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220mph 12th Mar 2014 04:03

@DWS posted:

ITS now being reported on FOX ( kelley files ) - that 777- BA has had had a request or notice in for change to FBW computer / reporting systems for security reasons- that there IS a common ( wired) link somehow between some of the FBW reporting systems and the inflight passenger entertainment systems- and possibly subject to hacking !
Dont know if this report is factual- but am posting it here to give some people with access to FAA paperwork, etc a chance to look it up.

And hopefully to give the moderators a chance to standby for a flood of

"it was hacked and is now in area 51 .... or somewhere-"

In any case- some factual data on this issue would be appreciated by many on this forum-
Here is the info on this topic:

Special Conditions: Boeing Model 777-200, -300, and -300ER Series Airplanes; Aircraft Electronic System Security Protection From Unauthorized Internal Access

NYJ 12th Mar 2014 04:04

India has joined search
According to Astro Awani

NEW DELHI: Ships of the Indian Navy that are on patrol in the Straits of Malacca are participating in the search and rescue (SAR) operations for the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) MH370 which went missing last Saturday.

The Indian Navy's satellite Rukmini or GSAT-7 has also been activated to pick up any clue that may lead investigators to the missing aircraft, Indian Media reported.

Killaroo 12th Mar 2014 04:11

Someone has done something really bad in Malaysia associate with this disaster because there's some royal butt covering going on here..
At some point (probably sometime yesterday) you start loosing more face by not telling than telling what you know!
Matyj I'm beginning to think the same. This is starting to sound like a cover up of something embarrassing to Malaysia.
If the cover up was started in a panic there'll be a lot of buck passing going on, with nobody willing to man up and tell the truth. That's the Malaysian way.

By the way, was MAS conducting any kind of disciplinary action on the FO already?

hamster3null 12th Mar 2014 04:13

Originally Posted by Neogen (Post 8368242)
Onetrack - or they sighted the radar return, informed the chief, RMAF scrambled the jet and overzealous RMAF .....:mad:

One fact for sure: Malaysian officials have given ambiguous, inaccurate and at times directly contradictory information since the aircraft's disappearance.

I just don't see RMAF getting all the way through the chain of command from the radar grunt, to whoever has authorization to shoot down bogeys, to a fighter jet, in the amount of time it takes for a 777 to go from the point where transponders were shut down to the point where it exited Malaysian waters on the way into the big unknown (30-40 min), at 2 in the morning.

When Soviets shot down KAL 007, it took 2.5 hours to get the ducks lined up and to give an order to fire.

onetrack 12th Mar 2014 04:13

Neogen - Come on, you don't really believe that a large commercial, easily-recognisable make of aircraft (clearly marked with their own National Airline markings) was shot out of the sky by an RMAF fighter, without a second thought?? Get real, you've been reading too many novels. :rolleyes:

This is Malaysia we're talking, not North Korea. The Malaysians may have their faults, but shooting first and asking questions afterwards, isn't one of them.

One fact for sure: Malaysian officials have given ambiguous, inaccurate and at times directly contradictory information since the aircraft's disappearance.
Correct. But more due to a bumbling bureaucracy, face-saving, and individual little fiefdoms within Malaysian society, who have a need to have their authority pandered to, often at the expense of the embarrassing truth.

Killaroo 12th Mar 2014 04:16

I don't think it was shot down. I think it sailed across the Malay Peninsula in silent running mode ( hijack or crew gone rogue) then has run out of fuel or been ditched somewhere in the Andaman Sea.

They've been searching in the wrong place. And maybe they knew it.buying time?

RatherBeFlying 12th Mar 2014 04:16

Military Primary vs SSR
First of all, I do not know the coverage of Malaysia's military radars.

Do we know if a primary pulse reached the location of the last SSR reply?

There could well be a considerable gap between the last SSR reply and the first primary returns.

While there may have been a series of primary returns, what evidence is there to tie those returns to MH370?

Or was it a smuggler or drone?

The Malaysian Air Force has not published the radar tracks. Most militaries would not as they do not want any opposition to know their capabilities -- or coverage gaps.

In the case of incapacitation, the a/c might run on autopilot until fuel exhaustion or CFIT -- or be brought down earlier by other failure modes.

If those primary returns turn out to be from MH370, we may end up with flotsam somewhere between Malacca and Madagascar. Finding the wreck in those circumstances will make the search for AF447 look easy.

