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bizflyer 12th Nov 2003 01:43

Drink Driving?
Reported BBC Online today 11th of November

BA staff 'breached alcohol rules'

Three British Airways crew are being investigated for allegedly being under the influence of alcohol while on duty.
The two flight crew and one cabin crew member were prevented from flying from Oslo to Heathrow on Tuesday morning after being reported by colleagues.

The 55 passengers had not yet boarded the 0745 flight, and were transferred to alternative flights to London.

The three crew are still being questioned in Oslo after being removed from the plane.

My Questions

If this is true (that's IF), can anyone tell me why these guys don't just call in sick? they must know if they are over limit, although I know it's rare, why does this still happen, why risk your job, career, everything? I just don't get it.

viking737 12th Nov 2003 02:05


In the Norwegian paper it says that it was an anonymous phone call.........

M609 12th Nov 2003 02:12

All over the news over here. One TV station allso ran the BA drunk flying scandal from a couple of years back. (From the undercover documentary pice) Kinda "here we go again" :uhoh:

Sonic Cruiser 12th Nov 2003 02:32

BA Crews under the influence

troubleatthemill 12th Nov 2003 02:45

Norwegian media report: BA crew test positive for alcohol
According to VG Nett a BA captain, first officer and purser failed an alcohol test this morning after an anonymous tip saw them pulled off the BA 0761 scheduled departure 07:45 from Gardermoen to LHR. According to VG Nett they were subsequently interviewed at a police station. The ba.com arrivals/departure service shows that BA 0761 arrived at LHR 18:07 today.

BRL 12th Nov 2003 02:51

If this is true (that's IF), can anyone tell me why these guys don't just call in sick? they must know if they are over limit, although I know it's rare, why does this still happen, why risk your job, career, everything? I just don't get it.
It could be that they had a few drinks and thought nothing of it. It doesn't take much to go over the limit, especially the morning after so you could think I will only have 3 pints then that is it and wake up the following morning over the limit.
Our limit here is 30mls and I think the limit for drivng a car is 80? I could be ok to drive a car but not for work and that may have happened in this instance. They may not have realised exactly how much they were over that morning.
At the moment though, they are just being questioned so they may not have been over the limit in the first place.

Jerricho 12th Nov 2003 03:18

The whole point is they are being questioned, but one has to ask the merrits of having a drink or 3 on a school night!?

A4 12th Nov 2003 03:34

Drinking before an 0545Z report......... 12 hours B to T........ ?

If (NOTE IF) it's true I do not have one iota of sympathy for them. There's a time an place for "socialising". Before an early report isn't it. The fact that the limit is much more stringent in Scandiland also makes their alleged actions non sensical.

No doubt the truth will out.

A4 :rolleyes:

40KTSOFFOG 12th Nov 2003 03:55

I understand that there is a ZERO TOLERANCE level in Norway. Don't even think about it, especially around "Summerfest". Many people don't understand that certain states have different limitations to either Company limits or originating states. In this case "Zero". Careful what you gargle with.

Be warned!

purpleone 12th Nov 2003 04:05

So does anybody know who the three culprits are?? I'm curious.

M609 12th Nov 2003 04:19

Norwegian TV2 reports:

Captain 59 years
FO 26 years
Female purser 48 years

They are faceing fines and confinement if convicted.

purpleone 12th Nov 2003 04:31

Did they release any names yet?? I expect it will be in tomorrow's papers here. Is it possible for the FO to only be 26?

middlepath 12th Nov 2003 04:31

is this happening only to uk pilots or other nationalities as well ?

Hårek den Hardbalne 12th Nov 2003 05:09

This is the intro to a news flash in the Norwegian Aftenposten, English edition:

British Airways crew held at Oslo airport
The captain, the first officer and the purser of a British Airways flight ready to take off for London Tuesday morning were stopped by airport police. All three failed to pass an alcohol breathalyzer test.
Failing a breathalyzer test would be followed up by a free ride to the nearest hospital for a blood test (?)

WeLieInTheShadows 12th Nov 2003 05:12


Purpleone - lookin at your profile methinks you is a hack looking for the gen on the story before anyone else.

Nice try though - but believe me with a 2 post history (only on this topic) not very original.

Calle Belle 12th Nov 2003 06:21

The captain cannot be 59, as all BA pilots have to retire at 55, as far as I am aware.:rolleyes:

Basic T 12th Nov 2003 06:28

Captain was reported to be 50 in the articles I have read.


It is possible for an FO to be 26, in my company we have many that are just 22. Good on them!
I am afraid that that sort of question does indicate that you are not familiar in aviation and I hope you are the first reporter tomorrow to make the headlines! ;)

Middlepath: Why would the rule be any different to other Nationalities?

overstress 12th Nov 2003 07:56


BA hasn't done anything. 3 crew are ALLEGED to have done something.

Perhaps you would like someone to make an anonymous (perhaps false) call to an airport just before your next early report?

Jack The Lad 12th Nov 2003 08:08

According to my information, crew involved have failed to meet the 'zero tolerance level' imposed by the Scandanavians.

Sympathies to all concerned, but rules is rules, like it or not

Anyone that has been in aviation long enough will sympathise, the rules are changing, but we have all broken these in the past. It did not mean that any passenger was ever subjected to any safety risk, but there you go.

Another reason why flying isn't the necessarily the best job in the world any more!

Sad, but true.

ratarsedagain 12th Nov 2003 08:37


Since when was acting Judge, Jury and Executioner your prerogative.

The facts will out eventually, and IF they are guilty, then they will have made there biggest and last mistake, but don't ever pre judge the rest of the professional Flight and Cabin Crew community.

p.s. what is a "Thisty crew"?????

Check your own shortcomings before you start judging others.

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