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Mark in CA 3rd Feb 2012 07:33

Malev goes bust!
Hungary airline Malev stops operating, flights grounded | Reuters

captplaystation 3rd Feb 2012 08:34

If you are a Boeing rated pilot looking for work it is perhaps difficult to find the bright side to 180 + rated pilots being dumped on the market, so we perhaps don't all see it like you.

CY333 3rd Feb 2012 08:38

<<nice>> to see people <<carrying>>:ugh: about a few hundred families left without income and 180 pilots on the run for jobs

Johnny [email protected] Pants 3rd Feb 2012 08:53

Whatever you think of the company, there's never justification in being pleased to see it go down the swanny, hundreds, nee thousands of people depend on it for their living, how can you ever show any pleasure in them having the rug pulled from under their feet.

If you'd had your job disappear in the blink of an eye, without your pay that you're due, and without much hope of getting another job in the same country, perhaps continent then I'm bloody certain you'd think twice before posting such a comment.

Sorry to those of you left high and dry, may better opportunities come your way, I know, I've been left high and dry previously.

Kwateow, go hide your head in shame.

RoyHudd 3rd Feb 2012 08:53

Sad news
Pity. Another piece of aviation history made. Not a good one.

The SSK 3rd Feb 2012 09:02

Good riddance to another state-subsidised dinosaur.
They carried me on my most recent flight, Skopje - Budapest - Brussels.

Excellent service, BUD is (was) a great connecting point.

Even in the Tupolev era I can think of half a dozen flights I took with them - all above average service.

I do not share your opinion.

galdian 3rd Feb 2012 09:15

Having been through a "no job tomorrow" situation I feel sorry for the position being felt by the pilots and their families - unless something extra-ordinary occurs things will be tough.
Without comment - Skymark Airlines Japan (B73-8) reckon they're looking/in need for 200 foreign Captains, at least 6 (probably more) agencies in the hunt (troll pilotpointer maybe) and entry/consideration minimums...well, minimum.

NOT for everyone - maybe a consideration for some.

olivermbs 3rd Feb 2012 09:20

Seems they are flying all their 737s out to Shannon, anyone know why?

BOAC 3rd Feb 2012 09:23

Leased from an Irish company?

BUGS/BEARINGS/BOXES 3rd Feb 2012 09:27

Sad news for all! My best wishes to all affected. I hope you find something soon! Such a shame. The couple of times i used them i really enjoyed the experience.

HEATHROW DIRECTOR 3rd Feb 2012 09:28

Sad news. Worked with the crews for many years and they were good.

swish266 3rd Feb 2012 09:29

Wizz Air stands revenged
The stoppage comes after the airline was ordered by the European Commission last month to repay millions of dollars worth of state aid received between 2007 and 2010.

Push to talk 3rd Feb 2012 09:30

@ olivermbs,

This is where the lease company will have them stored, serviced, repainted and ready for sale to a new owner.

Too bad for Hungary and the Malev pilots, I feel for them. They will find new jobs, but it wont be at their hometown anymore.
I can only give them one advice; whatever job you take, stay away from the Irish blue, white and yellow coloured lot that exploit people for a living as you will regret working there. ;)

No reduced size re-start of Malev possible with a certain number of their pilots?

IB4138 3rd Feb 2012 09:36

All the Boeings are "Q8" designated on the model number, which indicates they are probably leased from ILFC, at least that is who they were ordered by/initially delivered to.

CaptainProp 3rd Feb 2012 09:47

Next easyjet base? Having said that they have never been able (in the past anyway) to act fast enough when these opportunities have come up. Ryanair? Wizz expansion? Did not Air Berlin have too many aircraft / crew? Seems to be a good place to throw in a few....?

Travelman Africa 3rd Feb 2012 09:48

not a good week for ILFC
17 aircraft with Spanair and a bunch with Malev oops

swish266 3rd Feb 2012 09:54

Not with this SH Orban in charge there, and all the red tape...

balaton 3rd Feb 2012 10:17

For those (few) who celebrate:
I'm sitting in my office (not Malev) with a friend of mine, a young Malev captain who was scheduled to LEMD today. His 3 year old bright son is running to and fro in the foyer... We can hardly say a world.. just staring at each other...

truckflyer 3rd Feb 2012 10:32

Nothing to celebrate! Another sad day for aviation.

I am looking for work, having another company go belly up does not make any pleasure or happiness for anybody, I am astonished by some cold heartless comments, would certainly not want those people as a part of my crew!

kotakota 3rd Feb 2012 10:33

Will Cyprus be forced to pay back too ?

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