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Lufthansa Questions

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

Lufthansa Questions

Old 6th Apr 2001, 22:41
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Post Lufthansa Questions

I would like to hear from some LH crewmembers how things are going with their labor negotiations on pay increases.
Also, I would enjoy know what type of schedules, where your crew bases are locatede, where crews do their training and other general information you'd like to supply.
This is just for curiosity and to compare apples to apples (ours at American Airlines to yours at LH).

Thanks in advance for any information

American Airlines
Old 7th Apr 2001, 00:42
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labor talks:

Union ballots will be counted on May 3rd concerning "unlimited" strike yes/no.
70% "yes" are required by law - Iīm pretty sure theyīll get it.
Another "warning Strike" (up to 3 hrs) possible till then.


Gross about the same as in AA except itīs in DM instead of $...
(most of our guys come from the ab-initio program and are between 21 and 32 when they start)

Base pay for 73hrs block time.
vacation counts 2,34hrs.
sim counts 1:1
dead-head 50%

overtme pay is 115% up to 150% of 1/73 of your individual base pay

42 days paid vacation

forget the pension...


min. 10 days off pm, 34 per quarter
4 fixed off-days pm can be requested (donīt have to be granted)
one trip pm can be requested according to seniority or/and (certain dest. w/ <1day off) last time you got it (last one to have had it is last in line)

Monthly patterns are rather complicated to describe, but you can bet you have more time in between.
Especially short-haul are flying their butts off.
6 320s taken out of production due to fatigue syndroms of the CPs on the fleet

Long-haul: with standard crew (1CP, 1FO) up to ca. 10hrs flttime

enough details.

Most people that came here since 1990 are pissed-off (about 50%), the rest is grumbling.

Just last year the pilotīs union became able to negotiate contracts without being a part of another big German union.

Management is frightend and confused, because we all realize itīs us (our union VC) or them (the beancounters).

If VC canīt get good results now, theyīll be dead for at least ten years. - thatīs what all this is about.

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Old 7th Apr 2001, 06:49
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Notso Fantastic
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We in BA are taking great interest in what is going on in LH now. Keep at it, and post all developments here! Good luck.
Old 9th Apr 2001, 11:59
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Dear colleages!

Now we have to wait until May 3rd until we have the results for "unlimited" strike.

Until then our union has warned management, that they may expect spontanious warning strikes (strikes limited to 2-3 hours).

Until then..
Greetings from Germany
Old 9th Apr 2001, 21:13
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Received an interesting piece of info this morning that a German financial paper is investigating pilot salaries from aroung the world to see if VC are doing a good job for the Germans. Pprune is being used as a major source of info (mainly Cream Cracker's thread on Terms and Endearment).

The Lufties have a vested interest in making sure the German public sympathise with them on this one, and if they succeed it would set a precedent for other European airlines. My source tells me the only certain thing in his research so far is that if you are a western european pilot, whichever country you fly from, you probably earn half the amount of an American pilot of a similar level of experience and qualification.
Old 10th Apr 2001, 11:24
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Ignition Override
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Thumbs up

OK, but how about Arbeitslosversicherung (unemployment insurance)? We in the US have nothing. If our company lays us off or goes under and is liquidated, we are just another labor force looking to deliver flowers to your doorstep in a van or truck, literally. If we lose our job, a union (only those who belong to one) might vote to pay our health insurance premiums for a few months or a year, in order to extend the policy, but before long we have no health insurance at all-gar nichts, that is, if the wife has none, many don't work outside the Haus (K, K, Kuche usw).

In many ways, pilots with European airlines have advantages that we don't-but your very high taxes provide these "emergency parachutes". Fur uns gibt's in den meisten Fallen keine "Rettungsschirme".

Anyway, good luck on your contract!
Old 10th Apr 2001, 16:10
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Would a Lufthansa Long Haul Captain earn more than 117,000 Euros after 30 years service ? And would a copilot on Europe with 5 years service earn more than 45000 Euros?
Old 11th Apr 2001, 19:53
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There has been some comparison -benchmark-
copmaring LH salaries with some of the major european carriers.
This benchmark was agreed last year by the management and should be the base for this years negotiations....
It showed us quite a bit below the european carriers, in some places as much as 41%....
VC demands approximately 30%, including some variables depending on company profits.
LH offers at the moment 3.3% plus 1-2 months
salaries depending on success.
This average means as little as 1.5% for many,some could get around 7%.
And to top this, the contract should run for the next 4 years with only compensation for inflation in that time.
This offer seems inadequate to the most of us.
Tempers are rising and I expect more than 90%
to vote for strike.
Letīs see what happens afters May 3rd.

Old 11th Apr 2001, 21:03
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watching Die Heute Journal on ZDF the day before yesterday the announcer gave the results of VC benchmarking.
On a base 100 for LH

SAS 83
Air France 114
Swissair 124 ( read in Blick that a senior SW captain earns 400 000 SF )

BA....127 !!

The latter will come as stunning news to Nigels and I am relieved, although I knew it already that Air France are not the best pilots in the world !!! I just have to look at my pay check !
Old 11th Apr 2001, 21:10
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Now we can understand Swissair pilots accepting a 5% pay cut.
Old 12th Apr 2001, 23:09
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Management did the mistakes, and the pilots have to pay???


Dear Swissair colleages, times are hard, but donīt forget to integrate a time limit in this cut! Learn from our mistakes!

Ein Lufthansa Kollege

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