Machinbird 12th Mar 2014 04:16

Anyone have an idea how a Triple 7 would behave with a complete electrical failure?
I don't think it would simply roll over. If the throttles & flight controls were not touched, natural stability should leave it doing small phugoid oscillations and perhaps gradually turning. I believe the fuel system would likely continue to deliver fuel and the engines would continue to run until the feeding tank ran dry.

Just theorizing a bit, but if the cockpit were breached in some significant way, not only would you lose pressurization, you would likely lose some of the functions normally controlled from the cockpit. A crew would be at a serious disadvantage to do anything meaningful.

The radar returns from the point in space where the aircraft ceased its squawk should be closely scrutinized for evidence of loss of panels or structure. If there is such evidence, then these items would be an absolute priority for attempted recovery since they would probably indicate what happened.

If the aircraft has flown as far as it is capable of after the deviation event, then finding it in a large expanse of ocean is going to involve a lot of luck. That aircraft may look big standing next to it but it is entirely possible to lose it and not find it for years.

vee1-rotate 12th Mar 2014 04:19

Good work Tom, must be hard work being a journalist these days when all you have to do is constantly refresh an anonymous internet forum for a story !

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: US issued warnings over Boeing 777s

PlatinumFlyer 12th Mar 2014 04:29

In looking at the image, this makes lots of sense, if indeed, their track was directly toward TRN in Malaysia.

HNLute 12th Mar 2014 04:29

The Swamp Missile...
She was carrying O2 Oxygen canisters...Terrible result.

dabrat 12th Mar 2014 04:36

1. What was the last radio transmission received from aircraft? If an aircraft goes more than 5 minutes (40 miles ) without a radio transmission someone will key the mike and ask where are you? Where they called on 121.5?
The tapes should be played.
2. What cargo was the plane carrying? Anything of interest? Precious cargo, dangerous goods? Etc?
3. Background of pilots and crew?
4. Cellphone signals can be traced. Last known position of any of the phones of the passengers?
More questions than answers. The Malaysian authorities need to answer .

Stanley11 12th Mar 2014 04:38

Air interdiction
To the guys with the shoot down theory:

Hamster3null: Modern air force now SHOULD have their procedures squared away now. Sure, they can't protect everywhere in a big country but they will have their procedures oiled out to protect the really sensitive areas. Protocols are in place for all types of timelines.

Onetrack: Totally agree with you

I suspect the simple answer to the RMAF angle is they simply do not know. Perhaps they have a scheduled maintenance of the radar, perhaps they have an operator who forgot to turn on the 'recording' function, perhaps there is just a gap in their radar in that region. Again, not that Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam are expecting some conflict of any sort requiring a high level of surveillance. However, it would be too embarrassing to admit to it.
Sometimes the most likely answer is the simplest answer. They simply do not know. Just check out what the Pakistan Chief of Air Force said when the Air Force failed to detect the helicopters going in to get OBL.

Tarzanboy 12th Mar 2014 04:40

PlatinumFlyer, their route was planned just east of CAN THO VOR towards Hochiminh TSN VOR according flightaware.

clint_y 12th Mar 2014 04:42

Questions from a "lay man."
How long does the flight recorders continually record data before recycling? I've seen reports of the last 30 minutes of the flight?

If there was a depressurization event and the pilot lost conscious after setting the AP to the new course. The plane would continue until running out of fuel correct? Is there a "deadman" switch similar to a train? If the recorder only records the last 30 minutes and the plane continued for 2-3 hours after the "event" would the recorders even be useful?

thcrozier 12th Mar 2014 05:05

Time to remember once again that in spite of media reports, the situation is not unprecedented.

Adam Air Flight 574 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

metro301 12th Mar 2014 05:08

Tarzanboy!! Bravo.....

Ref post #2063

That is actually the first bit of realistic speculation that I have read in 2100+ posts.

Matvey 12th Mar 2014 05:21

In 104 pages, this is the first post that's made me think "hey, that might be something." If I remember correctly, the AA in Cali featured an FMS input of an identifier that was not the intended waypoint and it commanded a turn off the correct flightpath. While I doubt an erroneous FMS input was the cause of this crash (not much CFIT at FL350!), it's a good hint at a plausible answer to one of the many, many unanswered questions we all still have.

hkgman 12th Mar 2014 05:24

Could this happen again?! Unreliable Airspeed=nightmare for pilots!!


A A Gruntpuddock 12th Mar 2014 05:31

Now they seem to be saying that there is no radar record of the flight to the West of the mainland?

MISSING MH370: RMAF chief denies military radar report - Columnist - New Straits Times

If this was a film script, it would be discarded as just too incredible!

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