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BBC Presenter Tells Ryanair Boss to Grow Up

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BBC Presenter Tells Ryanair Boss to Grow Up

Old 16th Jan 2002, 16:22
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OK so it's official Ryanair offers C*** service at Cheap Prices (well some are cheap)

It could be argued that if you've only paid 10 or 20 for your ticket you shouldn't expect any backup if the flight is cancelled etc, but given the way their yield management works you could have paid over 150 for the same flight - should you not expect some service then?

Maybe all passengers should take out a form of insurance when flying low cost, but then what premium would an insurance company charge if you fly with Ryanair, given the comments of M O'L?

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Old 16th Jan 2002, 16:28
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Definitely not enough time allowed for this item. At some stage MOL was responding(I think) to the criticism of the person "stranded" in France until the next Ryanair flight several days later. He said (rough figures) that of the 180 passengers, Ryanair put 120 on alternative flights. Waited in vain for the explanation as to why the other 60, including complainant, were left to their own devices.

Thought you might like this:

"ULTRA-SMOOTH host Nicky Campbell broadcast his Radio 5 show from Kidderminster yesterday(16/5). Earnestly debating election issues, he invited a contribution from the floor. "It's all very well talking about a sense of community," said a member of the audience, "but your flies are undone . . ."

...and this:

"He(Campbell) has been tried out on Newsnight and Panorama, but his background as a disc jockey has made him a target for rivals who question his credentials.

He denies that this hurts, but there is no doubt that he is profoundly ambitious and wants to be taken seriously as a current affairs presenter."


"Campbell, who was adopted by a map publisher and a psychiatric social worker and brought up in Edinburgh, is no push-over in the career game."

and who can forget that cultural masterpiece - "Wheel of Fortune"!
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Old 16th Jan 2002, 16:55
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I'm no fan of Watchdaog. I remember them sending a bunch of old(er) ladies to McDonalds to complain about the milk for their Tea not being in a Jug????

As for MOL. He is in danger of becoming to avaition what Gerald Ratner was to Jewellery.
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Old 16th Jan 2002, 17:29
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Campbell's problem is that he cannot be impartial in an interview as, in my opinion as a licence fee payer, he and every other BBC journalist ought to be. The BBC has become nothing but a mouth piece for the government and the left wing. It no longer reports the news...it gives its opinion, which is wrong.

Campbell frequently shouts over the people he is interviewing and loads both the questions and his language to suit his vantage point. I've virtually given up listening to Radio 5 because it seems to be populated by jerks like him.

Quite frankly, he'd be better off going back to the wheel of fortune...bit more his level.

ps I'm not trying to defend M O'L (I didn't watch the program - Watchdog sucks) cos I don't know enough about him or Ryanair to do so.
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Old 16th Jan 2002, 18:48
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Give MOL some credit for accepting an audience with the same guy who failed to kick "housewives favourite" Jimmy Young, into touch!

It would've been much more interesting if Jeremy Paxman had interrogated MOL. (I'm thinking of a Michael Parkinson/Rod Hull and emu experience).

Well done that man for spotting the similarities between Gerald Ratner and 'yer man MOL.
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Old 16th Jan 2002, 19:01
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That prat Campbell is indeed, a prat.

I have nothing against MOL, but I think that he is a liability now if they are to continue growing. He is resting on his laurels and as a user of RyanAir I hate that.

Will it stop me flying Ryanair!!? Prob not, for now, but if he continues?!

I wish the public could see that if they wanted a meal/hotel/aircraft on standby in case things go wrong they should pay the extra and go with a bigger carrier such as BA/BMI. Simple.

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Old 16th Jan 2002, 19:27
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Dallas Dude; in the spirit of cross-oceanic cooperation and understanding please add an appendix listing all side references with complete explanations, us yanks like jokes too! In said spirit, I will include a section diagraming all references to Elvis. Your public school friend, Partyreptile
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Old 16th Jan 2002, 19:55
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I think I'm gonna blow chunks, check this out....

<a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/watchdog/presenters/ncampbell/" target="_blank">http://www.bbc.co.uk/watchdog/presenters/ncampbell/</a>

There are only two people that really p*ss me off, Campbell and that alcoholic witch Robinson - I can feel my blood pressure rising just typing their names. <img src="mad.gif" border="0">
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