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YouNeverStopLearning 12th Mar 2001 19:47

RYANAIR pilots breaking 250kIAS limit OCAS
Note to Ryanair pilots:

When leaving controlled airspace to get into Prestwick, many of you are flying faster than the 250kIAS Outside CAS below Flight Level 100 LAW, sometimes right up to the barber's pole and usually, but not always, when you are running late. 300knots at 4000' over TRN has been seen!

I don't want you guys and girls to think that this isn't being spotted.

Perhaps the non-UK nationals they employ aren't aware of this restriction.

Be careful, you will be caught one day.

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Hung start 12th Mar 2001 20:03

Is that 250 kt.airspace by AIP so that controllers can´t let you exceed that limit even if they want to, of is it belonging to Prestwick making it possible for ATCO´s to approve higher speeds. Just a question from someone not familiar with the area.

Looking at your profile, why do you even care. Or is it just your profile that´s not telling the whole story??
Do you think that 300 at 4000` is dangerous if no other traffic around?

YouNeverStopLearning 12th Mar 2001 20:13

H s:

Check your charts.

B17 PLT 12th Mar 2001 20:30

Only 300 kts!!!

WIMPS! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

beaver eager 12th Mar 2001 20:46

This sounds pretty safe compared to the speed they taxy around Gatwick at!

If they don't have any other frills I guess punctuality must feature highly on their list of what customers want. Oh, I nearly forgot, they're cheap too.

An accident waiting to happen if you ask me, maybe the punters won't be so keen on the cheap fares at that point.

BavarianBoy 12th Mar 2001 21:22

whinge whinge whinge.... yawn! Not my company but as they say on the emerald isle.... "DRY YOUR EYES" if ATC say "no speed" whats the problem?

...ducking for cover..... BB

10W 12th Mar 2001 21:39

The problem is it's Class G airspace where 'see and be seen' is the separation standard. hence the CAA have decreed that it's a 250Kt maximum area, though this obviously doesn't apply to the military or aircraft with an exemption.

ATC are not allowed to lift it even if they wanted to.

Anyone know how many speeding points you need to tot up before you lose your ATPL ?? :) And is it a fixed penalty fine ? :)

PS My vested interest is as a GA flyer in the area. I'd rather not end up as a speck on the windshield of a 737 who was going too fast to employ the 'see and avoid' princples !!

10 West
[email protected]

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Hung start 12th Mar 2001 21:55

youneverstoplearning, well then next thing you should learn is to start reading the posts!
I told you that I´m unfamiliar with the area, hint: I have no charts :rolleyes:
Oh, and the barberpole huh? Jumpseating a lot on FR??

Thanks to 10W for answering my question!! :)

ronchonner 12th Mar 2001 22:40

5/5 is my speed and alt(500 knots/500 feet in my fighter jet...)

goldcup 12th Mar 2001 22:58

500 feet!

Must be American if you fly that high.

Or chicken!

HomerSimpson 13th Mar 2001 01:14

Well said Goldcup! Only kidding Ronchonner. Just pulling your chain! ;)

Duff, Duff, that Wonderful stuff. Ummmmm Doughnuts

3yappydogs 13th Mar 2001 01:19

interesting as some of those who applied to work for the ryans recently got dropped in the sim due lack of handling skills...those who have left the ryans have had no problem on sim rides ...its alot easier at 250 then 300 ...and as for this safety issue you should look at the amount of movements v's the safety record ...many companys would be envious ..330 to ten miles whats wrong with that if your capable

10W 13th Mar 2001 01:32


Absolutely no problem with high speed in airspace where it's allowed and the known traffic situation allows.

I'm not sure that mixing it at 330Kts towards the final approach with light aircraft who are not controlled or even on the frequency and are also bumbling around (like I do) is so wise.

Airmanship should be the watchword here.

10 West
[email protected]

sofsonteaser 13th Mar 2001 01:48

>10W> It dosent matter.The airports Ryan Air uses has no other trafic. :)

Maxfli 13th Mar 2001 02:17

Ryanair bashing for the sake of it doesn't really turn me on but 3YappyDogs 330 to 10D @ 50T will lead to glide approach, if you think that's safe well then enough said, its only a matter of time.

Bearcat 13th Mar 2001 03:10

330 kts to 10D? impossible on a 737.....been on them for yonks and that cant be done or am I missing some new trick!

get'em to heaven & back 13th Mar 2001 03:52

Bavarian Boy- "if ATC say "no speed" whats the problem?"

The problem is that this phrase does not absolve you from the rules of the air, just telling you that we have no speed requirement from you vs other traffic. We do not have the authority to lift the 250kt restriction in Class E, F or G. Having said that I've yet to hear of SRG lurking around such areas with speed guns so what the penalty might be I'd be curious to know.

SunSeaSandfly 13th Mar 2001 04:03

330Kt to 10D in B737. Possible? maybe, using speed brake, gear, flap in that sequence at their max limits.
Sensible, naaah. Rattle the pax and stress/wear the components.
Who needs it?

fly low, bite hard

DEFPOTEC 13th Mar 2001 05:09

The Houston TRACON has had a waiver for the 250kt speed limit since 1997.

They often give us “No Speed limit” or assign a speed higher than 250kts on departure.

I hear the air traffic controllers like it. One told me it gave them more flexibility and “The quicker they go. The quicker they go [away].”

I like it. It makes more sense to fly a jet like a jet should be flown. Accelerate to the most efficient climb speed as soon a possible.

I wish there were more open thinkers in ATC. This could be done in many places. It’s a safe and more efficient way of increasing the departure traffic flow rate.

http://www.stopstart.redhotant.com/smilie/up.gif http://www.stopstart.redhotant.com/smilie/up.gif for Houston ATC.

boxmover 13th Mar 2001 11:29

AS has been said

In class A airspace "NO SPEED" = as fast as you want/think safe

In any other type of airspace "NO SPEED" = max 250 under 10,000.

If you go faster than 250 it is a criminal offence. Would you like to be looking for a job with that sort of record?

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