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Norwegian cancels 92 max and 5 Dreamliners

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Norwegian cancels 92 max and 5 Dreamliners

Old 29th Jun 2020, 22:20
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Norwegian cancels 92 max and 5 Dreamliners

Norwegian Air cancels purchases of Boeing planes
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 04:46
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 05:45
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Are there any news regarding Norweigens Airbus order ?
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 07:15
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Having a hard time understanding the market for the MAX with cancelations, MCAS, pandemic, 2-5 years to return to 2019 traffic levels, and 2 isle replacement jet inside 5 years from Boeing, the 797. You cannot shut down Spirit Aeroman and expect to return to any degree of assembly rate in the near term. If that occurs then, why continue to build a jet that has lost almost 400 orders, and your next evolution of airframe will be along before the MAX makes a dent, no pun intended.
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 07:39
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I bet those max’es will end up being delivered. And so will the compensation. Not necessarily in that order.
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 08:32
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To Norwegian? I thought they were in a bit of a pickle financially?
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 09:08
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The expected lifespan of the Max goes far beyond the present situation. I would put at least another 20 years on it. With orders plummeting down and cash reserves drying up, Boeing are unlikely to invest into a 737 replacement project for now. I would say that 2030 is a safe bet for any new model being rolled out for mass production, whether by Boeing or Airbus.
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 10:06
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I think Airbus have already said they're working on an A320 replacement entering production after 2030.
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 11:52
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Norwegian happen to be one of the few airlines that have been hit by the "MAX" as well as the B787 Trent issues. Certainly not helped them at all.
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 12:07
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The problem is that due to the delays airlines are contractually allowed to cancel their orders. Due to Covid-19, they also want to...
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 14:44
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From what I've read, Norwegian's contract with Boeing says that they can cancel delivery if aircraft is more than 12 months overdue, but on a aircraft to aircraft basis, not the total contract.
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 15:34
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From an aviation analyst :
Norwegian is going head to head with giant Boeing on compensation for MAX on ground and B787 Rolls Royce engine problems. The cards up the sleeve are to cancel the 97 Boeing aircrafts on order, 92 MAX and 5 787s, and maybe use the new majority owners, ie AerCap, as storm troopers against Boeing. Not a bad strategy and no less than $10 billion in list price of Boeing aircraft values are at stake for the U.S. aircraft producer. My guess, Boeing will yield and settle, leaving an exceptional opportunity for AerCap and other leasing comepanies holding Norwegian equity, to get their hands on the Bjorn Kjos 2012 deal of the century on Boeing aircrafts!

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Old 30th Jun 2020, 15:38
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Probably not

The “next“ Norwegian based in the U.K. or Ireland will start from the ground up. Norwegian as we know it is history
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 16:17
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Norwegian have quietly disposed of a number of NG's during the Covid shutdown and more importantly turned a profit on them, with the MAX stating certification flights the last couple of days, barring anything truly unforeseen, then the FAA grounding order will be lifted in due course and although EASA will want further modification such as synthetic airspeed it wont require that prior to RTS in Europe, Boeing will be granted a likely 2 year period to comply.

With low flight demand and low fuel prices the savings in flying a MAX over an NG are not massive at the minute but it wont be like that forever.

Norwegian have brought an additional 12 aircraft out of storage (and 200 furloughed pilots) making an active fleet of 20 and start flights to LGW & EDI again on the 1st of July, a further ramp up is planned for September, long haul from LGW will follow but not until the US CV19 situation improves.

I think the idea that 'people wont fly on a MAX' is overblown, it was safe before the problem, the problem appears to have been fixed, they have 18 parked up in Europe, my understanding is that Boeing will re deliver these aircraft as 'new'

The new majority shareholders have a vested interest in getting Norwegian back in the air profitably asap.

Ryanair's plan to base 15 aircraft at LGW (and creating a squillion new jobs) will nudge them along.
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 21:14
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Getting pilots won't be an issue on their new "direct contracts", ( not via OSM ) despite the thoughts of many, one assumes they will use any refunds/settlements from Boeing to kick start the process, hopefully before the Spanish take them to the cleaners.
Quite how you re-launch in the UK after sh**ting on your own doorstep is another matter, lots of bad feelings at Gatwick about the events, on the other hand they say "time heals"
AERCAP just placed 2 787s with euroAtlantic and have demand for more.
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Old 30th Jun 2020, 22:21
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The million dollar question is; what bases will Norwegian ramp up in September? LGW or Spain?
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Old 1st Jul 2020, 08:13
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Problem is the entire infrastructure is disassembled , from the handling at LGW, through manual updates , everyone out of check etc......

I’d think if you wanted LGW - USA to start in December you’d better start getting stuff in place soon
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Old 1st Jul 2020, 08:22
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Have Norwegian maintained their AOC in the UK?

It’s my understand that even if your aircraft don’t fly a significant amount of work still has to be undertaken on a daily basis just to keep the CAA happy.
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Old 1st Jul 2020, 11:26
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I believe so, as some post holders have been working part time
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Old 1st Jul 2020, 12:13
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Norwegian flying circus

Originally Posted by uncle-traveling-matt View Post
I bet those max’es will end up being delivered. And so will the compensation. Not necessarily in that order.
Norwegian will not be around for long enough to take delivery of those planes anyway. They are continuing their old unsustainable business model. All talk about a new Norwegian focusing onNorway and earning money selling tickets, was just that , talk with no substance. It will be only a few months until the money has run out, again, and they will be looking for the next idiot to throw a fortune into this bottomless hole.
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