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** Paris Air Show **

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

** Paris Air Show **

Old 17th Jun 2003, 19:31
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** Paris Air Show **

Over and above the earlier thread re Emirates and annoucement of orders...

Purely out of general interest as a markable event in the Aviation Inudstry,

Any Ppruner's been to the show this week?
Any other rumours, news, stories worth reporting?
Anything amusing to report?

I thought i'd start the topic off for general discussion / exchange of views on the event.

Probably no AF Concorde on display this year at Le Bourget?
I hear the B777-300ERX and the A318 + A319CJ will be there.
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Old 17th Jun 2003, 20:03
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I believe it was on the first day of the show, that Air France flew a Concorde into Le Bourget for permanent display.
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Old 18th Jun 2003, 01:21
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Thumbs up

Just got back from the show. AF Concorde on display. Air display was mediocre+ and an almost identical repeat of Farnborough last year. A340-600 gave it's usual impressive display but one of the best was the Breitling Sukhoi demonstrating what an airborne/in-flight aircraft looks like from the outside when it's ASI reads zero! Usual noisy routines by Rafale, Typhoon and Saab whotsit.

No US military hardware was flying and I only saw two unmanned US mil types on static display, the Global Hawk and a helicopter. Still convinced the Global Hawk has two operators inside the bulbous bit! Boeing were there with a static 777 and a BBJ.

Traffic to and from the show was horrendous and unless you were some diplomatic/military bigwig with a police outrider forcing all the peons off the road so you and your delegation could at least make the short journey at anything more than a snails pace you were left swealtering in the queues. Allow at least 90 mins to get from central Paris to the show and the same to get back.

Thankfully, as far as I was concerned, Flight International were exceptionally hospitable as usual. The Flight International Aerospace Industry Awards later yesterday evening made the whole trip worthwhile and some very lucky people/companies picked up their gongs at a very well attended bash in Central Paris.

Read all about it in far more detail in Flight International!
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Old 18th Jun 2003, 07:00
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I was there on Sunday, the first "proper" day. Jacques Chirac had opened the show on Saturday, "preview" day which was when F-BTSD flew in. On Sunday she was sitting in the middle of the static park, easily attracting more attention than everything else around her put together. But no visits inside her - all you can do is grockle from the outside and shed a quiet tear.

It was a very hot day. The exhibition halls were steaming hot - almost unbearable by 11.30 am. The TV reporters and crews who were trying to lug stuff around to put stories together were just dripping and soaked. Being a public day, the high number of visitors was inevitably balanced by a very low number of exhibitors - and some of the stands obviously either hadn't been built yet or hadn't been occupied. I haven't been to a public day at either Farnborough or Paris for many years but it seemed to be busier than I've ever seen an air show. Maybe it's something to do with the fact that it cost virtually nothing to get in (10), and virtually nothing to get there, compared to Farnborough.

I also found the flying display a bit flat - probably due to there being no American aircraft and no Russian military aircraft flying, for different reasons. Of what I saw, the Tiger and the C-27 were perhaps the most impressive. Interestingly, the air force display team (the Patrouille de France) did its stuff half way through the display, immediately after which the public started leaving in droves. Having been fed on a UK diet of Red Arrows, the display seemed very tame to me.

The big Boeing display is next to the 773. When I got there at about 1.30 to have a look, there was a sign saying closed from 1 to 4. When I went back at 4.45, there was a sign saying closed. So much for that. Maybe the beer's too good.

It was a very long day for me - 0620 flight from LHR and 2155 back from CDG (no chance of getting on anything earlier because, apparently, the Eurostar wasn't running and every flight was packed to the gunwales). I don't regret going, but I can't say that it was a particularly special trip. I think I might stick to trade days in future.
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Old 18th Jun 2003, 16:43
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It's all here...www.flightdailynews.com

...and here's the party...

