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Age 60 and FAA ATPL for Part 121 operation

FAA does not permit airline passenger operations for FAA ATPL holders beyonbd the age of 60 [ FAR Part.121.383 (c) ]. Many of them are flocking to India and flying Indian registered aircrafts. Will FAA consider this safe for operation into USA by the same pilots who cannot fly a 'N' registered aircraft?
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The short answer is yes, according to recent statements/data from the FAA.
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Let me rephrase that.
will they let them operate into USA with a FAA licence? Or a certificate based on FAA licence validation?
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The FAA certificate does not have an expiration date. Its the medical and PC that dictates the expiration. Over 60, got a type rating, and a class one medical flying for Air Cheap in the left seat. Now if where ever Air Cheap is certificated (India, Germany, East Jabieb) allows good old boys to fly, "cleared to land at ORD."
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Age 60 limit (FAA)

I am over 60 and fly occasionally to USA. No problem. Age 65 is now the ICAO limit. Our airline rule is that only one pilot can be over age 60 on that flight crew. Funny thing, I recently had to give a line check to a captain who was also over 60, but we could not fly together, so we just added a younger F/O, and I "supposedly" occupied the jump seat... only problem, is to store the wheel chairs for us captains over 60...
Used to be that the FAA had a limitation for 60 age pilots on foreign carriers (foreign carriers certified to fly in USA are certificated and subject to FAR 129), but they abandoned that rule a few years ago.
There is still a restrictions though... If a foreign airline leases an airplane under US registry ("N") and the pilots fly that airplane and are holder of a "FAR 61 issued" special purpose certificate for airplanes leased to a non-US citizen", they still have an age 60 limit. I understand that rule will be changed in the near future.

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I for one will start checking to be sure there's a 60+ guy (gal) up front.

Old Age and treachery beats youth and skill every time!
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FAA certificated aged 60+ "retired" airline pilots [with foreign validations or foreign licenses] employed by foreign air carriers are flying into USA every day.
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Thumbs up aged 60-FAA

Recently the Indian DGCA(India) has refused validation of FAA pilots aged 60 or more. They reason that since the FAA does not permit such operation(passenger) by pilots 60 of above they they will not.There is confusion about the status of pilots with FAA licenses 60 and above already validated and flying in India.Operators are waiting for an ORDER from the DGCA.
Till then life goes on.Any pilot with an FAA license who is 60 or above is advised to convert the FAA ATPL to a Canadian CAA ATPL as per the USA/Canadian Bilateral protocol. Just need to sit the AiR REG exam an shuffle the paper work. Try the links below

>The following Transport Canada - Personnel Licensing website link
>contains ( a link to the Advisory Circular and Staff Instructions) all
>of the requirements and processes concerning the conversion program:
>Near the bottom of the page is a link to Canadian Civil Aviation
>Medical Examiners, which will assist in locating Examiners overseas.
>There is also located a link to the
>Application/Verification form.
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