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masterplanner 10th Feb 2002 00:56

Ryanair Accident
Ryanair criticised over accident

. . . . Ryanair has been criticised in an accident report published yesterday by the Department of Public Enterprise.

The report by the Department's air accident investigation unit found that a Ryanair flight should have returned to its stand at the terminal when it was noticed that one of its cargo doors was open.

Instead, the aircraft was halted on a runway and the crew called for assistance. A technician drove out and secured the door. He was then knocked down by the aircraft's jet blast, falling on his outstretched hands.He subsequently discovered he had fractured his right hand, palm and wrist.

The accident occurred at Dublin Airport at 6.15 a.m. on February 21st, 1998, during the Ryanair baggage handlers' dispute. It was not reported by Ryanair to the airport authority or to the Department, The accident unit first heard of it in a letter from a Ryanair employee in April 2000.

There was no comment from the company last night.

. . The Irish Times

alpha charlie 10th Feb 2002 01:18

Of course they should have returned to stand and shut down, however, it begs the questions, 'what was the person who went out to close the hold door thinking of? Surely, he must have been aware of the dangers from jet blast.

HugMonster 10th Feb 2002 01:38

Do they not have MOR's in Ireland?

In trim 10th Feb 2002 01:52

Sounds like they were more interested in getting away on schedule than personal safety?

nosefirsteverytime 10th Feb 2002 02:40

Oi, softly! no pops at green aviators, ok?

Hmm "the dangers of jet blast?", very apt... :) :) <img src="tongue.gif" border="0"> <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">

DouglasDigby 10th Feb 2002 02:50

Hmmm, nearly 4 years to produce a report??!! Things work quickly over there then!! <img src="confused.gif" border="0"> . .(Edited for poor maths!)

[ 09 February 2002: Message edited by: DouglasDigby ]</p>

mickey mouse 10th Feb 2002 03:54

hmm Just a thought here... with regards to them getting away on time rather than worrying bout personal safety:. .Unless the incident where technician fell over was reported immediately etc, (which the crew still wouldnt have known about), how would they have known he had fallen over due to jet blast, because unless the Captain and FO can see through the fuselage (which they obviously cant) and the reward view of behind the wing and engine is shall we say NIL from the cockpit the wouldnt have known would they? just a thought. Its possible one of the cabin crew might have seen it or passengers....but we dont know that that happened. Also, was it a Ryanair technician? and do u know all the facts as to why they never went back to the stand.....we dont have these yet, anyone care to comment?

<img src="tongue.gif" border="0"> <img src="tongue.gif" border="0"> <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">

maxalt 10th Feb 2002 04:24

If they had to do it that way, why didn't the crew just shutdown the no.2 engine? The mechanic in question was very brave and extremely stupid for putting his life at risk in this way. He's lucky not to have been more seriously injured.

Never, ever, approach a running engine unless it's absolutely, unavoidably, necessary.

hobie 10th Feb 2002 14:08

look on the bright side! ...... it could have been so much worse if the guy had been at the front of the engine ..... have a look at the web add'y below to see what I mean ....

<a href="http://www.aviationpics.de/fod/fod.html" target="_blank">http://www.aviationpics.de/fod/fod.html</a>

ps. anyone recognise the crew???

[ 10 February 2002: Message edited by: hobie ]</p>

E cam 10th Feb 2002 15:21

Was the person blown over because they had loads of power on for the fast getaway?

guinnessty 11th Feb 2002 01:30

I believe an engineer lost an arm in another accident.

gjc666 11th Feb 2002 05:18

... but that's nothing. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

When my dear old papa was in the RAF in WWII, a mechanic on his airfield, distracted for a moment, looked the wrong way and walked straight into a rotating prop.

That just had to hurt. <img src="eek.gif" border="0">

Captain Max 11th Feb 2002 15:45

Does a 737 have some kind of cockpit indication of an open door. Every other Jet does, or was that not working as well?

Eric T Cartman 13th Feb 2002 02:32

@ Nose Indiana Groond . .To digress - I think the song in your signature is "oh Well" by Fleetwood Mac :-)

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