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tigerfish 25th Nov 2021 12:18

NPAS has proved to be an unmitigated disaster as a tool for operational Police Air Support. Yes it is available for some pre planned operations, and some extended and ongoing major incidents, but unlike pre NPAS days it is no longer available as top cover and intelligence gathering for sudden and often risky situations involving officers on the ground. The establishment of NPAS in the way that it was, let the operational Police Officer down.


ShyTorque 25th Nov 2021 21:28

I’d go further and say that it’s a National scandal.

PANews 26th Nov 2021 07:31

Unfortunately the people who might be able to remedy the situation in NPAS are difficult to address. Places like Rotorheads, published books and PAN are not really in the public domain - they are places where we choose to go. And by experience we know that the people who find that they are being criticised might go once but in most cases would not choose to go back! They simply ignore the subject, there is a pension or promotion to be considered.

Even letters to your local MP, government ministers and newspapers are fighting for space with other agendas (and there are plenty of those now) and simply not yet making their mark. How long has it taken to get half decent dialogue on the Channel Migrants issue? The current governmental chatter owes its existence to a lot of deaths - but it will likely peter out as soon as something new comes along or the winter weather closes down the human traffic across the sea.

But, that is not to say that the campaign to get NPAS remodelled should cease, it has been a long road and I suspect it will continue with little return for a long time yet. The newly post of Head of Futures and Innovation is clearly the way for NPAS to proceed with, now they are seeking to employ Mystic Meg to work out what to do in the future, even though they have yet to clarify the past and the present! That £68K salary would be far more useful spent on returning PBH to the fleet! All I am waiting for is for Linked-In to suggest that it is just the job for me!

Evil Twin 26th Nov 2021 08:50

In the end, the last people that should be in charge of spending public money on anything. Are the people that are spending public money on everything. I'll qualify that by saying I have worked in both local government and law enforcement

J.A.F.O. 28th Nov 2021 06:35

If Amazon with their billions have put a halt on their BVLOS research then what hope does some West Yorkshire Police employee have? It's fantasy - at least for the next decade - to pretend that this some way covers for the huge, inexcusable, gaps that have been created in air support cover over the last decade. It's Wizard of Oz stuff, they need to employ a man behind a curtain who can conjure up an illusion of competence.

MightyGem 10th Dec 2021 19:22

It would seem that negotiations are well under way for a new base at The Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association for the North West of England(NW RFCA) firing range at Altcar, just south of Formby and just a stone's throw from Merseyside's old base at FAR Woodvale.

PANews 11th Dec 2021 18:51

Firing range? Now there is a thought!

Several people we could line up for firing.

Fortyodd2 11th Dec 2021 21:22

That's Nice :rolleyes:
At least the "Scallies" won't have to travel quite so far to attack it...............................

MightyGem 12th Dec 2021 19:38

Originally Posted by Fortyodd2 (Post 11154640)
That's Nice :rolleyes:
At least the "Scallies" won't have to travel quite so far to attack it...............................

Saw more action in two minutes than in 24 years in the Army that evening. :eek:

PANews 12th Dec 2021 22:06

The attractiveness of the new post of Head of Futures and Innovation is apparently not going too well.

First announced in November it had a closing date of December 5.

On December 7 an NPAS Tweet appeared to announce that the date had been extended by ten days. When the official version appeared the date was moved to December 24.

If, as it appears, the post is not attracting aerospace professionals we may well see it move again before year end. Someone in a high place clearly does not appreciate that a true aerospace professional may not be sold on the airy fairy job description no matter how many times the timeline is tweaked.

Fortyodd2 13th Dec 2021 17:17

Perhaps Tigerfish ought to apply...................................;)

I know, hat, coat, leaving now.....

tigerfish 14th Dec 2021 15:39

15 years ago I might have done!


PANews 14th Dec 2021 22:35

Originally Posted by tigerfish (Post 11155904)
15 years ago I might have done!


it would not have ended well!

The opportunity for those with knowledge to use free will for the common good is sadly absent from the organisation and support from on high is also a missing commodity.

Simply because almost no one knows what they are doing and people without the assurance of knowledge are introverted and defensive.

still no news on which organisation is to replace West York’s Police in 5 months time…. Just one decision they seem to find difficulty in making (public).

RotaryJ 24th Dec 2021 08:08

Any news on if G-POLU (G-XMII) will be re-joining the fleet anytime soon? Seems like the old bird has been forgotten about, whilst HQ gloats on about aircraft unavailability and wanting to sell the planes, and them having nothing left as cover for poor availability of rotary aircraft... there's a perfectly good aircraft catching dust which could join EMID and TVHB!! This is what I don't understand about the Wakefield Mafia!!

helihub 24th Dec 2021 10:44

RotaryJ POLU would need a significant amount of work to bring it to the equipped standard of the others in the fleet, and a CofA. My guess would be "there's no budget for that". It was last used as a testbed aircraft for an AHUK project afaik, but that was a fair time back

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