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Virgin Atlantic

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I respectfully disagree, I take no pleasure out of any of this but keeping it private is helping nobody but Virign management.
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of course you are trying to find some kind of pleasure from hoping other airlines suffer, standard jet2 ism.
Why can’t you lot just accept this is affecting all companies and quit the one upmanship.
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Absolutely ridiculous comment, sounds like you must get the same disastrous PR training as your hero Branson. Best of luck to all pilots in these times. ✌️
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This week many Virgin staff find out if they are at risk or being made redundant.

Not a good week and best of luck to all of those affected.
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Unhappy tidings delivered today to a great many good people at Virgin Atlantic, particularly on the 747 fleet.

42 senior people took voluntary severance recently, and their actions will undoubtedly have saved an equivalent number of jobs for those further down the seniority list. It's disappointing to see that more than a few, many with very little time left to run, cannot find a similarly altruistic trait within themselves. Despite the significant benefits enjoyed over a great many years and pension pots long since hitting the lifetime maximum allowance - so a modest sacrifice, in the wider scheme - their decision to remain today has left others with far greater dependence on their income without a job or livelihood tomorrow.

My abiding memory from a management role in another airline at the height of the 2008/9 downturn was of a small pilot cadre coming in to see me one day with a clear message. Hugely experienced and excellent operators all, they said that if redundancies were to become necessary in the airline, I should simply say so and they would resign there and then. They said they had had their time; reaped the benefits of a long career in aviation and were still flying because they enjoyed it; but would never ever stay if it meant putting colleagues out of a job, denting their careers and leaving them unable to support their families. I did not have to take up their offer, but their words have remained with me since. I simply wish that those who are able to make that same sacrifice today (and, for many reasons, it is not a universal ability based purely on age) could live up to that example. Many have, and for those who have been able to do so, it will be to their eternal credit.

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Old 12th Jun 2020, 06:58
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So sorry to hear of Job losses. Fingers crossed the good times arnt too far away..

Has there at least been a re-hire type agreement if things pick up quicker than expected?
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Flightrider has ASSUMED the senior pilots have got huge pension pots but after years of adding 10% to the 15% my pot was nowhere near the figures he quotes. ASSUMING they have reached the maximum...what pension does that buy in the current climate? You will be shocked. I have just had a statement from my drawdown pension provider to inform me my pot has dropped 35%. You might ASSUME I could sell the house and reduce my overheads but my family want to stay I am still working at 68 and enjoying it...retirement sucks.
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Old 12th Jun 2020, 08:51
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Taking vr if able

I read it differently in that those who did take the vr should be applauded. That shouldn’t necessarily be taken as a slur on all those that didn’t.

Flightrider suggested that only those that were able, to consider it, since as you’ve pointed out everyone’s circumstance is different regardless of age/rank. I agree with you it’s quite shocking how little an apparent healthy pension pot will actually provide.

More generally we are going through a strange time of wider baseless indignation and maybe a calmer approach would serve us all better..
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I applaud such people, but every case is different. At the end of the day everyone must do what needs to be done from their viewpoint. Every viewpoint is different. What can be done is a massive joint effort with maximum co-operation & commitment between management & staff designed to keep as many as possible in a job. Extremely difficult, I know. I could add the Government to that.

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Sad times


Learned to fly with many at Virgin and on the 747. Devastating times. Seen this situation before but in a separate organisation , it’s sad that those people close to the finish line don’t hand the baton over before the finishing line. Good luck to all at VS.
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Seems to me that those who worked many years etc and are now close to their needed finish line should carry on and reach it. Stopping short does nothing for them and likely not a heck of a lot for those wanting to fill their vacancies (I bet there are 10 times more waiting in line than there are pilots who can afford to step aside early).
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The fairly comprehensive proposal for redundancies mentions possible down grades, one assumes when/if things pick up they will be the first be to reinstated to their old ranks, i.e. SFO back to Captain etc etc . How does this work if a person ha just done an A350 course and was for instance previously on the 747 or 787?
Are there any plans to keep people in the "pool" current or just swimming until the climate changes?
By all accounts difficult times for both management and crew.
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Originally Posted by Kirks gusset View Post
By all accounts difficult times for both management and crew.
Difficult times for management? I just spat out my weetabix I laughed so hard. Itís every single Christmas, New Year, Easter, Birthday, Hanukkah and tooth fairy come at once for management in the aviation industry. Permanently trash Tís and Cís and make those remaining so grateful for a job that they wouldnít dare kick up a fuss for years to come.
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Yes, for sure management aren't shitting themselves about keeping the company in business, keeping their own jobs and keeping the shareholders and bankers on side. Cos it's all plain sailing running an aviation company at the moment.

No Christmas, birthday or tooth fairy, just fear like everyone else.
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Not staff and their future related.
Sad and exciting at the same to time to see G-VLIP leave Manchester for the last time this morning..hats off to the pilots on board for the "wing wave" on the climb out.
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Watched a YT video of it, really nice touch with the wing wave!
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On a separate note why is Virgin's fleet so diverse, I know the A380 order that never happened messed things up a bit, but surely having an either all Boeing 787 fleet or an all Airbus A350 fleet would have made more financial sense, than having a mix of 787, A350 & A330s all of which needs parts, training etc, and all of that is extra money.
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Have you heard of the Trent 1000?
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On the other hand if you'd had an all 737-Max fleet, in hindsight you'd have probably been thinking it would have been a good idea to have a mix! At least they're down to 3 types now rather than 5.
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True, but it's not like VA is a large airline, 3 types is quite a lot.
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