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Riot in 747 at Gate A8 (Ramp 6 Jeddah)

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Riot in 747 at Gate A8 (Ramp 6 Jeddah)

Old 1st Apr 2001, 23:00
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FO Cokebottle
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Red face Riot in 747 at Gate A8 (Ramp 6 Jeddah)

Nigerian 747 called for security at Jeddah last night, just after requesting push back anad start, citing that there was a riot on board. Three requests were made for security to attend. Our aircraft just taxied off Ramp 6 when the Nigerian crew informed Jeddah ground that the passengers where disembarking the aircraft and running all over the ramp.
Looks like we were the last to get out as no other aircraft, from ramp 6, followed us (there were three others awaiting push back/start after we had our clearence).

Any news of the outcome to this colamity.
Old 2nd Apr 2001, 04:04
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Hajj? You didn't ban them from firing up their Bunsen Burners did you?

rgds Rat
Old 2nd Apr 2001, 06:56
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Red face

Reminds me of a situation in Cairo years ago when after all 450 passengers were boarded we found that L2 door assist pressure was zero. Time was spent trying for a replacement to no avail. Finally we had to abide by the MEL that required 72 seats around that door not to be occupied. When 72 volunteers were asked for a riot ensued and the passengers refused to move.
That was a long day.
Old 2nd Apr 2001, 09:31
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FO Cokebottle - I don't suppose you know if the 747 in question had a 'TF' registration?
If so, and I really think it would be (I did an Air Nigeria flight in a TF reg 747 recently to Kaduna & back to Jeddah) then it's the same company I work for.
Hope the crew is all okay!

I'll see what I can find out and post it later today.

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Old 2nd Apr 2001, 11:32
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Ya know, if I was asked to stay in Jeddah any longer than the absolute minimum I would start a riot too Hope the crew is ok as these things can get nasty.

MUTT you have any input ???

Old 2nd Apr 2001, 14:03
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Checked with the office, and yes, it was one of our planes.
The problem was that the pax weren't allowed to carry all their bags onto the plane - you, the usual 20 litres of zam-zam water, etc - so they were told it was being loaded downstairs.
All the pax got their seats well before the freight had being finished being loaded, so to help keep the cabin cool all the doors were shut.
Some of the pax saw their bags sitting outside, and decided that they weren't going to leave without them, so one got up and before anyone could stop him, went up to the door and opened it. A whole bunch of pax then started to follow him out the door, and away they went!
The end result was that the flight got cancelled, but fortunately no-one was hurt at all.
Old 2nd Apr 2001, 19:40
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I avoid that terminal and Hadj flights like the plague.... so we didnt hear anything.

Do you really cool down a Classic B747 by closing the doors? Where is the cool air coming from? Please dont shock me by saying that they have aircon trucks down on that ramp!

Old 3rd Apr 2001, 00:17
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Yep, it's not uncommon to close the doors as it stops the warm air from coming in.
The cold air in the cabin comes from the regular source that's used in flight, ie, the packs. There's three available, but you only ever use two on the ground because the APU can only make enough air to run two properly.
(They need 8 - 12psi to start running)
The air path into the cabin is -
- The APU inlet, near the tail
- Through the APU, then down the bottom of the fuselage to the belly where the packs sit.
- Pneumatic Air Conditioning Kits; PACKS, which cool the air down to about 3C, then it's mixed with uncooled air to control the output temp.
- All that is blown into the cabin through a large number of ducts.
- It all eventually goes out the two outflow valves in the tail. They open and close as need be to control the cabin air pressure. On the ground they default to full open.

FWIW, when parked in a place like Jeddah, often the last thing the crew does before leaving the plane is to shut all the window shades to help keep the sunlight out; it all helps.

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