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Locals Complain About Cameras on Planes

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

Locals Complain About Cameras on Planes

Old 27th Feb 2004, 20:07
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HKPAX: quite!
Emirates aircraft have had the cameras installed since 1999
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Old 27th Feb 2004, 21:14
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Can you recognise cannabis plants from 1500 feet?
I've got a mate who can spot them from 1500 miles

Anyway, it looks as if the BBC artical appears to have a very rare flying A380. Damned clever these journo's
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Old 27th Feb 2004, 21:44
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I would be very careful pointing out to these people that you get a better view just looking out the window. If they realise that they will start campaigning to get Gatwick closed!!
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Old 27th Feb 2004, 22:11
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Curbing my Freedom ???

To The Clerk to Dormansland Parish Council

mailto:[email protected] (cheers Gin Slinger )

I have just read on the Professional Pilots Rumour Network (where there is considerable incredulity, scepticism and merriment) and the BBC's Southern Counties News, the report that Dormansland Parish Council object to Emirates (and other airlines) who have fixed cameras on their aeroplanes using them whilst flying over your Parish. By your argument, you are effectively saying (as pilots are already engaged in a high enough workload situation during descent and final approach or takeoff, and will not have spare capacity to safely monitor their position in relation to your parish and turn cameras on and off to suit your wishes) that you do not wish the cameras to be used at all by any aeroplanes flying into and out of Gatwick.

I strongly object to that view and wish the use of airborne cameras to be extended.

On the occasions when I have flown with Emirates, I very much welcome having the view from the external cameras (which have been present since well before 1999 as I first encountered them in July 1997) as it significantly enhances the view "out" over that from a single sideways looking window. I would like that same forward and downward looking view to be available on all of the commercial aeroplanes on which I travel (as my flight deck visits for landings were curtailed after 9/11), whether in and out of Gatwick or elsewhere.

As a pilot who flies light aeroplanes over Surrey and the Home counties, and is very happy being able to identify his own back garden, I very much enjoy the aerial view I can have and consider it my right to look at any area I wish and to take photographs or video footage if I so desire. I believe I am acting perfectly within my rights if I am viewing things from publicly accessible areas and not trespassing or acting with a deliberate interest in infringing somebody's privacy.

In any future communications you, or members of your council, have with the aeronautical authorities and with Emirates or other airlines on this matter, will you please make it clear that the residents of Surrey do not universally endorse your council's opinion and that there are those of us would like the opposite view to prevail. I believe that there are considerably more of us who wish to see Surrey from the air, than there are those of you who seek to prevent it.

I will be grateful if you can pass on my views to Peter Ainsworth MP, who does not have an EMAIL address for the benefit of Surrey residents who wish to communicate with him.

..................... be interesting to see if I get a sensible reply

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Old 27th Feb 2004, 22:13
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Quite frankly what makes any of them think they're doing anything I give a **** about or have anything I would like to own!

Mind you having seen the village website (sorry had to look) it looks beautiful but the devil is making work for idle hands.
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Old 27th Feb 2004, 22:58
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As one who lives in a house you can see (well, if using an electron microscope or somesuch) in the credits for East Enders, can I please have East Enders banned??

For you chaps who are relaxing on your approach to LHR and barrelling a few thousand feet above the Thames, when you reach the Thames Barrier, please avert your eyes right.

You may return your attention to flying once you see Canary Wharf because you've past my gaff by then.

You couldn't make it up.....
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Old 28th Feb 2004, 00:42
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Okay everybody, a Yank's point of view on the controversy. I know why the residents are so upset about the cameras.

Way back when, when I was a flight instructor in Northern California, my students always wanted to practice over a section of the Pacific Ocean. Specifically over a beach called the 'Red, White and Blue Beach' named for the mailbox painted in those colors nearby.

It was a nude beach.

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Old 28th Feb 2004, 01:10
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Nude Bathing at Gatwick

..... they would want their bumps feeling today .. we had a little snow this morning. By the sound of it, they want their bumps felling any day.

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Old 28th Feb 2004, 02:41
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Window Blinds OPEN

Not always true....American Airlines (singular) do not insist on this, in fact they seem to prefer the blinds to be closed, ie DOWN for take off and landing. 4 sectors, 2 international, all same policy.

