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havoc 25th Jun 2019 00:07

Airbus 50 yr Helicopter flight
[color=left=#464646]Highlighting Airbus’ position as a leading supplier of commercial helicopters, representatives from each product category took to the skies for an impressive formation flight that marked the company’s 50th anniversary. Included in this video clip are the H125, H130, H135, H145, H160, H175 and H225 rotary-wing aircraft.[/color]

industry insider 25th Jun 2019 00:22

Never guess that the 175 was once destined for Bristow with (almost) all of the red stripe removed!

nomorehelosforme 25th Jun 2019 02:36

Anyone regonise any other liveries of the aircraft in the video?

Bell_ringer 25th Jun 2019 07:16

And yet Airbus (via Eurocopter) have only been in existence since the early 90's.
Not quite 50 years :E

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