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CSA emergency landing Prague

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CSA emergency landing Prague

Old 15th Feb 2012, 16:12
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CSA emergency landing Prague

CSA ( OK770) Warsaw - Prague ATR42 made emergency landing this afternoon (Feb 15th) in Prague.
Sadly, the Captain died in flight.
Weather was poor today, snow, medium braking action.
Well done to the first officer in very difficult conditions / circumstances
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Old 15th Feb 2012, 17:24
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Regardless of the underlying cause, like myocardial infarction or pulmonary embolism, it must have been a cardiac arrest there. That would have required the instant CPR, technically impossible to perform in the cockpit of a small plane and certainly not by the FO. Only the immediately started CPR could have saved the Captain's life. As it happened on approach to the airport, letting him rest in sitting position with no active CPR didn't give any chances to survive even if just few minutes were required to get the paramedics aboard. That's, of course, from the medical point of view, easier said than done. Anyway, the only chance when cardiac arrest happens, is to get the Captain out of the cockpit, put him on the cabin's floor and start CPR/chest compressions by anybody capable of doing so. Then defibrillate, where the device is available.

Indeed, the cardiac arrest in the cockpit on approach is a true nightmare, happening in the worst possible moment.
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Old 15th Feb 2012, 18:32
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I was waiting for startup at LKPR today when the ATR came in for landing. The weather conditions were improving significantly in his final approach. A few minutes earlier the conditions were really bad, I'd say temporarily CATII minima.
I thought it was strange that the tower informed that the breaking action was poor. I guess he is obliged to give this information. For me that would have been an increase of the already ultimate high work load.

After the landing the pilot vacated the runway and taxied to the stand, accompanied by the ambulances and firetrucks. It could have been that the other pilot has already been presumed dead, at least so it seemed to me.

Well done by the copilot, in such WX conditions. Very sad for the captain's family.
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Old 15th Feb 2012, 19:48
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Mayday @ 17:00mins http://archive-server.liveatc.net/lk...2012-1030Z.mp3
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Old 15th Feb 2012, 20:19
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Very good job by the FO hats off to him, ATC did everything that could be expected of him, again good job.

Sad to hear evidenced once again the poor level of English in use by the Air France pilots, hard to understand a word he is saying.
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Old 16th Feb 2012, 06:31
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Take a moment

My sincere condulences to the Family of the suddenly passing away Colleague. It is a tragedy for everyone to suffer such a unexpected loss.

Just take a second and imagine what would happen to your life if you get notified of the fact that the Person who left home for work does never return. How much would you give for one more moment to wish at least a final farewell and say good bye. Such fate should make us more aware to appreciate our loved ones even more and dont take everything for granted.

Congratulation to the F/O and ATC, both handled the situation well mannered and calm as possible. A cold shower runns down my back if I think that would have happen in another part of the World. Somewhere in the "Eastern Hemisphere"
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Old 16th Feb 2012, 07:18
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Question: How can you taxi an ATR from the RH seat?
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Old 16th Feb 2012, 08:22
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@Dani: Differential power and breaks? it's probably not the smoothest way and not as precise but I'm sure it got him to the stands.

I only saw the aircraft at the stand when we taxied to the holding point, he could have been towed there to, I don't know.
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Old 16th Feb 2012, 09:17
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CPR doesn't cure every heart attack. If someone has too much cholesterol blocking their arteries, which a "stress test" won't pick up, and maybe a blood clot goes in to make matters worse, things can get bad fast.

Oxygen might help, but if the blood can't circulate...

Has to be traumatic for all involved.

Congrats to the F/O and ATC for the safe landing.
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Old 16th Feb 2012, 14:04
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I did not get near Praha until quite late in my flying career (it was a target until the Wall came down). When I did, I was immediately impressed by ATC there. They were quite excellent at keeping all of us constantly up to date with the RVRs and the runway conditions when the weather was not good and everything was done in a calm and informative manner.

It is good to know that they still have that high standard.

The F/O did a great job and I would have been very proud of him if he had been one of my pupils.

Well done to both of you.

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Old 17th Feb 2012, 20:33
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CPR results

Sadly, the vast majority of cardiac arrests even when CPR is given immediately end fatally. About 5-10% survive. I can't imagine what the cockpit was like for that poor FO. Kudos to FO who sounded so calm in horrible circumstances. Hopefully someone will recognize him officially for his great work.
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Old 18th Feb 2012, 06:19
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You condescending old git!
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Old 18th Feb 2012, 20:20
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ATR 42/72 Taxi without nose wheel steering iAw MEL :

51-1 Nose wheel steering

* (O) May be inoperative provided:
1. Centering function is not affected, and
2. All brakes are operative, and
3. maximum crosswind component is
limited to 15 kts, and
4. The aircraft is not operated on narrow
runways (width < 30 m (98 ft))

Maximum demonstrated crosswind component for take off and landing is 15 kt.
Apply asymmetrical thrust and differential braking for taxi and line up as
Avoid sharp turns while using brakes.
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Old 20th Feb 2012, 01:51
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Superb job by both ATC and the F/O, in not the best circumstances.
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Old 20th Feb 2012, 09:35
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Cool Uncertainty

I'm sure that the rumours that CSA is to follow Malev’s fate were a contributing factor. Apparently CSA's employees have been advised to expect developments by the end of the month!
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Old 20th Feb 2012, 10:00
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The FO did well, it is extremely traumatic to be in a situation where you are unable to help especially when it involves someone's life.
Now, some corrections to erroneous ideas:
1 A heart attack, ie Myocardial Infarction, does NOT inevitably lead to CARDIAC ARREST. They are not one and the same thing.
2 Successful resuscitation rates where the patient goes home from hospital vary widely and depend on circumstances.
The rates in the USA vary from an atrocious 3% to 16%. London Ambulance Service which has terrible traffic to deal with en route to a hospital, has a success rate of 15.2%.
Posted to help allay some of the fears surrounding the various, irresponsible myths which persist today.
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Old 21st Feb 2012, 20:31
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I'm sure that the rumours that CSA is to follow Malev’s fate were a contributing factor. Apparently CSA's employees have been advised to expect developments by the end of the month!
Oh really? Haven't heard anything yet.
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Old 22nd Feb 2012, 11:21
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Praise where praise is due. What's your problem, AltFlaps?
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Old 22nd Feb 2012, 11:56
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Praise where praise is due.
If everyone tried to find something to praise whenever there has been a need to criticise, then the world would be a happier, more contented place. Always try to praise at least as much as you criticise and preferably more.
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Old 23rd Feb 2012, 13:56
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Defibrillators aren't always the answer. They won't defibrillate in all circumstances, there has to be certain symptoms present.

It would also depend on when the medical issue started. Trying to get someone out of a cockpit seat on approach would not be easy to do without posing a risk to the other pilot. I've had to do it in cruise and it was hard enough...
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