On a similar thread, they encourage you to use your cellular until the engines are starting, and on landing as soon as clear of the runway power them up again...
Now unless Big B and Big A make special hardened aircraft for AA why should all Easi etc insist that phones are not even thought about until :::well inside the terminal building::::, regardless of the fact that the captains mobile is switched on the moment!!! the engines are off.?

Rant over...
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Old 28th Feb 2004, 14:16
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Hey!!! Whatever happened to an Englishman's home being his castle??? Are not we supposed to own the space above our homes according to common law...or common something.

And another thing, try taking random photos - for no good reason - in a lot of places south of the Med, and see where that gets you.
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Old 28th Feb 2004, 17:02
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I strongly object to the Space Shuttle having downward facing cameras operating when its orbital path takes it over British West Oxfordshire. I mean, they can see right into the grounds of BEagle Towers and will know that the grass needs mowing....

What a bunch of utter ar$e!
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Old 28th Feb 2004, 17:23
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Hear Hear!

I'm surprised the residents of Norfolk aren't complaining about the recce squadrons at Marham.

Will they be asking military jets not to carry ordnance next in case it hurts someone? Good Grief!
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Old 29th Feb 2004, 00:10
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I fear that you have been led up the garden path by some of your constituents over this camera saga. Have they never flown before on a plane with cameras or are they hoping for a free education flight as compensation/familiarisation.

Or are you going to suggest the media misquoted your claims?



Wonder if I will get a reply (s)
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Old 29th Feb 2004, 01:31
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Couple of things folks.
Firstly Mobile phones:-
Speaking as an ex BT Cellnet engineer, an understandable version is simply this, radio waves do travel up as well as down, and so does the field of influence of a cell site. So... troll along at FL330 over the northwest, and make a call, your phone will basically attempt to comunicate with the nearest cell site, as we are still in the realms of line of sight, that means it will communicate with every cell site that it can see ( hundreds in this part of the UK). This in turns sends the computer looking for the micro chip version of prozac, and shortly after a puff of smoke will appear from the computer centre!

And as for the main part of this thread, well....... are we heralding the return of the "nimby"? It appears that these individuals are nosey enough to have the cameras on when on this flight, as long as no-one else looks at thier back yard. Something about having cake and eating it. What a shame that the journos involved haven't got either the ability or talent to come up with a proper news story ( how will EASA affect UK airspace in the future for instance?). This story should have been left where it belongs, "In somebody else's back yard". Shame on you Fleet Street!!!
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Old 29th Feb 2004, 03:08
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Shock horror...I hear that both Mars rovers have cameras that can be pointed at the earth! I mean they can see the whole planet, EVERYTHING. Worse they are even publishing the images on the internet!...

Example (192K):

Mr & Mrs We of 23 The High Street,

Other images here:

Mars Exploration Rover Mission
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Old 29th Feb 2004, 03:14
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I've not read the offending article but am currently squeazing my eyes tightly shut and hoping that when I open them again this whole thread will turn out to be some crazy dream. Dear me...!

Old 29th Feb 2004, 13:16
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Hate to pour cold water on the tongue in cheek horror at the thought of being "spied" upon but unless someone is willing to take the matter back to court, the whole thing was decided years ago.

Cannot now remember the case name but it involved some adventurous soul taking aerial photographs of stately piles in England and then trying to flog the results. His Lordship objected...Englishman's home is is castle (or in this case, castle is his home) etc....

Got nowhere. Court held that despite common law extending freehold holding from the bowels of the earth to the heavens, actual control extended to height where you could actually do something with it. Above that it belonged to the Crown.

Tell the residents of Dormansland to get on their bike...to court. They might make a new precedent if they are lucky.

Last edited by PLovett; 7th Mar 2004 at 19:10.
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Old 29th Feb 2004, 17:13
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'nough said
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Don't need to fly Emirates to have a peak - Multimap gives it to you on-line, and if you want a more accurate picture they're available for sale...!
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Old 29th Feb 2004, 17:50
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How dare these nasty people look up these aeroplanes flying over their houses. The pilots could be distracted by these poeple when they have to trim their flaps and push the landing levers. These people should be banned from looking up, stay in their houses all day long and have their curtains closed. Hrrumpff.
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Old 29th Feb 2004, 22:09
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Does anyone out there know with which town or village Dormansland is twinned with?

I dread to think!!!!!


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