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Ryanair looks at Latvian licence as a way of cutting costs

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Ryanair looks at Latvian licence as a way of cutting costs

Old 21st Dec 2005, 16:57
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Just a thought...

If an airline has to cancel flights because of a Boeing delivery delay, it's fairly clearly "outside the airline's control" in terms of passenger compensation.

However, if it is cancelling because of a shortage of crews, surely that's equally clearly within the airline's control, and thus opens the airline to a higher level of claims from pax?

I believe that compensation is limited in any case if the airline gives >2 weeks notice, but it sounds as though at least some flights fall within this.

I'm not suggesting this is a reason for Ryanair's action - I would actually be quite happy if someone could reassure me that it's not relevant here!
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Old 21st Dec 2005, 18:06
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Post Hypocrisy on stilts.

Oh dear! Poor Tom McEnaney has done the unthinkable, hasn’t he? Not only has he displayed the intestinal fortitude of wading into our dysfunctional little snakepit here at Pprune wearing his own name as a handle, but before the electronic ink is even dry, the usual suspects surface from beyond the edge of darkness to attack his integrity and fly at the jugular of his honestly and 4th pillar professionalism. Sigh….it was ever thus. Hold fast and take heart, Mr. McEnaney. Your guts and honesty are admired in more quarters than merely my own, I can assure you.

That Maxalt has slithered out from under his rock to hurl his customary, if somewhat dull, invective in your direction was tiresomely predictable. He is, after all, the pin-up boy to the Politics of Failure of which I write from time to time. It is compelling to wonder at the dwarf behind the nom de plume, I grant you, and why individuals are motivated to write as they do, but too much pondering in this regard distracts from the facts, and since you are, by deed and substance, a purveyor of the truth, I won’t waste either of our times any further, beyond this brief reflection on the nature of the craven.

If you observe the postings over time of our little max and the slightly more urbane but no less vicious Minuteman, they follow a certain pattern, both in timing and intent. Entirely explicable when one considers the nature of IALPA’s ethically corrupt and morally bankrupt campaign to impugn and undermine Ryanair whenever they observe a target of opportunity. This is, after all, what the craven do. They beat their egos in time with their chests, then stand aside from the fray and let others do their fighting for them. Disappointed, or so it seems, with their skills at puppetry in the Dublin crewroom, our dynamic duo have fixed bayonets and scurried off in the direction of, at one time or another, our maintenance standards, our treatment of cadet pilots, and now leaping on the bandwagon of those wicked and nasty Latvian and Polish employees who are, if you swallow the bilge, undermining the Irish workers rights and way of life.

Consider, if you will, the change that Ireland has undergone since joining the €uropean Union. It has transformed our fortunes from a rim-Atlantic, irrelevant backwater, to a powerhouse on the European and world stage, thanks in no small measure to the vision of Cathal Ó hEochaidh and those inspired by his economic leadership. Yet, now that our houses are worth 5 and 10 times what they were even ten years ago, now that we’ve German cars, disposable incomes and holiday homes in Bulgaria, we have the hypocrisy to wail like stuck pigs when accession states are doing precisely what we Irish did not so many years ago? Such hubris takes the breath away, were it not seen for what it is.

Tornadoken, your clarity is a breath of fresh air, but you miss the glaringly obvious. EI finds itself at the
abyss. All those gorgeous LHR slots could transform our union-infested Flag Carrier, post Openskies, into a trans-Atlantic low cost carrier par excellence, and accelerator of the doom of all those winged North American economic zombies currently languishing in chapter 11 cotton wool. True leadership, though, requires both courage and determination in equal measure. Sadly lacking in the Irish industrial environment, except for a famous few. The future belongs to those with the vision and courage to mould it.

Happy Christmas to you, one and all. I wish you, and yes, even you Didimus, the Grace of The Word made man and/or the peace of the Winter Solstice.
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Old 21st Dec 2005, 18:35
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Looks like Leo's boozy festivities have begun early this year. As off the point posts go, this one takes the mick. The most tiresomely predictable thing so far on this thread has been the tiresomely predictable attack on IALPA, yawn. Nobody else has mentioned IALPA so far, so the relevance is somewhat lost. As usual.
The rest of the post is nothing more than meandering cliched waffle but it appears that the Indo's use of FR propaganda as independently researched news is welcomed by LHC. No surprise there then. I presume were anything anti-FR to appear in any paper, it would be an example of IALPA conspiring or some rubbish like that. Ne'er the despotic like balanced independent stories broadcast.
Anyway, this thread has gone completely off the point, so I will bow out.
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Old 21st Dec 2005, 22:20
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The Ghost of Christmas past, present or future...?

Urbane, at times maybe, vicious, not so sure.

Regardless, there must be some sort of competitive advantage whereby FR maintains an Irish AOC above all others. Whatever in particular the advantage is, I do not wish to speculate.

If FR envisage moving the operation to another state, MOL and whoever else must see some sort of angle for competitive gain. Whatever that is, that is also a matter for speculation. How such a move would not affect any of its' staff is something I cannot see. There is plenty of evidence that where you work for FR has a rather large effect on how your terms and conditions are formed.

However Leo, if you really want to vent your spleen about the "morally corrupt" IALPA, please go along to a meeting and tell all your colleagues about your plan of how you can do it all so much better. Maybe the point has been missed all along....?
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Old 21st Dec 2005, 22:33
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Speaking of 'intestinal fortitude' Leo - if you admire Mr.McEneaneys emergence from the closet so much, why don't you follow suit? Perhaps your intestinal qualities are located lower in the colonic area than even his?

Interesting to see you summon the ghost of Christmas Past - the old eminence grise himself - Cathal Ó hEochaidh.
Charles Haughey to our non-Gaelic speaking readers.
Ex -Taoiseach of Ireland.

Interesting indeed to see you sing the praises of a man whose name has been discredited by scandal throughout the land, a man whose name is a bye word for the wretched political corruption, greed and embezzlement that dragged the country down for decades.

But Charlie was a friend of the RICH. He knew where his bread was buttered - plenty of grease from Dunnes Stores helped him and his mates slide down the corridoors of power.

Certainly he was generous to your boss Tony (nudge nudge - wink wink) as no doubt Tony was to him! One good turn deserves another.
Does Ryanair still have that -200 flying around with the EI-CJH reg?
Tony ought to consider donating it to 'the Chief' when it goes out of service.
Then again - maybe not.
No need to kowtow to CJ any more.
He's run out of usefullness now.
Served his purpose.
Past his sell by date.

Still, they were great ould days, eh? Nudge Nudge.

By the way Leo - just how many of your DUB based cabin crew are east european now? How many are Irish?
Come on - you'll be thrilled to enlighten, us for sure.
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Old 21st Dec 2005, 22:58
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Leo, welcome back you little pprune lurcher! sounds like you were on the 2nd bottle of chateau jockstrap when you launched into to your john looby tirade.

your comments about the national airline are regrettably very true.....
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Old 21st Dec 2005, 23:22
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Reading Leo's stuff makes me nervous! Is he really a Captain? Is he like this when flying? Must be fun (ish) to sit in the RHS!
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Old 21st Dec 2005, 23:58
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The future belongs to those with the vision and courage to mould it.
Leo, please stop fantasising about yourself in public. It is unseemly.
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Old 22nd Dec 2005, 10:01
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the usual suspects surface from beyond the edge of darkness to attack his integrity and fly at the jugular of his honestly and 4th pillar professionalism. Sigh….it was ever thus.
Leo, this quote very succinctly sums up your own attitude towards pilots. In fact, any comments directed at the journalist were mild in comparison to the vitriol your company directs at our profession.
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