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Old 18th Jun 2003, 19:45
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...I'm curious as to whether or not Lockheed/General Dynamics/McD.D had a big presence there because a little mouse whispered in my ear that an un-official bycott was spread by the USA, to their suppliers...? (reference: no support by French, in Iraq)
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Old 19th Jun 2003, 06:50
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Red face

Back from Le Bourget , rather gloomy athmosphere this year. despite Airbus claiming that it won more orders than Boeing ( same song every time at every show ) but with Emirates and Koreans just announcing large A380 orders, one expected Champagne to flow at least in the Airbus Chalet... but that was not the case. the A318 air dispaly was dull, but the 340 was verynice.

Boeing was there in big civilian dress( contrary to previous years ) with a 777 on static display and a mediatic coup in announcing the name for its new 7E7 : the dreamliner.. looks like a 767
with a batman-style tail. Boeing had to do something on the 250 seats since it has not sold a 767 since, l a long time leaving the A330 alone on that segment. So no californian Champain imitation in their chalet either...
The USAF / navy boycotted the show (officilally not to show off after wining Iraq war..yeah we believe that.)
No Russian military either ( fear of having their aircrfat impounded by the swiss for bad debts ) so no cobra Mig dispays this year.
But the russians still got the best air display : the 2 russians aerobatic single pistons : the Yak and the Sukhoi ; that was a real impressive demonstration. I think the thrust to weight ratio of those machines are better than a Mig 31 or a F18.

Best static dispay : good old SD , the second AF Concorde . was able to walk under it. felt like end of an era... ( like me I guess....)
Weather : too hot.
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Old 19th Jun 2003, 15:58
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Just returned meself, Monday traffic not great but not that bad Wx Hot ..damn hot basically hotter than a snake's @r$e in a wagon rut...Flight awards in the evening good fun (Algy the Introducer eh?) mind you I did have to eat with a couple of PPrune icons and a Bentley wielding former boss... still can't have everything.

Tuesday traffic worse (1:30 into the show from the other side of Gonesse) Wx hot in the morning then a craking TS at lunchtime loads of flying umbrellas and the roof on the Airbus chalet giving up the ghost... only bit of the flying display I watched was the Su-31 (after the recommendations by big Al, Capt PPRuNe et al) Whoooaaaaaa cool!!!! Went for a ride in the EMB170 (jolly comfy dahn the back)

Yesterday... same old same old (cept it took 2 hours to get into the show) then heading home.

It struck me that the show was flatter than in previous years but there you go
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Old 19th Jun 2003, 18:01
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Visited the show Sat-Tues

Sat: Concorde was a low key affair. No announcement, just the old bird turning up in the circuit, looked as if she was doing an approach into CDG. Then a landing and taxi and thanks a lot.
Weather - hot, the French, just French.

Sun: Airbus and Boeing press conferences a bit dull. Same story, different year - I suppose Forgeard and Mullally have to earn their bonus' somehow. Forgeard disappearing benaeth scrum of photographers didn't happen but almost. That would have made a story. The 7E7 Dreamliner announcement was mildly interesting. The name came as no surprise really - I would have preferred Global Cruiser. Still I've put my Dreamliner pen and baggage tags in the Sugarbird loft ready for the eBay auction when the project is scrapped in 2005 when Airbus announces a take-over of the company creating a new subsidiary - Airbus US. The sun must have been really hot that day.
Wearther hot and the French maddening, train strikes, on Sundays!

Mon: Got into the show relatively easily, just leave hotel earlier and the show earlier lads.
Emirates/Airbus press con the world's worst kept secret.
Russian RJ sounds a bit like the Dreamliner but they gave good value in a baking hot press con. Despite invite for lunch at Airbus made to feel completely unwelcome. No help for hard working press by idle pr persons. Better welcome at BAE and Boeing. Even better at hard pressed Embraer. They were really busy and welcoming Keep it up lads.

Tue: Went for the morning, saw the clouds, realised I had no coat or umbrella and set off for airport and home a bit earlier. More obstacles. Non, you can't check in for a 6pm flight at 1.30pm said Monsieur at pre-check in.

2005 - I'll have to go, its going to be dominated by the A380.
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