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Climate Camp at Heathrow

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

Climate Camp at Heathrow

Old 17th Aug 2007, 17:33
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Understand they have moved in to the Manor Royal area of Crawley (a lot of airline HQ's for those unaware) and there are also rumours of 200 protesters expected at Farnborough from midnight Sunday - midnight Monday.
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Old 17th Aug 2007, 22:23
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have been advised my my employer (LGW based airline) to keep alert for disruption - especially in 'crew areas' - this weekend. Sounds like these a*holes are planning to target crew and airport workers.
They are entitled to protest peacefully, but certainly not to assault people. I hope they get dealt with swiftly and severely.
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 08:07
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A disturbing report in the Telegraph this morning said protesters claimed to be able to disrupt ATC communications, which is a frightening departure from "peaceful protest".

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Old 18th Aug 2007, 08:32
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A disturbing report in the Telegraph this morning said protesters were intending to disrupt ATC communications, which is a frightening departure from "peaceful protest".
If they were so bloody stupid, then OFCOM could send Plod in, to knock them about with copies of the Wireless Telegraphy Act.
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 08:48
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I actually did think about that the other day, prompted by my getting some ATC freq disruption over the alps due to a rogue transmission.
If they do try that, or any other of the stuff they are threatening, such as attacking crews and groundstaff then I hope "Conspiracy to commit a terrosit act" or similar is thrown at these people and they go away for a long long long time. - what they are planning is a terrorist act, not a demo.
I just wish that the BBC et al would stop condoning their message. Every news item finishes with the (incorrect) statements about about how much damage aviation does to the environment. Its a discussion that probably should be had, but by tacking it on to all the news stories about these criminals, then it appears to condone their actions.
Out of interest, if say the tower frequency was disrupted: you're on final, cleared for the ILS, handed to tower, tower is disrupted and you can't get clearance to land. VMC, runway is clear (or you can see one departing, or one vacation) - what would you say was the safest option? Land anyway - vacate and get onto ground freq? or go back to 'director' or 'radar' and execute a standard missed approach? bother with Sqwawk 7600? or not?
I would suggest that I would probably continue to CAT1 minimum, keep trying to get the tower, get director on box 2 and ask what to do? I know that this is an unlikely scenario, but it pays to think this stuff through ahead of time.
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 09:14
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Incase of communication failure in VMC: remain VMC and land at the nearest suitable aerodrome, which is the one you are approaching...
Safest option and the ICAO rule unless your approach plate has a "comm. failure procedure"
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 09:46
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<<If they were so bloody stupid, then OFCOM could send Plod in>>

Extremely unlikely, in my experience... and with airband transceivers available off-the-shelf not far from Heathrow..............

Despegue - we all know the rules, but it's simply not that simple in a busy environment. I just hope to God that nothing untoward happens.
Old 18th Aug 2007, 15:06
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Big story in Toronto Star this morning about a group of Canadians protesting at Heathrow. I've sent a letter to the editor asking "how did they get there?" I don't expect it will be published in "Toronto Pravda" though.
Old 18th Aug 2007, 15:34
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These Canadian protesters got here like all of the others did from overseas-they walk on bloody water. I would have loved to been at the immigration when they were asked for the reason for their visit

Yes, I can confirm reports earlier that they were active protesting in Crawley and were seen at the offices of XL Airways where thankfully, Crawley's finest had a high profile presence.
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Old 19th Aug 2007, 06:53
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I have it on good authority that Saturday morning's court at Uxbridge (which handles Heathrow matters) had precisely one person appearing on a climate-camp related matter.
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Old 19th Aug 2007, 09:21
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Pilots to meet protesters

It is reported in many of the Saturdays / Sunday papers that pilots have asked to meet with the camp peoples. There has been so much hype read, seen and heard living as I do three miles from the camp, the worst thing about all this is the usual over reaction from the authorities in particular the MetPolice, and the amount of overtime ratched up particularly by their choppers, much good intelligence can be gained from 0200-0400 hrs daily as we all know.
What mandate do these pilots have and what company do they work for and what sanction will they bring to bare. Even the DFT have got in on the act with their goons at the airport waiting to assist in this crisis. When the time comes to need their help then aviation will have packed up. Finally it is as well the protesters are not from a religious or ethnic minority group, were they to be we would not have been permitted any comments.

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Old 19th Aug 2007, 09:32
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Ugh, suggest you rewrite the above as it makes no sense
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Old 19th Aug 2007, 12:01
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On the move !

The great protest has begun to move, police have closed Sipson Road. I suspect the easiest way to the Northside staff car parks will be from the M25 taking the Terminal 5 Spur Road.

Destination may be BAA's offices North of the Bath Road or anywhere else on the Northside, time will tell but anywhere is possible.

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Old 19th Aug 2007, 12:09
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Great to see the post is now being used as intended.

Heading to T1 later this pm so presumably there's a backup plan if Smelly & his mates decide to sit across the Spur Road tunnel.

Looks like I'll be better suggesting to my traveller that they get the tube out of the area and collect them there.
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Old 19th Aug 2007, 12:18
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T4 Option


Suggest to your pax to get on the underground, change at Hatton X and then appear at T4, underground is free to there and T4 will hopefully be unaffected by the protestors due to its geographical location.

Prevents having to drive through the tunnel which may have potential for disruption and also the additional car park charges if you get stuck in the Central Terminal Area.

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Old 19th Aug 2007, 12:40
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Now towards Harmondsworth !

The great unwashed are now making their way along Holloway Lane, West Drayton towards Harmondsworth Village. If they continue then they will meet the A4 Bath Road at the junction with Hatch Lane which may cause serious problems for traffic on the A4.

Time for a diversion me thinks..............

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Old 22nd Aug 2007, 00:41
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Finishing a days work on Wednesday last week, climbing into my car parked at the end of 27R, I hear this shouting coming from the road, I then realised it was aimed at me, a group of about 7 twentysomething layabout, scrounging, soapdodgers hurling abuse at me as I was dressed in uniform. All I could say was 'go and have a bath'!! If only I could have said something else a little more cutting!

Instead of protesting why don't these people put some effort into finding a solution. I drove past their ruddy camp too, I've never seen so much rubbish and plastic stroon around. The hypocrasy and plain ignorance of these numpties astounds me!!
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