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9Aplus 13th Jun 2019 07:18

Originally Posted by Hughes500 (Post 10489086)
" you were no help at all as you couldn't answer many of the questions "

You make me smile this morning...
Same here by my son - A. H and Part 66 questions included :)

Scardy 13th Jun 2019 11:06

Originally Posted by HeliComparator (Post 10492395)
For example we had to have x number of questions on aircraft limitations. So we inevitably had to have some numbers for airframe, transmission, engine and system limits, even though the relevant point was only about the green, amber and red markings on the gauges (and who cares about the numbers!).

Great statement HeliC.... as a examiner I rarely asked such questions. I found them somewhat irrelavant although some were in the limataions section such as starter values etc (example) were worthy of noting.
As a driver the last thing I was concerned about during a sticky situation was "have we reached 105.3 N1 or was that 105.6" . The coloured markings are there for a reason. Green "good" yellow "I'm getting worried" red "we maybe f##ked"

Shit happens

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