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Thanks ATC

Old 20th Aug 2001, 05:28
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Thumbs up Thanks ATC

Coming home to LGW from PFO, medical emerg over Dusseldorf. Capt busy with medlink while I did ATC and flew the jet. ATC totally flexible, Rhine/Brussels/London all excellent. LGW diector sorted, with high speed straight in on 26, then ground cleared the way for an expeditious taxy in. On the stand the medics did their stuff too, and the lady was in the best hands ASAP. Well done to my cabin crew, to the pax who stayed patiently seated whilst the medics did their stuff, and to ATC who made it like a walk in the park.

Often it's the things that go wrong that get a mention, so here's one for the system working like a lubricated machine.. Well done!
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Old 20th Aug 2001, 11:07
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The Guvnor
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Thumbs up

It's really nice to see people take the time for a 'thumbs up' like this, Mowgli - all too often these things are taken as a right. It's a team effort, doing this flying game - and your posting has exemplified it.

Well done to all concerned!
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Now please don't think I'm having a go at anyone, but if it's a medical emergency, why carry on all the way to LGW, not go to the nearest suitable?

Last week a United declared a mayday over western Ireland, seriously ill passenger, and landed at Heathrow, having overflown 4 or 5 suitable airports which could have saved at least 20 minutes if not more.

It sometimes gets a little confusing for controllers why pilots do these things.
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Old 20th Aug 2001, 16:21
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Not Long Now - when we are dealing with medlink it is them who advise whether to divert and where to. Time is not the only factor taken into account - often a diversion (in the case that you suggest) would cause far more problems than just continuing to destination.

They are more aware of the urgency of the situation - not all medical emergencies require an immediate landing, but all of them do appreciate expeditious routing just in case.


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Well Mowgli, you should be relieved! Guvnor, who has an opinion on everything in the airline business, from pilot matters to everything else, approves, and my goodness me, hands you plaudits! Like passing a sim check with a #1! He is of course a supreme expert in all airline matters as he has lots of opinions to make (like 2 1/2 thousand). I suppose if he ever gets any of the aeroplanes he has not paid for, there will be a job in it somewhere (warning- you may have to look very hard!)
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Old 20th Aug 2001, 17:53
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Not long now - yes, a good point, but if I'd gone into all the details it would have been a long post. Also, note what time I wrote it; I was the wrong side of a few liquid sherberts by then!

For the record, we were between Frankfurt and Dusseldorf when we were first aware of a problem with a passenger. It takes a finite time to get the flow of info going with a doctor from medlink, who needs all the details possible for him to make a diagnosis and then suggest a course of action. I told ATC to standby for a possible diversion, and my choice of suitables changed as we progressed, and the FMC divert page was selected and ready for the press of a button.

The Capt was talking to medlink, and asked me about our divert options. By then, assuming no delays, Brussells would save 15mins as opposed to LGW. The doctor was informed of this and said that from the medical point of view the 15 mins was not worth a diversion.

From a practical point of view I knew that London and LGW would get us down straight and fast. I've never been to Brussells and although closer, we'd have struggled to get the height off in the straight line distance to the airport. As it was, ATC had pre arranged a straight course to Dover: I have my doubts whether or not a divert would have actually saved time. If the doc had said get the passenger to a suitably equipped airport immediately we would have done just that:clearance obtained, throttles to idle, speedbrakes out - the works, and diverted to Brussells, Dusseldorf or wherever was closest the moment we were told the medical opinion.

Not long now: hope that explains it.

Glad the Guvnor has done something to please his fan club.
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Old 20th Aug 2001, 18:19
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I hope the answers to your questions are already well made but just to add a little more, there can be such things as medical urgency as opposed to an emergency and in the former an expiditious routing to destination or alternate is usually adequate and of great help. But I must agree with you over the American Mayday call. If its a Mayday then I would expect to get the a/c on the ground toute suite!
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Thumbs down

Isn't notso fantastic's post notso
intestering and notso relevant so
why does'nt someone get rid of it ?
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From experience eh Sick Squid, Medlink are the Dogs Bo1locks.
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Thumbs up

Yeah, Suggs, got a very strong feeling of Deja Vu on this one, sounds like our little FCO-LGW episode almost to the letter.

Medlink are superb, though ACARS isn't necessarily the method-of-choice to receive any info due to the delay, albeit short. With the pax stable and responding to treatment definitely the best option was what we did, like Mowgli, and carry on from south of Paris, sticking to the plan, getting them where they want to be and arranging treatment at the other end.

Different circumstances would have had a different response of course. However, without Medlinks advice, I'd most likely have opted for the dirty dive into Paris.

Like Mowgli, I also voiced thanks to ATC on our behalf, but used the dog-and-bone to the watch managers at LATCC and LGW Tower once the paperwork was complete!

Heard you got through the LCT OK, I have my contacts........!

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Not so Fantastic

You are becoming a bore! Popping up here and pooping up ther. Give it rest mate, if you have to have pot shots to satisfy your grief or ego, I am not sure which one it is, go someplace else.

Here is a good thread and you have to come her with your usual "I must have a go" - and promptly spoil it.

If you have nothing useful to say on this subject, which is NOT deserving of ribaldry, don't say ANYTHING! There's a good chap.
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Mowgli - Congratulations on your handling of an "Inflight Medical Emergency" but, I have to say that you were quite lucky to receive prompt medical attention for the pax at LGW. After 2100 hrs there is no Medical Facility "Open" at LGW - No resident paramedics - apart from the Fire Crews - Any Emergency - slight or serious has to rely on the response of an Emergency Ambulance called to attend the airport.. Not exactly great for a busy international airport! - I wonder what would happen if a serious incident occurred after 2100 hrs??

Perhaps someone should investigate further why this state of affairs is allowed to continue?
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Out of Trim, thats why my second question after finding out if a 'PAN' had been declared was about us getting Gatwick to arrange an ambulance, or whether one had already been arranged. Mowgli answered that us checking one would be there couldn't halm, just to be sure.

Mowgli, thanks for the thanks, and well done to yourself and the Captain too for even though we are trained for these occurrances, vital input is needed to ascertain the correct handling. You had this ready and gave it clearly and concisely, something which doesn't always happen.

Finally, apologies to the guy at Maas trying to give the handover, only just sat down and trying to shift as much out of the way/off the frequency to help myself out. May have been confusing to start, but we got there

Edited cos i cant spel

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