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Brexit and the Aviation industry

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

Brexit and the Aviation industry

Old 29th Apr 2021, 17:40
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That's interesting - do you have a link to any info on how that validation process works please?

Yes, the 14 exams you may already have taken to be issued your valid for life EASA licence....
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Old 29th Apr 2021, 18:15
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Check out https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-cont...=EN#d1e238-1-1

It is mentioned, but not linked to, in the brexit FAQ on the EASA webpage.
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Old 29th Apr 2021, 18:36
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The conversion from a third country is more than a skill test and ATPL theory

-EASA class 1
-ELP (fcl 055)
-ATPL Theory (14 exams)
-skill test on your type if you are ATPL or training + CPL skill test for CPL holders
-UPRT as it will be your 1st CS25 on EASA licence.

all the NAA’s fees

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Old 29th Apr 2021, 19:07
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Cheers for comments very interesting and massively frustrating for people in our world who have through blood sweat and pots of cash to get qualified to do the career of their choice. Hopefully someone in EASA and CAA or UK department of transport will put their grown up head on and level the playing field for those having to struggle through this debacle. Would not hold my breath on that though so feel the anguish for the pilots I work with who are either on a year and a half time bomb now, or the others who are facing unemployment due to not having the time/resources to go through all those hoops. Loved the bit about having to carry out a skills test on your type...... do they know how much a S92 or AW 139 etc or EC 135 costs per hour to rent!!!
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Old 29th Apr 2021, 19:23
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For the acceptance of the TR, you need to have:
-your type valid on your licence.
-500hrs for plane or 350hrs for helicopters
-current practice

so if you are new on the type or/and COVID or unemployed, you won’t be able to get the type on your licence. Even though you can financially support this mess.
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Old 29th Apr 2021, 19:42
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HEMS chap

A normal simulator LPC is enough. No clue how common those are for helicopters, but I've seen a EC135/145 level D sim in Frankfurt.
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Old 29th Apr 2021, 21:24
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rogue leader

You put it far more factual than myself so thanks for that. I am staggered and slightly embarrassed that I had no real knowledge of what all the implementations meant. Being a UK based pilot never really looked into it. Anyone affected you have my sympathies... bless those people in previous and current UK parliament and EU land, you have really done all the aviation industry from the EU or UK proud haven't you. Hope that reads as sarcastically as is was meant to.
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Old 29th Apr 2021, 21:49
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Be fun to ask a UK MP or European MP to re sit their qualifications so they can carry on doing the job they have been doing for years ( plus fund it it personally whilst running a household etc ) I am willing to wager they could not pass the entrance exam.... I certainly couldn't after 30 years flying I think I can only think of the odd question that actually had reference to what we do daily, apart from show learning.
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Old 1st May 2021, 21:51
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Denti, thank you for that - not a replacement for an EASA licence but a glimmer of hope for someone who needs to work in EASA land.
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Old 11th May 2021, 21:59
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Yep UK licence holders def thrown under the bus... as the youth say.
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Old 18th May 2021, 09:23
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Following up on earlier posts I asked Austro Control the following:

I have a policy question for you, if you have time, please. We are used to the idea that ATPL TK exams have a 36 month validity for CPL licence issue under FCL.025 (c)(1) and the implications of FCL.025 (c)(2) only normally affect people who have been off flying for a long time. However when you read that para it clearly says that ATPL TK exams are valid for issue of an ATPL for 7 years since the last IR expired.On that basis, pilots who had previously passed EASA ATPL TK exams, under the UK normally but also possibly under the authority of another Member State, and who failed to transfer SOLI out of the UK before exit day and therefore currently hold a UK ATPL or a UK CPL IR are asking whether their historic ATPL TK exam passes are valid on this basis to gain an EASA ATPL with a state such as Austro, ie exams credited, only Class 1 and flight tests required.

I have to say I can’t see why not. What is the official Austro view, please?
I asked them to put it to their policy unit and give a yes/no answer. They reply:

We ... cannot avoid confirming definitively and in purely legal terms that is possible for the candidates to apply with the existing certificate from our point of view. Nevertheless, if the candidates decide to issue the license with us, we would inform EASA accordingly about the recognition of the certificates by us. Should political objections then arise, we would at least know this in advance and would not have to burden candidates with contingencies afterwards.
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Old 18th May 2021, 17:39
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Interesting. Someone should try it.
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Old 19th May 2021, 15:07
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I guess everyone's situation is different but here's mine. UK citizen, resident in Asia, made redundant from my flying job in September 2020. I have an Irish EASA ATPL with B777 type rating which I converted from my UK EASA ATPL in around 2014.

Can I apply for a job in UK or Europe with this licence and, in the case of UK, would I have to transfer it at some stage back to a UK licence and, if so, would any exams be involved?

Caveat all the above by saying I am 59 years old and it may all just fall in the 'too difficult' category.

Bit of a mess isn't it!
Old 19th May 2021, 16:15
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Bananas. Wherever you apply you will need the right to live and work - can’t tell from your post how that fits but guessing U.K. Under the current validation process you can work for a U.K. airline with your EASA licence. You can apply for a U.K. national licence and medical certificate from the CAA. The age thing is your problem!

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Old 19th May 2021, 16:58
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Well, right to live and work should apply both to Ireland and UK, shouldn't it?
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Old 19th May 2021, 19:01
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Depending on the airline, that is not unrestricted right to live and work in the EU. His options can be limited.
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Old 19th May 2021, 20:00
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Indeed, as a UK citizen (without any EU citizenship) he would be limited to the right to live and work in the UK and Ireland, the rest of the EU/EEA would not be possible. There is always a possibility to get an EU blue card, but that requires a university degree and a binding job offer, depending on country the employer would have to prove first that he cannot find another suitably qualified EU local or EU citizen for the job, which is currently and for the next few years impossible for pilots.

The right to live and work is quite independent from the license anyway. One needs to have both.
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Old 20th May 2021, 15:02
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Just about to reapply for the UK licence after moving it to Ireland last year. Regarding the chances of getting a visa as a foreign pilot - I guess time will tell. Not ideal!
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Old 20th May 2021, 17:53
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So if I’ve got this right, the UK CAA have now made it a straightforward application process for non-UK EASA licence holders to obtain a U.K. licence and fly U.K. registered aircraft.
Even those that have NOT previously held a U.K. licence. Fill out a form, cough up the fee and you’re good to go.

No reciprocal agreement. If a U.K. pilot should wish to have an EASA licence, its the full process to be completed. Exams, flight tests, medical.....
So at a time we’re there are thousands of U.K. pilots being placed on furlough, part time contracts and/ or made redundant, why has the CAA decided to let European pilots apply for whatever jobs may be available on U.K. registered aircraft?
Furthermore, jobless pilots from Monarch, Thomas Cook and Flybe are now having to compete with EU pilots in an already constricted marketplace.
Seems that Aviation, along with Fishing and Farming has been sold a pup and lied to about the benefits of Brexit.
Well played CAA, well played indeed.
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Old 20th May 2021, 19:47
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Don't blame the CAA. They didn't sign off on this deal. The UK government did. "An oven ready deal". 🙄
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