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EK job losses

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EK job losses

More bad news
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Unfortunately more to follow!
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Emirates are the 4th largest airline in the world in terms of scheduled passenger km flown and 5th largest in number of countries served, surprisingly though they are quite down the list in terms of fleet size, revenue and total passenger numbers.

This makes them especially vulnerable as they rely on moving passengers long distances between different countries. Whilst almost all airlines have been severely affected by COVID - 19, those with a more diverse business base or more regionally focused in a less affected part of the world will be better off.

Airlines with a strong domestic network will recover quicker as travel will likely be limited to within the country as restriction are lifted and local holiday destinations replace international ones. European focused airlines may soon have most of their network back as travel bubbles expand.

Unfortunately, large portions of EKs network such as India, South America and Africa will still be off limits for some time to come and travel bubbles will prohibit mixing passengers from all over the world. Europe to the Far East may have to be non stop, and Europe to Australia may have the intermediate stop restricted to fuel, crew change and cargo only.

The premium cabins will be largely empty due to cutbacks, however the price differential may be less as economy fares increase and business/first class gets heavily discounted.
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Originally Posted by krismiler View Post
The premium cabins will be largely empty due to cutbacks, however the price differential may be less as economy fares increase and business/first class gets heavily discounted.
Why would you discount cabins where social distancing can be easily done, instead of marketing them to the CoVid19 worried potential customer.
They who cut back will avoid flying but there will be a market that is less price sensitive of they who have to fly.
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That market will be quite small for a while to come. Rather than waste the space, discount the fare and encourage people to trade up or offer an attractive redemption rate to get pax to burn up the FF miles. Possibly even offer the high status regulars a guaranteed free one class upgrade when purchasing their tickets or an automatic upgrade subject to space, once onboard. They seem to be in demand at the moment with a few status matching deals on offer for those prepared to change horses.

It will be sometime before the premium cabins become a cash cow again, the financial fallout will greatly reduce the number of people who turn left or climb stairs when they board the aircraft.

The EK business model of flying in people from the four corners of the world, mixing them in a central location and then sending them out in waves all across the globe is exactly what governments want to avoid at the moment. The idea of passenger X from Brazil, sneezing on passengers Y and Z in the duty free shop in Dubai, who then fly on to London and Sydney respectively would give the health authorities nightmares.
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On the other hand are those government sponsored airlines well suited to sit out the crisis and wait for better times. And fly at a loss in the meantime is neither a problem. Worse with those airlines that are based in countries that try to throw a shine of we are not supporting our airlines just lending them some money on commercial terms.
Besides the distances across the world do not shrink just because of CoVid19. You still have to stop off somewhere between sample Australia and Europe. And they who seem themselves so important they have to be seen often in person are just the ones with the money to pay extra for both luxury and safety including from bugs. And travel for business seems to open up before hollidays, at least for avoiding quarantines in some countries.

If on the other hand direct extremely long passenger flights where to be the solution in the short term Emirates have just the plane that could perform them and you still could travel in comfort. If deals could be made with foreign governments.
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No sign of discounting, quite the opposite.

In the last couple of weeks I have been checking Emirates fares from Glasgow to Bangkok for this October.

Economy return up from around 500 to 870, Business now 2911, was 2150

These are not seasonal/holiday variations, this route usually has very marginal variance.
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With the reduced networks available at the moment there are some ridiculous fares and routings coming up. Some intra Asian, 2 hour milk runs are showing as connecting flights with a 12 hour journey time via an airport in the opposite direction with a fare which would have got you a return ticket to Europe a few months ago.

Once the restrictions are lowered to the new normal and flights can mostly resume, I would expect to see large fluctuations initially as the airlines try to gauge the market and charge accordingly. After about 3-6 months things should have settled down enough to get an idea of what to expect for the next few years. The pent up demand will have subsided, those who needed to get home or back to work will have done it and a realistic picture should appear.

Some routes may become unprofitable, others may have reduced competition and support higher fares. There will be a period of austerity for a while and that doesn’t favour premium travel, so 5* hotels will be down as well.

Eventually things will return to last years level, but most airline CEOs are talking a 2-4 year timeframe.
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Originally Posted by IBE8720 View Post
If passenger levels aren't back to normal (2019 levels) by the start of the European Summer 2021, I will post a retraction under my real name.
So if in a years time it turns out you were indeed wrong, you have to make a post on a message board saying whoopsie I appear to have been a trifle optimistic about the speed of the recovery. Of course if the airlines get this wrong and keep hold of all their staff, and in a years time we are lucky if its back to 50% of last year. They will just increase the size of the massive loss they are expected to make. I think you get the slightly better deal !
I will be looking for your post at the end of summer 2021.
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EK Meeting with Fleet Management 09 June 2020

Today, 08 June 2020, hundreds of Emirates pilots (supposedly around 600) received an email stating that they have to join a meeting with the Fleet Management on 09 June 2020 at 1400. Must be about some bad news. We should be hearing soon. Good luck fellas!

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A few weeks ago I wrote rumors that Emirates Airline would start laying off employees and I was considering grounding much of the A380’s fleet permanently. Although we do not yet know about the future of the A380 fleet, Emirates is today informing a significant number of flight attendants and pilots who are about to end.


