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Dick Smith 13th Oct 2020 03:33

Squirrel autopilot recommendations
Friends of mine who own a Squirrel AS350B3 are looking to purchase an autopilot. In my Longranger I have the Genesys HeliSAS, which is very good, but I notice there is now a Garmin autopilot available for the AS350B3.

Does anyone have any comments on these two brands and which one would be best, and any experience with using them?

CRAN 13th Oct 2020 18:00

Hi Dick,

Are you talking about the simple 2-axis system? If so I believe the Garmin one is significantly more
expensive, but does add some envelope protection functionality. Personally I would stick to the Genesys unit for 2-axis.

Thales will have a unit available soon too, their system goes from 2-axis simplex upto full dual 4-axis IFR and is competitive.


Sir HC 13th Oct 2020 23:22

Go with the Garmin. So much more functionality, IAS/VS capture, it will fly the vertical component of the RNAV approach, it will work with G500/G1000's (altitude capture, FMA display) etc. I wish the 407 I fly had the Garmin and not the Genesys. The Genesys install is pretty crude and they likely have a Garmin ADAHRS already installed.

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