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Adam Air lost contact

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

Adam Air lost contact

Old 2nd Jan 2007, 00:22
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Reuters now reporting sighting of the missing aircraft 'in the mountains of Sulawasi'.
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 00:45
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Looks as if weather might indeed have been a factor. Check out the satellite image that's been put up on http://www.openatc.com

Old 2nd Jan 2007, 00:52
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Sad news. According to SMH the wreckage was found, there are no survivors and there are bodies everywhere.

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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 00:56
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Latest from BBC website http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asi...ic/6223825.stm

A very sad start to the New Year RIP all onboard and condolences to all families
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 02:01
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Very sad indeed.

However according to Skynews there are some survivors.


Plane wreckage found

Search teams have found the wreckage of a Boeing 737 that went missing in wild weather over Indonesia.

An Indonesian official has told a local radio station at least 90 people have been killed, while the remaining 12 on board survived.

He said the plane was 'destroyed' and had crashed in a mountainous region in west Sulawesi province.

The plane was carrying 102 people, including 11 children, when it sent out two distress signals while flying from Surabaya on the island of Java to Manado on Sulawesi.

The Surabaya airport duty manager says there were no technical problems with the plane when it took off.

The area north of east Java is subject to violent storms, experiencing high winds since last weekend.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is trying to determine whether any Australians were onboard.
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 02:24
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Adam Air

Anyone... Name of the crew please. I cant get a hold of a friend of mine on any number nor email and he flies the -200's lately from Surabaya.
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 02:29
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JJFlyer -

I've PM'd you with that info.

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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 02:46
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List of Crew and Pax are published on their website: http://www.flyadamair.com/

A satellite image (01Jan07 0733UTC) can be found also here:

Very sad start indeed and my deepest condolences to all families

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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 04:07
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Twelve survive plane crash in Indonesia
By John Aglionby in Jakarta
Published: January 2 2007 04:23 | Last updated: January 2 2007 04:23
Rescue teams on Tuesday morning were struggling to evacuate the 12 survivors of a plane crash from the remote, rugged mountains on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

Authorities said the other 90 people on board the Adam Air flight which crashed in bad weather on Monday afternoon in Palewali district, West Sulawesi province, had died. Smouldering wreckage and corpses were strewn across “quite a wide area”, Ali Bahal, the district chief, told local radio.

“The latest reports from the crash site that we’ve received are that 12 people survived,” Capt. Hartono, an Adam Air official, told the Financial Times. “They’re in a bad condition and we’re trying to evacuate them as soon as possible. But the weather is too bad for helicopters to land so we’re probably going to have to take them out by land.”

Rescuers reached the crash site, some 250km north of Makassar, the main city in southern Sulawesi, at 6am on Tuesday. Access to the site was restricted to two-wheel vehicles and was out of mobile phone range. Capt. Hartono said it would take at least five hours to get the survivors to hospital...

...Capt Hartono said the plane’s black box had yet to be found and that it was too early to determine the precise cause of the crash...
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 06:11
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Angry Values

View from the Ground....what a feeble politically correct posting.

In the field of aviation, the highest safety values must be IMPOSED on all countries. International air travel covers almost all countries. We are not talking about motor scooters in Thailand. Or politics. THis is about professional standards, and their regulation.

Pprune.org is a professional pilot's forum. Not an open forum for folk with opinions but no expertise. Evacuate! Evacuate! Unfasten Your Seat Belt and Get Out!

Incidentally, IATA make much of their income from their well-respected safety audits and monitoring of most intenational carriers. They are an important and relevant body in the field of Air Safety. As indeed are ICAO.
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 06:22
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Passengerlist can be found here, http://www.flyadamair.com/info/admin/fullnews.php?id=1
It´s claimed that 3 of the passengers where US citizens, the rest seem to be
Indonesian? Crews name can also be found on the homepage.
May the unfortunate ones rest in peace.....
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 08:16
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Seems that 12 people survived the crash, inc.the pilot, which is not confirmed yet.
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 09:10
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Australian TV news reporting that there are 12 survivors. A small percentage of total pax but good news that at least some survived.
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 09:34
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Survivors? Wow, thats amazing.

I just hope that this isn't one of those cases where a passenger aircraft has continued to operate without important bits of kit - like serviceable weather radar. Weather around that part of the world can be sudden and vicious.

Reminds me of the time I was told to operate from Europe to Malaysia via Sri Lanka in a military transport jet. It didn't have an APU so I asked if it was possible to get a completely serviceable jet, even if it meant a delay. Alternative offererd had u/s weather radar. As it was monsoon season I opted for the original aircraft. The buffoons who allocate these things don't have a bloody clue ...........
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 09:57
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Mr B,

Lets wait for the facts.

Your attitude towards this sux.
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 10:22
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Not too much fuel?
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 10:28
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.. assuming the report of survivors is correct, one might hypothesize slow speed, minimal descent rate just prior to ground contact!
.. weather … engines .. ??
.. very sad start to 2007
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 10:44
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Times this morning has morphed the 737 into a 747-400. So much for the former "top people's paper".
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 10:52
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You missed the point I think! Yes, there is a lot of water to go under the bridge yet so it will be some time before we know, with any clarity, what happened.

How you surmise a problem with my attitude is interesting. All I said was what I hoped the accident WASN'T the result of. The rest is purely a personal illustration.

And it is 'sucks', by the way .......
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Old 2nd Jan 2007, 10:56
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SBS news tonight reported the aircraft had in fact not been found and previous reports were in error.
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