A couple of weeks ago Emirates fired newly hired flight attendants and pilots who had recently completed training or were still trained. Today the airline took job cuts to the next level, including the layoff of many employees who had been with the company for a long time.

Based on my sources, e-mails were sent to many flight attendants and pilots late at night, informing them that they had to attend mandatory meetings today at Emirates training college.

It appears that the airline has essentially engaged in group layoffs. When people arrived at training college, their names were removed from a list and assigned a room. Once the room was filled, there was a quick meeting informing everyone that they were going to be closed:
  • There was no mention of the possibility of being summarized in the future
  • The managers responsible for the fires said they had no detailed insights into the reason and that they were the messengers only
  • I understand that the layoffs were largely aimed at those who had previously received warnings, those who suffered from serious illnesses and those who had previously failed training
At the conclusion of these meetings, employees received letters describing what the closure process will look like:
  • There is a 90 day notice period
  • There is no right of appeal against the dismissal decision
  • Since the company issues work visas to the UAE, there is a 29-day “grace period” beyond the 90-day notice period and, at that point, people must leave the country
  • For situations where employees cannot leave the country due to the closure of borders, these visas can be extended
  • Those who are to remain in the country will continue to receive housing and receive 25% of their basic salary
  • At the time of separation with the company, employees will receive any pending renumbering, the value of unused annual leave and an end-of-service benefit
Emirates advances with further layoffs of the cabin and pilot crew


This week’s news for Emirates employees goes beyond closed news. Many company employees who are still in employment receive a 50% reduction in their base salary between July 1 and September 30, 2020.

Over the past two months, the company has reduced wages for many frontline employees by 25%, but now that amount is increasing.

For flight attendants, the reduction in real wages is greater than 50%:
  • The basic salary is reduced by 50%, but flight attendants are also normally paid for flight hours
  • With most flight attendants flying very little (if at all), they also lose their flight wages
  • This means that for many flight attendants the pay cut is 60% longer
Emirates is also cutting wages for many employees by 50%


My thoughts are with all those of Emirates today who are losing their jobs. It is especially difficult when you get fired after moving somewhere for a job, with no chance of staying. Many people have built lives in Dubai, now they are forced to leave them behind.

In the end we don’t know how many people Emirates fired and we may not know for a while. Also, the odds are that we will see more layoffs in the coming weeks, as it would appear that they are making layoffs in stages.

First they fired those still in training, then they fired those who had performance problems and who knows which group would be next …
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Pilots given 5 minutes meetings with managers.
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Reported 400 from A380, 200 from B777 with a further 300 to come according to this:
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That article is behind a paywall for me. A further 300 pilot sackings? Or the 300 in training and on probation already let go with seven days notice?
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Further 600 on top of the ones last week, plus 000's of crew. Possibly more to come.
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From behind the Telegraph paywall if anyone is having difficulty.

Emirates is making thousands of staff redundant as the world's biggest longhaul airline contends with the decimation of international air travel.

Pilots and cabin crew are being taken in to meeting rooms in groups and told that they have been made redundant, according to company insiders.

As many as 600 pilots and nearly 7,000 cabin crew could have lost their jobs by the end of Tuesday, sources told The Telegraph.

The state-owned airline has been grounded since March after the pandemic forced countries to close their borders and halt air travel.

Dubai, where Emirates is headquartered, has built a reputation as an international hub for transit passengers travelling between Asia, Europe and Africa.

Staff were told on Monday night that they must attend meetings on Tuesday.

Queues formed around the airline's training building as pilots and crew were informed, people present said. About 400 pilots being let go are from the airline's Airbus A380 fleet, while a further 200 Boeing 777 pilots are being cut, it is understood. A further 300 pilots will be cut, one source added.

It was not clear if any could be rehired when demand for air travel recovers.

An Emirates spokesperson said: “Given the significant impact that the pandemic has had on our business, we simply cannot sustain excess resources and have to right-size our workforce in line with our reduced operations.

"After reviewing all scenarios and options, we deeply regret that we have to let some of our people go. This was a very difficult decision and not one that we took lightly."

A termination letter seen by Bloomberg stated that the worker would be paid their basic salary and fixed allowances until September 13.

Airlines have suffered a near-60pc reduction in capacity, hammering revenues and forcing companies to employ strict cost-cutting measures.

In late April British Airways said it would cut up to 12,000 jobs after plunging to its biggest quarterly loss.
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EK issue is that post Covid-19 recovery is expected to start with domestic flights then gradually extend to international services. This is in line with what we see happening in China. This means operators in countries with a significant domestic market are in a much better situation compared to those without a real domestic market, including the UAE!

This is why the EU is aggressively pursuing an harmonisation and standardisation strategy (EASA/ECDC guidelines, for nstance), to ensure European operators have access to a sizable EU domestic market. Individual countries, even the largest, are simply not large enough.

This also means that UK operators, with Brexit and the 14-days mandatory quarantine, are in a very difficult situation. You just get what you vote for, guys...
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I'd just like to say how much I sympathise with those affected.

Some of the best people I've flown with have worked for EK, and I know some excellent individuals affected by this terrible situation.

Clear skies and tailwinds to you all.
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anyone with ties to Emirates able to confirm if such a sad story is true? Emirates twitter account saying the rumours are untrue to those tweeting about it
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