onboard prior to the incident? Responsible service of alcohol, hey ... still doesn't excuse his alleged drongo leanings ...

FokkerInYour12 25th Apr 2014 11:54

So a guy who bangs on a cockpit door now means hijack.


sitigeltfel 25th Apr 2014 14:11

Matt Christopher Lockley gets the VIP treatment on arrival...


vctenderness 25th Apr 2014 14:48

Nice one! He'll probably sit in a rat infested hell hole for a long time before he even gets to what Indonesia laughingly call a trial.

What a prize prat!

underfire 25th Apr 2014 15:20

always worry about the ones with their finger actually on the trigger...

framer 25th Apr 2014 15:28

:D :D classic photo :)
Living in SE Asia is like living in a movie and that photo sums it up.

TWT 25th Apr 2014 20:52

And when he is finally released from prison,he will have to go by boat to get home because no airline or charter company will fly him.Hopefully he will learn that actions have consequences.

finestkind 25th Apr 2014 21:40

Agree with QBie101

If boarded intoxicated why if feed more or allowed to become intoxicated why.

Admittedly it is probably better to over react than be accused of not taking a threat seriously enough but really. Could not the crew have notified the pilots that there was a drunken idiot on board and yes there is a concern with safety but allegedly he had been restrained.

FokkerInYour12 26th Apr 2014 01:49

Who pressed the "hijack" button.

I guess once notified of a hijack then any transmissions to ATC have to be viewed as suspicious hence the diversions of other aircraft. i.e. once a hijack has been reported it cannot be cancelled.

This incident will now be known as the "Premature Virgin Hijackulation"

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