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Hughes500 10th Jun 2022 21:29

turbine start pack
Need to replace my CoolSpool 17 starter with a new one ( dont make them anymore ). Needs to only start the ac a couple of times ( MD 500 /As 350 ) but needs to be man portable ie walk across a wet field maybe 300 m from a vehICLE
What are you guys using ?
Cheers in advance

staticsource 10th Jun 2022 21:53

Hughes, we use the Coolspool 29, youíll need this sort of poke for your 350. We get about 5 starts out of it.

Itís good for us as the charger is integral to the unit.

Amazing what they cost though as itís only a box with two batteries in it!!

Weíve also got a RedBox, which is ok too, but the charger is external and just gets in the way👍

wrench1 11th Jun 2022 00:41

Hughes500: What are you guys using ?
Big fan of Start Pac products. Used them in the GOM and bought a couple for my side work. Dont know your definition of man portable but I moved these up and down platforms and to other remote areas. Some come with wheel kits. Good customer service to boot.

zac21 11th Jun 2022 03:54

Second the Start Pac. But use it for starting only and not to run avionics etc during maintenance. Brilliant.

LRP 11th Jun 2022 16:59

yep, start pac.

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