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fuzzy15 2nd Apr 2001 01:12

What does the i stand for in bmi ? Are the Fokkers going to BMC ? Is the new computer working OK now ? Everything is quiet at bmi. I thought Long Haul was starting in APR - whats happened to that ?

keepitlit 2nd Apr 2001 01:16

The "i" doesnt mean anything,No the Fokkers are still mainline but they do some Commuter routes,Which Computer would that be?,they have quite a few.
Longhaul will still be starting soon.

Why all the questions?

:) :) :) :)

Rdgs K.I.L.

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fuzzy15 2nd Apr 2001 01:20

I am thinking about applying for bmi - just wanted to find out what is happening there, that's all !


schooner 2nd Apr 2001 12:58

international ?


MaximumPete 2nd Apr 2001 13:04

Try the website at :- www.flybmi.com


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