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Brexit and the Aviation industry

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Brexit and the Aviation industry

Old 7th Jan 2021, 18:12
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Thanks Magpie32,

I read more NAA SOLI legislation and EASA Brexit documentation than I ever care to think about again, but still couldn’t find an official definition of ‘completed’.

I appreciate your feedback. It looks like my licence will be doing 100% more travelling than I will be over the coming weeks & months.

Keep well.
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Old 7th Jan 2021, 18:41
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im trying to do the physical exchange as well from UK FCL to IAA. I sent my license just after Xmas (timing at employer request), the courier couldnít deliver as office shut on Monday 4 Jan. I email asking if office is actually shut (maybe wrong address or something) and the auto reply back then said offices all shut due Covid, and licensing staff working from home. I work in eu on eu airplane. My license did get delivered to IAA headquarters the next day. but it would appear someone needs to go in and physically press print.

Surely this canít be right? I hope Iím wrong. Surely this should be able to be accomplished through home working?.

when I phone I get receptionist only who directs you to email address.

I think the volume of emails and phone calls they receive would decrease if they found a way like everyone else has of getting licenses to people. Digital would be lovely.

this is causing proper stress to me and my company. Iíve done my bit, started the SOLI process the minute I signed contract for new job in August after being made redundant.
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Old 8th Jan 2021, 12:31
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There isn't a definition of 'completed', and what there is from EASA is only advisory. Member State NAs are free to take whatever view they like of anything not covered either by implementing rules or AMCs (and so much isn't), hence the lack of information and varying positions. Last time I spoke to the IAA they were taking the view that Magpie reports above, that 'completed' means 'have received medical records'. Other NAAs - who knows?
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Old 10th Jan 2021, 19:33
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Does anyone know what might be /is happening to the DHL UK base in Leipzig as a result of Brexit?
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Old 10th Jan 2021, 20:44
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nobody knows as UK has left customs union as well and all packages are due customs now....
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Old 11th Jan 2021, 09:23
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Runway Change. No changes.
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Old 11th Jan 2021, 18:39
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further to my post just above, #182, my license is enroute to me from IAA. So during this latest lockdown they have received UK license, issued IAA one and sent it out.

latest auto reply to an email this AM says office “is open and post may be delivered to our address”.

they don’t seem to be able to send out digital copies although they don’t actually say this.

my guess is they have a couple of things on at the minute.

Who would like to be a fly on wall at CAA when all these SOLI outs from UK over the years head back towards UK in April when they start giving us all our UK licenses back again 😂
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Old 11th Jan 2021, 19:15
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woodcoc. Well done. Can I assume your email was to [email protected]?
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Old 11th Jan 2021, 20:47
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I always seemed to deal with the same person at IAA. So although I have sent emails to the general licensing email it has been more fruitful emailing whoever it is that has sent you emails in the past if that makes sense.
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Old 12th Jan 2021, 00:14
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How long did it take to have your license issued and sent from the IAA?
Banana Joe is online now  
Old 12th Jan 2021, 08:44
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A few days for me
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Old 12th Jan 2021, 10:53
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Banana Joe

yes it seems IAA still getting things done. My uk license got delivered to them, exchanged and IAA one sent out all during lockdown. Still not in my hands but on its way. I’m not sure now is the best time to transfer license unless you really need to.

if there were ever a time for digital licenses to be sorted now is the time. Even the Spanish have set this up recently due to Covid. I’ve asked IAA for digital or scanned copy but not response.
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Old 12th Jan 2021, 15:05
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One big holdup can be (is) the time it takes for the NAA to respond to your request to send licence info and transfer medical records.
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Old 15th Jan 2021, 09:40
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Has anyone who applied to the IAA for SOLI in October/Nov, heard anything at all? Just wondering how far along they've got...
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Old 15th Jan 2021, 11:18
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It’s very slow. You could check with your NAA (uk?) to see if they’ve been asked to send stuff and if so where they are in that process.
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Old 15th Jan 2021, 11:33
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I applied in SEP, CAA sent the Medical in OCT and the Licence in NOV, so it’s been with them since then but no doubt delayed due to various exceptional circumstances. I’m not getting much out of emailing them so I wondered if other people’s experiences might allow us to gauge where they’re up to
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Old 15th Jan 2021, 11:48
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Going back through this thread there’s been a massive variety of experience. I started the process in early March and my licence was ready in Sep but without the TRE certificate. That took til Nov to sort out by which time the IAA office was closed and unable to exchange. They are now open part time and my licence is on its way to Dublin as we speak. At the moment once a licence is ready the exchange seems to happen quite quickly. I have no insight into how long the actual licence takes to be created.

emails can take more than a week to get a reply. It’s very frustrating but I’ve just had to wait. I think you’d need a very good reason to go through this process as a Brit (in my case because as TRE I need to be able to sign EASA licences).

Good luck
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Old 17th Jan 2021, 10:45
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Just to add my 2 penn'orth...

I'm at the lower end of the scale in this lark but it's still bloody chaos.

I have a house in Germany and am registered as living there which I do at least part of the year, the rest of the time I work either in France or Myanmar depending on the time of year. I hold a UK passport.
We were all told the back end of 2019 to convert our UK (CAA) CPLs(Balloons) to a UK EASA licence as after April 2020 we could no longer fly on the old CPL...I believe I was the first mug to do this, closely followed by many others. As a bonus we could keep our UK CPLs for a small(35 quid) fee for use in countries who still preferred to validate UK licences rather than EASA ones(Such as Myanmar- however they now also accept EASA...).
This all would, we were assured, ensure we could legally operate in Europe as well as the UK; All well and good, but surely someone high up must've known that come Brexit it could all go tits-up, however no mention was made of the what-if at that point: The importance was to convert the licence ASAP.
Now someone more cynical than me might suggest that this was a blatant money making scheme...with no thought given to the consequences should a no-deal(or sh1te deal) be the result.
Fast forward to now and luckily the Myanmar DCA validated my UK CPL not my EASA BPL else I'd be in the poo now...However I'm now in the position of
1. Not being able to fly French registered balloons
2. Not being able to work in France for more than 3 months
3. Not being able to keep 'recent' on a friends German registered balloon
Thanks a bundle

The suggestion has been made that I renew my recently lapsed French licence(Lapsed due to my not needing it as I had shiny new EASA licence-Ha!) and then convert it to a French EASA licence and NOT mention the UK EASA licence to them at all... As to working there then the only option as my contract is for 4 1/2 months is to try and get a Carte de Sejour for the duration...Tres amusant
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Old 17th Jan 2021, 13:09
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Clyde & Co, a leading UK aviation law firms view of Brexit and aviation.
Why did we bother? Nothing to be gained.
With the government giving all assistance short of actual help as a result of the pandemic and Brexit UK aviation is not in a good place.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 00:57
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​​​​​You think a report about flying around Europe post brexit is a good reason to ask why you bothered? I don't think brexit was about how easy people could fly between EU and UK.
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