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Pilot loads baggage

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Pilot loads baggage

Old 6th Jun 2022, 17:38
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I'd be happy to help load baggage on occasion if helps my passengers and the company asked me to do it. Just send me a quick ACARS saying I'm authorised and insured and it's no problem..... What's that you say? You've found some baggage handlers?
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Old 7th Jun 2022, 06:43
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Originally Posted by hunterboy
I’d also like the H&S training .
Problem with this is that if you hurt yourself after you've had health and safety training your employer will say it's your own problem as you didn't follow the training rules.
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Old 7th Jun 2022, 21:54
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Having watched Nigerians load their aircraft after having the aircraft in the U.K. for maintenance nothing would ever surprise me again.

Nappies and toilet roll were a favourite and we were forbidden to help them, one a/c was a Lear 35 and they filled the cabin virtually up to the ceiling, the pilot then slid into the cockpit over the top of his freight, it was so overloaded that the nose wheel steering packed up when he landed for fuel on route.
The other was a King Air, the crew got in then the cabin was filled with the usual including a TV etc, when they got to the door the other crew member got in and sat on the bog facing the door, his friends then packed the rest of the cargo in and tried to close the door to no avail, finally admitting defeat they took off just sufficient to close the door.
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Old 9th Jun 2022, 10:17
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Originally Posted by ShyTorque
Back in the 1980s a 747 was chartered by MOD to carry troops to RAF Germany. On landing at Gutersloh it was fully disembarked and unloaded in less than 20 minutes because the pax helped.
I remember a similar incident on Ex Lionheart when a BA 747 arrived at Gutersloh and the movements staff selected a chalk with the requisite numbers to be the baggage handling party. The only thing was that they were a specialist TA unit whose lowest rank was Lieutenant Colonel. Still they set to and did the job in double quick time.
And there was the occasion when a trooping flight arrived at an airport in the middle of a baggage handlers strike. The pax started to unload the baggage and the local shop stewards intervened. It was explained to them that the pax were all Royal Marines returning from a six month unaccompanied tour. Discretion being the better part of valour, the unloading continued
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Old 3rd Jul 2022, 10:34
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Originally Posted by Brian Pern
I take it then you have never operated on a BBJ or ACJ? Such things are pretty common place. Although for 19 pax or so, but you would be surprised what some Oligarch or Saudi Prince/Princess can pack and expect to have in the hold/cabin.
Once had a MUC-INN charter transporting the most important baggage of a small group arriving on a private 747. We basically stuffed the whole cabin and hold of a 50-seater with stuff as ridiculous as chick peas and car rims. Whenever we said something wouldn‘t fit we got a „money doesn‘t matter“ reply and stuff we couldn’t fit was trucked.

As for OT I think it’s fine to very occasionally lend a hand if circumstances require, breaking a strike less so.
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Old 4th Jul 2022, 17:34
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Once you are type rated on an a/c IMHO you are qualified to Operate it , that's all factors of operatng it .
Personal experience from '73 , adhoc loading/de-icing earned you a Capt's recommedation on your file .
In '82ish , striking ramp workers nearly brought down our virtually bankrupt airline . The whole airline came in to do ramp work after/before shifts and days off .
Loading B4 flt and unloading after was normal , some pilots were honey cart trained , and top of the totem were those few trained on pushback /tugs .
Strike over , and 70's thoughts on strikes toned down , we went back to normal .
Highland and Islands routes was normal ops for one pilot to load / unload , one to do loadsheet . 1 CC clean cabin , 1 to check in pax and walk then to and fro .
IMHO 'preciousness' on an a/c has no place. Get the job done .

rgds condor
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Old 7th Jul 2022, 15:22
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Originally Posted by pilot-737
So the passengers were onboard and the cabin crew was loading baggage.

Did you think about the regulation, requiring special training, in case of boarding with less than the required cabin crew members (1 crew member per 50 pax seats)?

I hope at least you that you and the F/O, were not out of the flight deck at the same time

Interesting to promote on-time performance instead of safety and more interesting to admit it in a professional forum.
Talking about professional things on a professional forum. It would be professional to first find out how many crews and passengers were still on board, before jumping into conclusions.
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