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Turkish A320 accident Istanbul

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Turkish A320 accident Istanbul

Old 25th Apr 2015, 10:23
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Turkish A320 accident Istanbul



Engine fire, gear collapse, runway excursion & evac.

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Old 25th Apr 2015, 10:50
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That second video seems to show a collapse of the right main gear on touchdown, allowing the right engine pod to scrape the runway. There is no sign of fire until the engine scrapes the runway.
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 10:53
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the first landing must of been a hard landing which eventually penetrated the right wing, and they went around, declared mayday stating they had an engine inoperative, no gear and flap retraction available.

voice recorded here on link
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 11:03
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Unless I'm seeing things, there is a lot more to it than collapse on landing. In the second video it looks like there is significant damage at the inboard section of the right wing prior to landing.... can also be seen in the close up toward the end of the landing 'roll'.

Check at the 14 second mark and compare to before touchdown?

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Old 25th Apr 2015, 11:07
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Touchdown doesn't seem to be that rough ..... or ?
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 11:10
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Yeah agreed SLF - certainly looks (admittedly from a very grainy hard to see video) like a fair amount of damage to the inboard section of right wing and possibly body before landing. Looks almost like a section of wing upper surface is bent upwards. Again, difficult to see, but it looks like the gear strut comes up through the wing after a fairly smooth touchdown. Uncontained engine failure?
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 11:15
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Some easier to see in pics on Twitter

Post touchdown here

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Old 25th Apr 2015, 11:31
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I saw the incident after he was Airborne. Mixed reports but looked like he'd just taken off. He then came around for an approach, then aborted at about 500 feet and came around for a different runway. The fire was burning for a long time before it was extinguished.
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 11:36
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I'm not certain but the apparent 'damage' to the wing root could be the winglet you are seeing ...

Edited : Apologies, that is not a winglet - that aircraft doesn't have them!

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Old 25th Apr 2015, 11:44
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I did wonder about that, but between the 3 and 6 second mark the viewing angle is looking from the forward-right. You can see the artifact above the wing root, 'between' the right engine and the right gear (as it appears from that angle).

At that viewing angle you can clearly see the wing, wingtip and winglets and it's not those, they appear further aft.

The winglet moves across the area of the damage at about the 10 to 11 second mark.
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 12:26
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Major damage on right wing inboard trailing edge. Uncontained engine failure?
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 12:51
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pic of damage:

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Old 25th Apr 2015, 13:06
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Good video here taken from further down the strip.

And good to see that the front slide deployed 15 seconds after AC came to a standstill, with the left rear soon after. But other still pics show deployment of overwing slide on the damaged side. Why would CC allow that after being airborne spectators to a burning engine for apparently several minutes prior? Passenger panic once stationary perhaps?
Anyway, definitely not the sort of publicity THY needed on ANZAC Day (or any day).
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 13:25
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Another photo of the damage

Photo: TC-JPE (CN: 2941) Turkish Airlines Airbus A320-232 by Ömür Sadikoglu Photoid: 8012938 - JetPhotos.Net
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 13:48
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Looks like they hit the deck pretty hard (then bounced?) on the Starboard side, the right wing appears to have been slammed on the runway, nearly pulling of the winglet.
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 13:49
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Accident: THY A320 at Istanbul on Apr 25th 2015, hard landing, go-around, engine problem, gear problem, gear collapse, runway excursion

They lost control on first approach causing right gear, engine and wing damage when they went into steep right bank and impacted the runway then went around.
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 14:00
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Some more photos here, including in flight.

Istanbul, atterraggio d'emergenza di un aereo Turkish Airlines partito da Milano - Repubblica.it
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 15:15
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The photo seems to show that the gear has been lowered by gravity since the gear doors are all open..........
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Old 25th Apr 2015, 15:18
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Testament to the durability of A320's, altho I have a feeling that Turkish will 'leave' Star Alliance soon..
Someone should write up all the facts in actual chronological order - because this is becoming a mess of miss information now.
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