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deefer dog 4th Sep 2013 04:41

Last week.....inUSA, the home off most muppets!

JFK Controller: (to my confirmation by using the ICAO expression "affirm") "xxx was that an affirmative?"
Me: "Affirm"
Controller: "err, So is that a yes or a no?"
Me: "Well actually it's an affirm. But call it a yes if you wish."
Controller: "xxxx, are you not able to speak plain English? Give me a yes or a no, that would help us all out."
Me: "Ok, yes, affirm"
Controller: "Call Boston on xxx.xx"

West Coast 4th Sep 2013 04:54

"inUSA, the home off most muppets"

Kind of ironic given your complaints about effective communications.

27/09 4th Sep 2013 06:27


The phrase "It takes one to know one" comes to mind

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