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Hedski 29th Jan 2019 21:12

US HEMS Accident

havoc 29th Jan 2019 22:14

First photo from OSP

In this photo provided by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, authorities survey the scene of wreckage where a medical helicopter crashed in a remote wooded area in Brown Township, Ohio, on its way to pick up a patient, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019. There had been no reports of anyone else injured in the crash. No names were released immediately. A few crew members were all killed in the crash, authorities said. (Ohio State Highway Patrol via AP

twinstar_ca 30th Jan 2019 01:22

:sad: condolences to family and friends...

skadi 30th Jan 2019 08:00

Looks like another night CFIT... :sad: RIP


tottigol 30th Jan 2019 11:11

Still getting killed in the same sad useless way.
Shame on the industry, but mostly the blame is firmly on the FAA that is refusing to regulate HEMS.
God bless their young souls.

SASless 30th Jan 2019 11:20

Extreme cold, snow showers, remote area.....video of the scene shows the aircraft utterly destroyed....just bits and pieces with debris scattered all through the forest.

Such a tragedy.....again.

chopjock 30th Jan 2019 13:45

Was there an auto pilot fitted?

TylerMonkey 30th Jan 2019 16:40

Originally Posted by skadi (Post 10375192)
Looks like another night CFIT... :sad: RIP


sunrise approx 7:37 am , reported lost contact 7:20

skadi 30th Jan 2019 17:27

Originally Posted by TylerMonkey (Post 10375735)
sunrise approx 7:37 am , reported missing 7:20

So it could have been still dark at the time of the accident....


TylerMonkey 30th Jan 2019 17:36

Now seeing ABC news reports crash time as 6:50 am.


MightyGem 30th Jan 2019 20:07

Such a tragedy.....again.
So very true. A quote from the Duke of Wellington comes to mind. RIP :(

"They came on in the same old way and we defeated them in the same old way."

tottigol 31st Jan 2019 00:22

Survivors ought to sue the FAA.

SASless 31st Jan 2019 04:23

The Pilot was working three jobs....make you question what his sleep deficit was at the time of the crash.

Robbo Jock 31st Jan 2019 07:02

What on earth are the pay rates if you feel the need to work three jobs?!?!

Bell_ringer 31st Jan 2019 07:41

Originally Posted by SASless (Post 10376074)
The Pilot was working three jobs....make you question what his sleep deficit was at the time of the crash.

Bit old school assuming all pilots are a he.
Millennials would have you flogged, if they approved of fatal beatings. :E

The crew members have been identified as pilot Jennifer Topper,

mickjoebill 31st Jan 2019 08:37

“State troopers’ special response team and aviation unit began searching for the wreckage and finally located it around 10:16 a.m., reportedly pinging one of the crew members’ cellphones.”

3 hours to find the wreckage.
No tracking?

Probably wouldn’t have affected the outcome of those onboard had the site been located earlier...


SASless 31st Jan 2019 11:45

The initial media report I read got it wrong.....it was the male Flight Nurse that was working three jobs....not the Lady Pilot.

That is what I get assuming the media had their stuff in one sack for a change.

Instrument Proficiency (not just legal currency) will be an issue in this tragedy.

Of course not...why would one want tracking of a EMS Helicopter....that would cost money.

Just like why would you follow a roadway if it takes and extra minute on a night flight when you can fly over dark unlit terrain in snow showers?

Besides....before long folks will want twins and autopilots and effective Instrument Flying Training.

When would it end....this wanting more Gucci kit and training?

tottigol 31st Jan 2019 12:20

is this a real flyer?
If so someone should go to jail.

ShyTorque 31st Jan 2019 13:42

"If no-one else will take the risks, call us, we will"

SASless 31st Jan 2019 13:46

Known in the industry as “Chopper Shopping”.

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