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Flybe up for sale

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Flybe up for sale

Old 14th Nov 2018, 13:32
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Originally Posted by DirtyProp View Post
If nobody shows up I guess they will fold and liquidate all assets. Someone might show up, given the right price.
Maybe ... But I don't believe it will happen soon (let s say not in the next 12/18 months). Flybe is currently not at the agony ... I ve bee' telling to myself for age, if they continue like this they will not survive, they need to merge with someone to act as feeder ...

I think it is better to try to do a sell now, then be at the edge of going bankrupt and try to sell it because no other choice ... Exemple with airberlin ...

We shall see...
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Old 14th Nov 2018, 15:23
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I wouldn't put the nail in the coffin just yet.

They have had 2 bad quarters but were profitable the 2 quarters before that, and they still have more assets than they do liabilities.

Share price is not a great indicator of the health of the airline. You need to look at the actual balance sheet and cash situation.

They do need to improve their profitability somehow. But their last annual report was significantly better than 2 years ago. They need a good quarter to settle things down.
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Old 14th Nov 2018, 15:50
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Originally Posted by PapaEchoNovember View Post
Whilst this is sad news for the UK regional airline market, I for one wouldn't be that sad to see the end of Flybe.
Their business tactics over recent years have quite frankly been disgusting, and the flight crew recruitment debacle with CTC in 2016/17 was an absolute shambles. Yes, I feel sorry for the flight crew currently there, but the way they've handled recruitment and messed around potential candidates over the last few years before the improvement in the market was a disgrace. The number of excellent guys I know, that were waiting to work for Flybe, at local Flybe bases, that were rejected from the recruitment process was shocking. (Q400 rated captains, Instructors, ATP, Kingair and ATR turboprop FO's with hundreds of hours that were rejected from the process, whilst CTC/L3 holdpool candidates breezed through) I can imagine has increased the instability and retention of their flight deck workforce considerably over the last 12 months. Reap what you sow comes to mind.
try working for them for six years, just having a bid for a command course on the jet to be told ďget looking mate, youíre out of a job in a bit, last in first out doesnít applyĒ. Of course the fact they scare they shit out of all 200 plus of us who left and took voluntary meant they could announce zero compulsories.

....but you know what? I do not feel any bitterness about it. In fact, if Flybe were secure, paid better and offered a lifestyle like I had before I left Iíd go back. But they donít and it isnít. Thatís water under the bridge. It was the saddest day of my professional career leaving my local flybe job. Iíve never enjoyed working anywhere else like I did there. I for one hope they thrive. NOT because of the management (who all merry go round anyway). They arenít the airline. Theyíre just stiffs in suits. Itís the people at the coal face. Hope they survive.
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Old 14th Nov 2018, 17:30
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Wireless echos what many of us say and reasons to not leave. I love going to work, doesn’t feel like work most of the time but mortgages have to be paid.
The fact the last few months guys/gals with 15 years experience and seniority at Flybe are now leaving, trainers leaving etc.

I know the markets buoyant but flying with said people they have never been more worried of there job. I have the luxury that my wife’s salary can cover the mortgage. It might mean no shopping at Marks and Sparks cut back on the champers for a while but many don’t have that luxury.

Stressful times indeed.
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Old 14th Nov 2018, 20:43
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On the bright side, it’s probably a good time to be looking for a job if there is such a thing
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Old 15th Nov 2018, 04:57
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I was seconded to them for a while, while flying the Barbie.
It wasn't for long, but it was long enough.
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Old 15th Nov 2018, 07:45
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Remember this?
Flybe to assist RyanAir takeover of a Aer Lingus
Ryanair is in the shit now too.

Aer Lingus is hugely profitablere and expanding. And recruiting, if you’re interested.

How the tables have turned.
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Old 15th Nov 2018, 10:00
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And Aer Lingus Chief Commercial Officer is guess what ?, Flybe's ex Chief Commercial Officee Mike Rutter who was dismissed by Saad......
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Old 16th Nov 2018, 11:44
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Sad to see another British Airline in trouble but looking at who's running it, it's not difficult to see why.
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Old 16th Nov 2018, 15:30
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You could say that but a lot of the routes are marginal.

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Old 16th Nov 2018, 15:42
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Interesting that NCL is the top base on fare and profitability ……..yet they closed the base here.
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Old 16th Nov 2018, 16:01
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Originally Posted by ROW_BOT View Post
Ryanair is in the shit now too.
Don't kid yourself.
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Old 16th Nov 2018, 17:02
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Originally Posted by ROW_BOT View Post

Ryanair is in the shit now too.
How is 1.1billion "in the shit"? The problems Ryanair have are laughable, they issue profit warnings and still hit 1.1 to 1.2 billion profit after tax, looks to me like they are in a very strong position as usual (which at the same time is unfortunate to say)

Pity for the Flybe guys & girls, there does seem to be plenty of jobs out there at the minute however.
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Old 16th Nov 2018, 17:38
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Share price at close of play today 8.9 pence. Ouch!

Last edited by compton3bravo; 16th Nov 2018 at 17:40. Reason: Spelling
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Old 16th Nov 2018, 22:19
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Even if the share price was to delist it could operate privately or on the AIM......the only issue with Flybe is now cash flow and in the current situation this is where all credit will be gone and they need cash flow injection to restore confidence.....

COW is clueless not realising that this issue of paying upfront in cash for credit was a potential risk........
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Old 17th Nov 2018, 07:56
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Ryanair might be having a PR issue but its a mighty cash rich company and its expanding at the size of a medium size airline every year.

Cash is king.

Aer Lingus "hugely profitable"?! Almost spat my tea out.....
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Old 17th Nov 2018, 10:59
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Just spent a merry 30 minutes, or more, booking with Flybe.
I'm not surprised they are struggling.
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Old 17th Nov 2018, 20:45
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Well what comes around - goes around.....
I think they lost the plot when they got rid of Said Hamaad....
Anyway - i once had the pleasure of meeting one of the senior managers in a down town bar in Brussels, what a ****...
I am still not sure who we was, he spoke as if he was the chief pilot, spoke in tongues with regard to aviation, especially more the future of aviation, which lead me to understand he was a nobody on a junket...
Bald headed idiot with no or little aviation understanding....
If that's the calibre of the senior management there then no wonder why they are up for sale.
I am sure that the founders of JEA would be turning.........
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Old 18th Nov 2018, 09:03
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Flybeís current state all stems from fleet decisions made about eight years ago. There is no more relevant reason that BE should not be generating a tidy little profit every year as a smaller, but correctly proportioned regional airline.

Has anyone looked into the background to how those fleet decisions were made? I would have thought that, for shareholder peace of mind, a thorough review of the criteria, process, decision and any other peripheral but pertinent factors regarding the purchase would be a good thing.

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Old 18th Nov 2018, 09:45
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I Have Control
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They should be safe, as Flybe is a profitable business, just indebted, so paying interest charges. The banks love such clients.

Of course, a lot does depend upon the leasing arrangements. Dash 8"s might not be easy to return.
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