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malcfcook 19th May 2021 07:27

Why is it that LAPL H is restricted to piston engine only? What is the increased risk if all other LAPL privilege restrictions are fulfilled? Those with the competence and or experience to fly this more reliable, safer and simpler to operate power plant are not allowed too? Some LAPL H holders are restricted by medical complications to the LAPL privileges but why would the powerplant be of concern.

If the issue is experience then there could be frozen privileges until the required experience is achieved which should not be more than the equivalent PPL criteria for a turbine rating. All seems odd to me and without real risk analysis..

Hughes500 19th May 2021 19:39

LAPLH was designed for god knows what ? The training is dumbed down as is the test and checking schedule. By the nature of the engine the machine is bigger and can carry more people so I presume someone said lets just go to piston as an easy way to limti what one can fly on a more restrictive licence !

timprice 20th May 2021 14:55

Its not restricted to piston helicopters its restricted to 2000kg and max 4 people including your self.:ok:

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